Top 10+ Angular Dashboard Templates of 2020

Top 10+ Angular Dashboard Templates of 2020

Dashboard templates help you get more development work done in a short time. You don’t have to build everything from scratch. You can pick and choose front-end components of your choice and integrate them with the back-end. We’ve compiled some of the best Angular dashboard templates of 2020 for you. Keep reading to know more.

Why choose Angular? Angular is a structural framework for dynamic webapps which lets you use HTML as a template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly. Angular’s data binding and dependency injection eliminates the need to write too much code since it all happens within the browser.

The best part of these backend admin templates is that they are styled very well and all components look good together. By making just a few changes to the styling you can create an entire front-end that is uniquely styled to your particular needs.

In this article, we have listed the top angular dashboard templates in 2020. All templates mentioned below have very detailed documentation, a good fanbase of users who swear by the product and feature essential components that are essential for your development needs.

Stellar Admin Pro Angular

Preview of Stellar Admin Pro Angular dashboard

Download  Preview  Get Free Version


  • Four unique Angular Dashboards
  • Dark and light versions
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • 15+ reusable UI elements
  • 8 charting libraries
  • 20 beautiful pages, RTL support and much more!


Preview of Purple Angular dashboard

Download  Preview  Get Free Version


  • Unique Gradient design
  • Angular 9 dashboard template
  • Styled using ng-Bootstrap.
  • Gulp taskrunner and Sassy CSS (SASS) for faster customization
  • Lifetime free updates and 1 year support.


    MaterialPro Angular 9 Admin Template

    Buy Now  Preview


    • Admin dashboard with fast loading time
    • Native compatibility
    • Cross-platform support
    • 200+ page templates
    • 40+ angular components and much more!

    Azia Angular
    Preview of Azia Angular dashboard

    Download  Preview  Get Free Version


    • 10+ custom pre-built dashboard layouts
    • Login, Register pages included.
    • Minimal design with extremely detailed documentation.
    • Life-time free updates.
    • 100s of custom Angular components.


    Xtreme Angular Template

    Buy Now  Preview


    • Minimalistic design
    • Based on modular and modern design
    • Easy customization
    • Tons of other components, elements, widgets, and much more!

    Corona Angular

    Preview of Corona Angular

    Download  Preview  Get Free Version

    • Dark-theme only design
    • 25+ sample pages including login, register, ecommerce, etc.
    • 50+ custom pages
    • Angular 9 dashboard

      Material Angular

      Preview of Material Admin dashboard

      Download  Preview  Get Free Version


      • Built using Angular-Bootstrap.
      • Features multiple layouts.
      • Features tons of advanced UI components like dragula, clipboard, context menu etc.
      • 20+ sample pages.

      Breeze Angular

      Preview of Breeze Angular dashboard

      Download  Preview  Get Free Version


      • Cool design
      • Angular js dashboard template
      • Styled using ng-Bootstrap.
      • 20+ sample pages and more.
      • Gulp taskrunner and Sassy CSS (SASS) for faster customization
      • Lifetime free updates and 1 year support.

      JustDo Angular

      Preview of JustDo Angular dashboard

      Download  Preview


      • Angular 10 Dashboard
      • Built with SASS and GULP for easy customization
      • 10+ different layouts including RTL, boxed, dark, etc.
      • 25+ sample pages


      Preview of Metronic

      Download  Preview


      • Angular 10 included
      • Full Angular Material and Full Angular Bootstrap integration
      • Permission and role-based access control system
      • No jQuery dependency
      • Angular-CLI and Webpack for Angular version
      • Production-ready with full-app stack and authentication

      Paper Dashboard

      Preview of Paper dashboard

      • The free version is also available
      • PSD files included
      • 150+ components and 15+ customized plugins
      • 25+ Example pages
      • good use of white-space
      • Easy-to-use dashboard

      SBadmin Angular

      Preview of SB Admin Pro dashboard

      Download  Preview


      • Uses the latest version of Angular 10
      • SCSS based styling with built-in scripts for compiling CSS
      • Pug based markup with built-in scripts for compiling HTML
      • Toggleable side navigation
      • Interactive charts using Chart.js plugin
      • Interactive tables using ng-bootstrap plugin
      • Light and dark side navigation options


      Preview of ngx-admin dashboard

      Download  Preview


      • 100+ UI components integrated with backend services
      • 3 themes and 2 dashboards included
      • Also available with backend integration bundle kits for .NET, Node.js, Ruby, PHP
      • Backend services and repository layers with data access
      • JSON Web Authentication setup for UI and backend


        Preview of CoreUI dashboard


        Download  Preview

        • Angular JS Dashboard with Bootstrap 4.
        • Light and Dark layouts included.
        • 20+ essential Angular plugins included
        • Loading bar, charts and Toaster included
        • Free access to updates and source files
        • Based on popular web components and frameworks


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