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How to Integrate Bootstrap with Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel Bootstrap Integration

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks available. This framework features Blade, a state-of-the-art template engine, which can be used to build HTML based templates with ease. The templates created with the Blade are located inside resources/views directory. Laravel allows developers to use Bootstrap templates within PHP by caching them as blade views. […]

Laravel Vs. Symfony: Comparing Two Popular PHP Frameworks

Laravel Vs. Symfony

Most developers look for a PHP web development framework with a well-commented, reusable, and maintainable while working on complex projects. Such a PHP framework simplifies the process of web app development and helps developers to save plenty of their time and effort. That said, there is an abundant collection of such PHP frameworks available in […]

Top Front-End Development Tools and Frameworks

top front end development tools and framework

For any business to succeed online, it requires a functional, professional, clean and attractive website that appeals to its clients and generates their interest. A bad website with an unappealing appearance that drives away business. It is important that the website’s layout and functionalities factor in the business purpose, brand and customer needs. The front […]