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Angular Admin Template

As you would probably know, there are plenty of options available to customers who are in search of angular admin dashboard templates. In fact, multiple numbers of excellent admin dashboard templates that come with different types of data representations, dashboards, and handy components are available plenty in the market.

However, Angular admin templates are considered as the best templates by many, as they boast a stunning design and allows users to easily and effectively manage things. If you have no clear idea on how to find the best angular admin dashboard templates that suits your requirements, then it is best to check out the following Angular admin dashboard templates because it will help you to make an informed buying decision.

Star Admin Pro Angular

Star Admin Pro Angular template is actually the modified, advanced, and paid version of the Star Admin Free Angular template. As a result, the number of components, tools, and feature that are available in the former is relatively more when compared to the free version of the template. The good news is that a dark mode and horizontal demo is also available to users who use this excellent Angular template.

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Another important thing you need to note is that this Angular template was actually built on the NG Bootstrap framework. This highly-responsive template will make your app or website look good on devices with different screen sizes. Finally, it also comes with an elegantly designed sidebar and plenty of useful components.

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Star Admin Free Angular

If you are looking for a free admin template that is equipped with numerous tools and handy features, then you will instantly fall in love with the Star Admin Free Angular template. The most fascinating thing about this template is that it has a flawless design. The high-responsiveness and user-friendliness of this template have urged several experts to select it over other alternatives.

However, the only downfall is that this template does not come with horizontal demo and dark mode, but these features are available in the paid version of this template. If you are new to the world of web designing and app development, then this template is apt for you. Another significant thing to note is that the Star Admin Free Angular template was built on NG Bootstrap framework.

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Purple Angular Starter Kit

The captivating design, well-written code, and user-friendliness of Purple Admin Template have made it one of the best admin templates of 2018. Users who are selecting this Angular admin template will be able to enjoy the luxury of using different types of widgets. This easy-to-customize and fully responsive template is also designed with the help of the NG Bootstrap framework.

Approximately four different types of page layouts are available with this template along with five unique sidebar layouts. The basic UI elements, layouts, and components that come with this excellent template will allow you to easily improve the interface of your app. In addition to that, pre-built multiple numbers of sample pages and applications are also available to users who have chosen the Purple Free Admin Template.

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Elite Angular 6 Admin

Elite Angular 6 Admin template is actually an efficient angular template, which is based on the Angular 5 / CLL template. What makes this template unique and different from other templates is that the framework of the former is angular in most of the features. Users who select this template will be able to make use of over 200 pages of templates, which is pretty amazing.

In addition to that, the Elite Angular 6 Admin template comes with four unique demos and three elegantly designed dashboards. The handy customization features of this template will enable you to considerably improve the interface of the back-end template and app. More than 200 font icons are also available with the Elite Angular 6 Admin template, which will help you to enhance the typology of your app.

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Xtreme Angular 6 Admin

Web designers and developers who are looking to make the interface of their app better should consider settling for the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin template. Users will be surprised to hear that this admin template is actually a modified version of the Angular 6/CLI template. If you are looking for a feature-rich and efficient admin template, then you do not need to luck further because Xtreme Angular 6 Admin template is the best choice for you.

This fascinating admin template offers 10 unique demos and ten different dashboards to users, which will come handy when it comes to customization. In addition to that, this template contains over 850 pages of templates, and approximately 50 of these template pages are angular. Six different color skins and over 2000 font icons are also included in the Xtreme Angular 6 Admin template.

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MaterialPro Angular6 Admin

MaterialPro Angular6 Admin

MaterialPro Angular6 Admin is one of the most commonly purchased admin templates. The immense popularity of this template is mainly due to its simple design and user-friendliness. Users who are planning to choose this template should note that it is actually a modification of the Angular 6/CLI template. Creating a powerful back-end interface is a lot simpler for the ones who are using this template.

Another important thing you need to note is that the MaterialPro Angular6 Admin is equipped with several UI elements. In fact, you will be able to make changes to your app and customize it by using these handy elements. More than 200 pages of template are available to users who opt for this template. Moreover, users will also gain access to over 2000 font icons and six different types of color skins.

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AdminWrap Angular 6

The AdminWrap Angular 6 template is also a modified version of one of the templates of the Angular 6/ CLO WebApp. If you choose this admin template, then you will be able to easily select between admin panels and admin dashboard. The best thing about this template is that it comes with more than hundred pages of templates, and about half of these templates are angular.

Moreover, approximately three dashboards are embedded within the AdminWrap Angular 6 template and users also enjoy the luxury of selecting up to 4 unique demos. If you wish to significantly improve the interface of your app, then this excellent admin template is undoubtedly the best option for you. Users should also note that unlimited numbers of colors and plenty of widgets are also available with this excellent template.

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