Top 10 Curated Cryptocurrency Dashboard templates of 2023

Top 10 Curated Cryptocurrency Dashboard templates of 2023

In this post, we analyze some of the best available cryptocurrency dashboards available to you. If you’re planning to create a Crypto token website, check out the below collection of curated dashboard templates which are packed with essential pages, UI components, and items that will come in handy for you.

All templates mentioned below are created using Bootstrap 4,have decent documentation, and have basic sample pages that will help you create your crypto project. Available from different marketplaces, each template has it’s own license and support terms so do check them out before you purchase the template.

P.S. if you’re not looking for static HTML templates, and are in search for plug-and-play Dashboard for Cryptocurrency conversion, we found something for you too! Check out this Github Repo by Christ0ph3r.

Best Cryptocurrency Dashboard templates

Cryptocurrency Dashboard

Cryptocurrency Dashboard templates

Using Twitter API credentials, you can have a fully functional Crypto Currency Dashboard up and running in 10 minutes! Although the styling is minimal, it is created in Bootstrap 4.0 feel free to style it any way you want. Word of caution, the author has not mentioned the License details of the repo.

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Azia Admin

Azia dashboard template

Azia has 10+ unique dashboards, one of which is a cryptocurrency dashboard. A Bootstrap 4 Admin & Dashboard template featuring a lot of UI components it’s an ideal template if you are looking to build a clean interface. It is updated frequently (full disclosure, this template is ours, and we can attest that the template is indeed frequently updated).

Azia features tons of sample pages and essential utility classes that will help you create and retheme your project the way you want it. Azia Admin features a free version available under MIT license so you can go through the code and styling.

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ICO Crypto

One of the best-selling Cryptography Dashboards in Themeforest, the ICO-Crypto template features 21 landing pages and 17+ sample pages that can help you create websites related to trading Cryptocurrencies. The downside is, we found only one user dashboard and it’s certainly not as impressive as some of the other ones out there.

If you’re interested, WordPress and PSD version of ICO Crypto is available for separate purchase. The template looks and feels modern, a tad futuristic in my opinion, which is the general trend among most crypto websites. The sheer number of pages and the design variations available in ICO-Crypto makes it a great choice.

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Crypto Admin

Crypto Admin - Dashboard

Crypto Admin is an admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4.2 Framework, HTML5 and CSS3. It can be used to create web applications like custom admin panel, ICO, Bitcoin Dashboards, Bitcoin and other current website applications etc. With 14 dedicated crypto-related dashboards and 17 other dashboards, Crypto Admin has a lot of options to pick and choose from.

I loved the use of whitespace in the admin design. Each component and cards have enough breathing space so none of the dashboards look crowded. This template features many sample pages like the cryptocurrency exchange page, Initial Coin exchange, various Reports, etc which are essential when developing cryto applications.

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Crypterium caught our eye because of it’s eye-catching designs and the fact that PSD fully layered files are also available along with the HTML version. With 32 HTML pages, not including other pages like ICO and Mining pages to choose from, Crypterium undoubtably has a flat, clean and modern theme.

All landing and sample pages featured in Crypterium are both unique in design and yet gel perfectly well with each other. Also, WordPress version is also available for a separate purchase.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Dashboard

Cryptorio has way fewer pages than some of the other templates available in ThemeForest but Cryptorio makes up for it for the gorgeous dashboard design. Both dark and light themes are equally good (light dashboar provided here for reference)

This template can be used for creating Crypto dashboards only since it features very few samples pages and these additional pages are also related to cryptocurrency only (Marketing, Trading and Wallet Pages).

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Cryptonio - Bitcoin ICO

Although not a Cryptography dashboard, I felt Cryptonio deserves a special mention here. It is a landing page template, built for ICO Agencies, digital bitcoin, & cryptocurrency investment website. If you plan to launch an ICO Campaign or create your own exchange, Cryptonio, when coupled with an admin template for back-end operations, would be ideal for you.

Cryptonio deserves a mention in our list because of the extremely futurist designs of its landing pages.

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Crypto Dashboard

DashLite has a refreshing design and an entirely different theme from some of the more futuristic designs in this list. Dashlite comes with tons of components, essential elements, and pre-built pages like Crypto Buy Sell, Crypto Wallet, HYIP Investment & SAAS Subscription. It helps you to create your web apps or application faster since it features standard application layout such as File Manager, Chats, Support Tickets, Inbox application.

With 9 Demo layouts including 1 for Coronavirus, Dashlite may just be the one for you.

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TokenWiz is a base template created using Bootstrap which features ICO userpanel including admin. It features a page for every step of the Initial Coinn Offering (ICO). It features Purchase Tokens, Profile, KYC Form, KYC Lists & Details, User Lists & Details, Transaction List & Details login, registration and many more pages.

The pages also include Admin pages (featured in the screenshot). Built with modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3 (SCSS), it has Bootstrap under it’s hood.

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Crypto ICO

Crypto ICO

Another landing page template and not an admin dashboard template, Crypto ICO – Cryptocurrency is an ideal choice for your crypto currency ICO StartUp agency. Why? Because they have done a deep research on required pages, process, functionalities & elements of every ICO business and created templates so you don’t have to work from absolute scratch.

What we loved about Crypto ICO is the variety of styles and the variety of variations within each style!

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