Things to know about the Star Admin Pro Template

Several expert website designers and app developers often prefer to use Bootstrap themes and templates when they are designing websites or building applications for customers. This is because these handy tools enable them to save plenty of their valuable time, and helps them to create flawless websites and excellent apps without any issues. Most of […]

How To Expand Your Website Design Business

In today’s digitally competitive world, most businesses incorporate the use of handy tools to outperform their competitors and to establish a strong online presence for their brand. However, this might not be a task for web design and web development companies if they do not have access to an excellent tool like admin template. Recommended […]

Best Angular Admin Dashboard Templates

Angular Admin Template

As you would probably know, there are plenty of options available to customers who are in search of angular admin dashboard templates. In fact, multiple numbers of excellent admin dashboard templates that come with different types of data representations, dashboards, and handy components are available plenty in the market. However, Angular admin templates are considered […]

10 UX Best Practices for Improving Conversion Rates

Each and every element on your website, starting from the fonts to the colors and even the positioning of the buttons have an impact on your conversion rates. A user’s interaction experience with every single element determines whether they want to stay further on your site or bounce away, and this affects your conversion rates. […]

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019 with Horizontal Menu

(Updated on 18th January 2019 ) As the user interfaces of the web applications evolve, the latest design trends take over, one needs to stay always stay updated with the latest designs to stay relevant online. When it comes to admin templates, it is amazing how they reinvent themselves with the latest designs, components, and […]

How to Integrate Bootstrap with React.js

Integrate Bootstrap with React Js

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used for creating user interface (UI) components that are stateful and reusable. These UIs are specifically built for single page applications. React.js also helps in managing the ‘view layer’ of mobile and web apps. Recommended Reading: Best 16 Premium JavaScript Charting Libraries Facebook in collaboration with a specific community of […]

Best practices to speed up application development using Bootstrap

Best practices to speed up application development using Bootstrap

Currently, Bootstrap is one of the familiar names amid the developer community. Being one of the easiest front-end development frameworks to work with or start with, Bootstrap is currently the most popular front-end framework. Though it is considered to be the ‘easiest of frameworks to start with’, there are hidden intricate details that you must […]