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The Most Beautiful and Best-Selling Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019

best selling bootstrap admin templates

(Updated on 20th March 2019) The aesthetic-usability effect is proof that building visually attractive interfaces are well worth the effort. Users are more tolerant of minor inconveniences, feel at ease when operating the application over time, and become familiar with the interface sooner. The best admin themes of 2019 are visually appealing, clean and updated with […]

Best 12 Premium JavaScript Charting Libraries


JavaScript charting libraries are powerful tools in data visualization in website, web applications and mobile application. They are an integral part of dashboards and other business related data analysis and reports. JavaScript charting libraries are powerful tools in data visualization, web, and mobile applications Click To Tweet In the age of big-data, it is impossible […]

20+ Best E-commerce Admin Panel Templates

E commerce Admin Panel Templates

Getting the right admin template is the first step to designing interfaces that are attractive, intuitive and a breeze to work with. When designing e-commerce applications, select an E-commerce admin panel template that already features elements (charts, tables, forms, etc) and user/product/category pages. Remember that while futuristic designs may lure in users at first, if […]