10+ Admin Panel with Practical RTL Dashboards

10+ Admin Panel with Practical RTL Dashboards

Businessmen who are planning to expand their business into the international market must design an RTL website or web application. This is because many countries across the world use Urdu, Arabic, and other languages that are written from right to left. So, this is something you must consider if you are planning to target an international audience 

You can find a fine collection of RTL admin dashboards in the market. These templates allow you to easily translate the contents to a local language. We have prepared a list of some of the best admin panels with practical RTL dashboards and other attractive features.


Purple is a carefully crafted and elegantly designed admin template designed based on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. 

  • 5 Sidebar layouts
  • Basic and advanced UI elements
  • Icons, Forms, Editors, Tables, Maps, and more
  • Multiple Charts
  • More than 5 Ecommerce pages

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Star Admin

Star Admin Bootstrap template has everything users will need to build a powerful and stunning web application or well-designed website. 

  • RTL and Boxed layouts
  • Five Sidebar layouts
  • More than five Charts
  • User, Error, General, and Ecommerce pages
  • Clean and well-commented code 

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Breeze admin template offers unlimited number of options and choices to users when working on developing complex and powerful web applications. 

  • Dark and light versions
  • Advanced and basic UI elements
  • Multiple charts and tables
  • 5 Well-designed User Pages
  • General, Error, and Ecommerce pages

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Corona is a carefully crafted and beautifully designed admin template designed based on the latest version of Bootstrap framework. 

  • A well-designed dashboard
  • Apps, widgets, form elements, and more
  • Tables and Charts
  • Multiple User, General, and E-commerce pages
  • Excellent documentation 

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Connect Plus

Connect Plus is a feature-packed and easy to use admin template with a fine selection of useful elements and handy components. 

  • Light and Dark themed versions
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Charts and tables to represent data
  • Well-designed User Pages
  • Plenty of UI elements 

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The stellar admin template is designed to look professional, organized, clean, and beautiful.

  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts
  • Dark and light variations
  • Tables, Charts, icons, and more
  • Multiple E-commerce pages
  • Multiple Page and sidebar layouts 

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Liberty UI

Liberty UI is a fully responsive admin template that ensures a fine and engaging user experience across different devices and browsers.

  • A well-designed Dashboard
  • Plenty of elements and widgets
  • Multiple Pre-built apps
  • 5+ User Pages
  • Detailed documentation

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Victory is a feature-packed admin template that can help you to easily and quickly build powerful and stunning web applications.

  • RTL and Boxed layouts
  • 5 Sidebar layouts
  • 15+ Basic and advanced UI elements
  • 8 Charts and 4 Tables
  • Three dedicated Ecommerce pages 

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Built with the Bootstrap framework, Melody is an easy to use admin template that is packed with a fine collection of UI elements, components, and more.

  • 5 Sidebar layouts
  • RTL and Boxed layouts
  • 8 Charts for data representation
  • 4 Pre-built applications
  • Multiple General, Error, User, and Ecommerce pages 

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Radiant is a super flexible admin template that can be customized in order to suit different project requirements.

  • Multiple Page layouts
  • Charts, Tables, Icons, and Maps
  • Basic and advanced UI elements
  • Multiple apps and widgets
  • 9 General Pages

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Xollo is a well-designed admin dashboard template featuring a fine collection of UI elements, components, sidebar layouts, and well-designed pages.

  • Boxed and RTL layouts
  • Popups, Notifications, Icons, and more
  • Multiple Charts for data representation and visualization
  • 3 Ecommerce Pages
  • General, User, and Error pages 

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Chameleon Admin Template

Chameleon Admin Template is a powerful and well-designed Bootstrap admin template featuring a clean and eye-catchy design.

  • Horizontal and vertical menu options
  • Chat, E-mail, Invoice, and more
  • Well-designed Pages
  • Maps, Tables, Icons, and more
  • Clean and elegant design 

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Designed based on Bootstrap, Lorax gives you access to several components and elements that are essential when building a web application. 

  • Dark and Light variations
  • Calendar, Email, Chat, Gallery, and more
  • Easy to use and customize
  • 7 Attractive theme colors
  • Multiple Dashboards

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The Bootstrap and Angular admin template, Apex is super flexible and can be easily customized as per project requirements. 

  • More than 25 ready to use components
  • Over 10 page layouts
  • Video and Audio player
  • Smart Tables and Data Tables
  • Multiple Dashboard choices 

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Gradus is an Angular 8 Material Design admin template that looks great across different devices and browsers. 

  • More than 35 pages
  • 6 Color choices
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers 

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The powerful and feature-packed Altair admin template has everything you will need to build a stunning web application.

  • Based on Material Design
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Plenty of custom components
  • Integrated plugins and charting libraries
  • Sliders, File Uploader, HTML Editor, and more 

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Built with Bootstrap 4 framework, Metrica gives you access to a wide range of UI components and useful elements. 

  • Error, Register, and Login pages
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Dark and Light versions
  • More than 8 charts library
  • Fully responsive 

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The Smart Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template is based on the Material Design framework of Google.

  • Dark and Light versions
  • Multiple Layout options
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Clean and easy to comprehend code
  • Plenty of data representation options 

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