Why Laravel Is Considered as the Best PHP Framework of 2020

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Why Laravel Is Considered as the Best PHP Framework of 2020

A question that will be bugging you during the initial stage of app development will probably be: Which framework is the accurate choice for the project. You will need to consider a number of factors like cost, usability, third-party integrations when choosing a framework. As there are plenty of frameworks out there, you may also get confused due to the wide range of choices.

So, the wise thing you can do is to select a popular PHP framework that is suitable for your project. Laravel has gained immense popularity among developers over the last few years. In fact, it is one of the most used frameworks when it comes to complex web development projects. Let us take a brief look at the Laravel framework and uncover why it is considered as the best PHP framework.

Greater Security

Laravel offers greater security when compared to other PHP frameworks, as passwords will never be saved as simple text. Whenever a user login, a token will be automatically generated, which prevents the chances of unauthorized access. On top of that, Laravel uses an efficient Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate passwords. 

Artisan Console

Laravel framework contains an in-built command-line interface called artisan. Artisan takes care of a number of processes that includes generating boilerplate code, managing database migrations, and publishing package assets. In this way, Artisan simplifies the process of web app development.

Object Oriented Libraries

Another unique aspect of Laravel PHP framework is that it has several object oriented libraries that are absent in other popular PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the integral object oriented libraries in Laravel. These libraries allow developers to easily build responsive and powerful web applications.

MVC Support

Laravel framework strictly follows the MVC or Model, View, and Controller or MVC based architectural pattern. MVC offers better documentation and considerably improves the speed of the development process. The MVC support factor is one of the major reasons for Laravel’s increasing popularity.


A creative, simple, and unique configuration have been implemented for the Authentication and Authorization system by Laravel. As a result, developers will be able to provide a better and high secure authentication and authorization for their apps.

Templating Engine

An in-built template engine is included with the Laravel framework. The smooth and robust Blade template engine works incredibly well with HTML and PHP. The presence of laravel admin templates engine also allows users to easily create excellent layouts. The blade template engine also lets you define sections, extend views, and do a lot more. 

Cloud Storage

Another interesting aspect of Laravel is that it has cloud storage, which is essential when it comes to web development. Laravel allows developers to either work with Rackspace or Amazon S3 cloud space. The ability to choose between these packaging two file systems is something developers will love. 

Packaging System

The packaging system serves the crucial purpose of managing libraries or multiple support software that allows web applications to automate processes. The use of packages considerably boosts the speed of the web application development project. Some of the best Laravel packages that you should know about are Laravel IDE helper and Laravel Debug bar. 


The Object Relational Mapper of Laravel is considered to be far better when compared to that of other frameworks. Object Relational Mapping or ORM makes working with the database a lot simpler. In fact, interacting with other database objects will seem like a fairly simple task. This will allow you to easily complete your project without making any compromise on quality. 


The Laravel framework also comes with a powerful Paginator. This paginator plays an integral role by paginating all data from the database. You can apply different styles, change the URL parameters, and make other adjustments with the help of the Paginator.

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