Top 10 Angular Admin Templates for Next Project- 2022

Top 10 Angular Admin Templates for Next Project- 2022

Ever since its inception, angular templates have been an inevitable part of website and web application development. Angular templates are known for their easy customizability and high-performance delivery. Choosing the right one from hundreds of free and premium templates available in the market might be tricky. Each template comes with its own page layout and UI components. Knowing and selecting templates that resonate with the requirement of your project is important. If you are expert enough to check the design quality, code readability, reputation of the company, and compliance with the project then consider the job half done. Here are the top 10 angular templates for 2022 with which you can ace your project effortlessly:

Free Angular Templates

Don’t spend a penny and make your project amazing with these absolutely free angular templates:

Purple angular

Purple angular

Purple angular is a free template that works best for e-commerce websites. With dedicated icons for menu, order details, and invoice, Purple Angular cuts down your efforts and time. It also offers beautiful and simple UI components and elements. The admin dashboard focuses on the utility and offers a range of essential components. With this easy-to-work template in hand developing applications for E-commerce websites is an easy task. Click here to download this template.  

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Nebular 4.0

nebular 4.0

If your project demands a stunning design and greater adaptability, Nebular 4.0 might be the template you are looking for. This completely free template provides the best visual themes, a well-performing theme engine, and features like runtime theme switching, CSS properties mode, etc. One reason developers hesitate to use free templates is their lack of attention to the aesthetics of the design and themes. Nebular 4.0 offers you both free of cost. That’s what makes this template favorites among developers who are adamant about the design quality. If you are also one such developer, download this free template right away.

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Nuxt is an ideal free template for dark themes applications (you can choose a white theme as well). Nuxt incorporates the latest updates and offers more features for premium users. This template works seamlessly on all devices and platforms. With the help of Nuxt, you can work easily with prototype admins. Along with many efficient features, you can also avail 7 sample pages, 16 elements, and 3 plugins from this template. Excited about the template? Click here to download the free version and explore the features in the premium version. You can find a demo of the template here.

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Core UI

core ui angular

This open-source angular template is packed with components like charts, slides, and other illustrative graphics. Core UI would be a perfect angular template for applications that require displaying analytics. This works smoothly for admin sites and dashboards. With Core UI, building dashboards across browsers and devices is no tough job. Add Core UI to your collection for analytics-focused projects. Download this free template for websites and applications here. You can also avail a demo or get hosting quite easily. 

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Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular by Creative Tim

Material Dashboard Angular is a tested and proven angular template that has been receiving fantastic feedback. It comes in both free and premium versions. It has over 100,000 satisfied users and its popularity owes to its inclusion of features frequently demanded by users. This template enables you to create CRM systems, content management systems, ERP solutions, and more with less effort. The free version alone offers 60 elements, 2 plugins, 3 sample pages, etc. updating to the pro version you can avail 200 elements, 15 plugins, sketch files, and much more. Click here to download this trusted free angular template for the dashboard. 

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Premium Angular Templates

As the demand of the client increases, you will have to purchase premium templates for your projects. There are thousands of premium templates that offer a range of designs, UI components, icons, plugins, etc. Here are some of the premium templates for 2022 that are packed with features worth its money:

Star Admin Angular

star admin pro angular

Star Admin Angular comes with multiple Admin Dashboards packed with more than 25 basic and advanced UI components, charts, icon packs, and much more. This premium angular template makes no compromise in its designs and efficiency. Visit this site to purchase the template. 

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Azia Angular

Preview of Azia Angular dashboard

Azia Angular is a simple yet attractive template. With a bundle of advanced UI elements, this premium template can give a stunning appearance to websites and applications. It comes with a bundle of useful widgets and icons that adds to the utility of the admin panel. Get this top-notch angular template now.

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JustDo Angular

Preview of JustDo Angular dashboard

JustDo is an Angular admin template that has been developed using Bootstrap framework, SASS, HTML5, and CSS. The template is modern, and is responsive. JustDo can be customized easily since SASS preprocessor is used for the styling.  This cross-browser compatible admin dashboard template is a suitable candidate for designing CMS, CRS, application backend, admin dashboard, and other kinds of web apps. 

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Corona Angular

Preview of Corona Angular

Filled with five dark angular dashboards, tinted sidebars, well-designed data representation icons, and other illustrative UI elements, the Corona Angular template stands out both in utility and design. Templates that focus on both utility and appearance are always the favorites of web developers. Features like RTL, Boxed page layout, and more than 15 useful components take this template to a different club. Get this high-performing and beautifully designed template now!

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Breeze Angular

Preview of Breeze Angular dashboard

This is hands-down one of the best premium templates in 2022. The range of unique features this premium template offers is amazing. Packed with four unique dashboards that come in both dark and light themes, eight charting libraries, stunning page layouts, and whatnot! RTL Arabic and stunning pages are other features you could avail from the template. Don’t miss this premium template. Download now!

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Vuexy Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Angular

Vuexy is an angular admin dashboard template powered with angular CLI + Ng Bootstrap. Are you looking for a template that gives you unparalleled customizability, scalability, and flexibility? Then Vuexy is for you. Apart from its best-in-class tools like UI/UX tools, floating navigation bar, and fuzzy search, it offers an excellent developer-friendly experience. It comes with industry-best features like AOT + Lazy loading, Role based JWT Auth, and Figma files. Download this premium template here.

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Apex Angular 13+ Bootstrap admin template

Apex angular 12+ admin dashboard template

Apex Angular 13+ Bootstrap admin template is a highly responsive premium template that is loaded with more than 500 components. Powered with angular 13+ and Bootstrap 4, this template is easy to maintain and work with. With different varieties of quick search, apex charts, form layouts, solid colors, and many other features, this template can handle your project without any hassle. You can check out the demo and

see if the template suits your project.

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Argon Dashboard Pro

argon angular

Argon Dashboard Pro is a premium template for those who do not compromise on appearance. Be a pro developer and take your project to a whole different level with the amazing features offered by this template. Argon dashboard is known for its UI with bright and cool colors. With Argon Dashboard, development is not a hard job as it comes with prebuilt examples. Click here for the live preview of the template.

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Now UI Kit Pro Angular

now ui kit angular

Now UI Kit Pro Angular is an Angular template that comes with more than a thousand fully coded components. It offers pre-built sample pages for every title from landing page to About us. The template is based on Angular 9 and has a well-designed UI pattern with extra components to make the design quality even better. Check out a live preview here.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro Angular

light dashboard

Some websites and applications require simple and light designs. Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro Angular is a premium template perfect for such projects. Its minimalist design gives an elegant and beautiful appearance to the UI. Among its premium features includes its ability to integrate with a number of third-party components. It also has over 120 coded components. Click here for more info about this template.

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If you are a web developer who hates mediocrity, keeping abreast of updates in Angular Templates is very important. Having the right templates handy is as crucial as your resolve to deliver the best. Make the best use of the latest angular templates to ace in the web development field. As often stated by the industry experts, being a pro developer often requires smart work than hard work.  


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