Best ERP Management Dashboard Templates For Your Next Project

Best ERP Management Dashboard Templates For Your Next Project

Most ERP management dashboard templates feature visually appealing graphical representations of key business performance metrics. These templates allow users to keep track of important business data that includes production rates, maintenance requirements, downtime monitoring, and more. 

In simple words, the data displayed in ERP management admin dashboard templates can help businesses to boost their performance. These templates offer real-time data visualization along with different performance indicators. You also enjoy the luxury of customizing these templates to fit the needs of your business. Check out these ten ERP management templates that can help improve your entire business productivity.

Top ERP Management Dashboard Templates


purple admin is one of the best erp dashboards

Designed based on Bootstrap, the Purple admin template comes with a neatly designed ERP dashboard. The template comes with an advanced search box, which will help users easily search for products. 

  • Reporting, Manufacturing, Services, and more
  • Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Dispatches, and more options
  • Beautiful color palette
  • Options to track Latest Transaction and Order Status
  • Total Income, Budget, and Spending are visually represented 

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Azia Admin

Azia admin is the best erp management template

The feature-rich Azia admin template is equipped with a finance monitoring dashboard with plenty of useful components. The template contains multiple pre-built apps and several other handy features. 

  • Easily track Gross and Net Profit Margin
  • Total Income, Total Expenses, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable
  • Finance Management Review available
  • Multiple Page layouts
  • Can be customized easily 

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Star Admin 

Star Admin Pro is the best erp management templates

Star Admin offers a carefully drafted CRM dashboard that will help you easily track key business performance metrics. The template can also be easily customized to fit your business needs. 

  • Easily Track Revenue Orders and Payments
  • Users, Customer Profile, Management, and Resources
  • Product Overview available
  • Traffic Report and Finance Stats
  • Clean, simple, and elegant design 

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Plus Admin

plus admin is one of the best templates

Plus Admin is an easy to use Bootstrap template that is packed with essential features and useful elements. The template has a powerful HR dashboard at its disposal.

  • Attendance Log, Attendance Requests, and Timings
  • Option to apply Casual, Sick, Paid, or Unpaid leave
  • All Taks, Uncategorized, and System Tasks
  • Advance Finance options
  • Messages and Notifications 
  • Clean, simple, and elegant design 

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Material Pro

Built with the open-source Bootstrap framework, MaterialPro admin template has six well-designed dashboards. The dashboards have important business data that will help you boost business performance. 

  • Sales Overview
  • Easily track the number of visitors
  • Can be customized easily
  • Available in dark and light versions
  • Easily track orders, payments, and more 

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Monster is a modern and multipurpose admin dashboard template that has a well-designed landing page. The template also has a powerful analytics dashboard. 

  • Page Views, Total Visits, and Bounce Rates
  • Sales Prediction and Sales Difference
  • Total Visits is represented with the help of a world map
  • Chats, Messages, and more
  • Easy to use and customize

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admin pro erp managemnt dashboard

The AdminPro Bootstrap 4 template has everything you will need to develop a beautiful and professional dashboard. The template has more than 500 UI elements. 

  • Total Income and Total Expense
  • Total Saff and Total Assets
  • Sales Overview available
  • Activity, Projects, and more features
  • Easily track social media followers 

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Xtreme Admin

xtream crm dashboard

Xtreme Admin is a powerful and feature packed admin template designed based on the Bootstrap framework. The template comes with a neatly designed analytics dashboard. 

  • Easily Track spending and earnings
  • RealTime visits can be monitored
  • Can be customized entirely
  • Other essential features
  • Clean and elegant design

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Soft Material

Soft Material

Soft Material admin dashboard template is super flexible and it can be easily customized to meet your project requirements. It is equipped with a powerful CRM dashboard. 

  • Multiple Pre-built Apps
  • Easily Track sales, leads, and analytics
  • Well-designed Sample pages
  • Easy to use 
  • Based on Bootstrap 4

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