Why choose Node js For App Development?

Why choose Node js For App Development?

Today’s web development scene is replete with plenty of tools to build applications. But no tool is a match for Node js.

Node js offers some of the best features to increase the efficiency of your web application. Continue reading to find out why you should invest in Node js.

What is Node js?

Node js is an open-source runtime environment that uses JavaScript on the server side. Introduced in 2009, this technology now has a community of more than 3.5 million developers.

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Node js is hands down the most efficient cross-platform environment that provides services in the areas like Micro-services, Scripting & Automation, Embedded Systems, Real-time Chat Apps, Static File Services, etc.

Why Invest in Node js?

Here are some of the factors that make Node js stand out from others:

Active Community

Node js has a large active community that backs the tool with timely improvements. This dynamic community provides plenty of ready-to-use solutions and codes that are highly useful.

Thanks to its popularity, the vast developer community of Node js makes codes and solutions easily accessible.

High Efficiency and Productivity

Node js is one of the fastest web development apps out there. It allows you to merge the backend and frontend teams enhancing the efficiency multifold.

Node js can be used for essential routing, static file serving, and other operations thanks to its fast programming.

Excellent Support

Node js offers 18 months of maintenance for every important update. Most of the bugs and security issues get dealt with during this period.

Long-term support is an essential factor in app maintenance and lots of developers choose this technology for the same reason.

Plenty of Room for Creativity

Restrictions and guidelines are next to nil in Node js. This gives developers the freedom to tweak and customize as they need throughout the development process.


SEO optimization is among the top factors that decide the fate of your application on the internet. Node js helps your web application get the visibility you aim for. You can increase site engagements and increase the chances of ranking well on search engines.

Lesser Response Time

Node js is based on the single-thread event loop model that can manage multiple user requests without increasing the number of threads. This helps in having a reduced response time.


Building apps using Node js is not a costly investment. The computing power needed to host is comparatively less in Node js. It is one of the reasons why a lot of companies prefer Node js.

V8 Engine

V8 Engine is one of the factors that make Node js the fastest. This tool developed by Google converts JavaScript to faster machine codes.

Ready-to-use Tools

The module library of Node js has some of the best ready-made tools to enhance the performance of your web development.

Microservice-based Architecture

Using microservice-based architectures is very easy with Node js. Node js can take the efficiency of your enterprise-grade projects to a new level with its support of serverless approaches.

Summing Up

With thousands of new websites popping up every day, the competition in web development is getting tougher than ever. Surviving on the internet means having a highly efficient application. And that is exactly why you should check out Node js. Make use of the most efficient cross-platform runtime environment to ace your app development.

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