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React Admin Templates

Impressive admin dashboard templates built with React JS. Responsive, feature-packed admin panels that can be customized to fit your styling and branding needs.

React Admin Templates

Star Admin 2 Pro React


Fully-featured Bootstrap 5 admin template with a clean design.

Star Admin Pro React


Our most popular admin template, now built with React. Highly customizable and user-friendly.

Azia React


Feature-packed React admin dashboard template with a clean interface.

Connect Plus React


A React dashboard template that's highly customizable, easy to use, and full of features and components.

Stellar Admin Pro React


Everything you need to build an impressive dashboard, in one well-coded React admin template.

Corona React


React admin panel template with a sleek and stylish dark theme for all the dark mode fans out there.

Breeze React


A colorful and visually pleasing React dashboard with light and dark themes.

Purple React


Beautiful React admin dashboard template with light gradient colors and tons of features.

Plus Admin React


React admin template with a horizontal and vertical navbar, light and dark themes, and more.

Justdo React


Clean and compact React admin dashboard template. Beautifully designed and well-coded.