List of 25 Amazing Free and Premium Flat Minimalist Admin Templates

Admin panel for a website need to do critical tasks such as web analysis, monitoring website traffic and server status, sending and receiving emails, maintaining the users etc. These tasks may get complicated sometime and the admin panel becomes very complex. Making all of these tasks even harder to perform.  Recommended reading: Fascinating Things You Should Know […]

The Most Beautiful and Best-Selling Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019

(Updated on 20th March 2019) If you have a website, it has now become mandatory that you have an admin panel. Admin panels are what makes it easy for you to manage and monitor the website and take control of every task that the website needs to do. An administrator needs to do very important […]

Top Best-Selling Bootstrap Admin Templates on ThemeForest

(Updated 20th March 2019) ThemeForest is a marketplace for HTML template and themes for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Users can create an account for free in the marketplace and buy and sell template. Themeforest is the ultimate place to find premium themes and templates with high quality. The templates on ThemeForest are priced for the […]

Best 23 Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates with Material Design

Material design is a design language developed by Google. The main characteristics of the material design are the ripple effect and the use of its z-axis. The interfaces are composed of multiple sheets of material that have the thickness of a single density-independent pixel. Below are some of the templates that are based on Bootstrap 4 […]

18 Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates with Flat Design

If your approach to design is to produce simplicity and you are more focused on the functionalities, you would definitely go for a flat design for your application. In flat design, you opt for a minimalist approach to the components in the user interface with only shaded of colors defining each component, removing the drop […]

17 Popular AngularJS Admin Templates

21 Popular AngularJS Admin Templates

(Updated January  16th 2019) AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks to build admin templates. There are a lot of the admin templates out there that help you create a responsive admin panel that displays the critical information about your business. Creating an admin template from scratch is not an easy task and requires […]

Best 16 Premium JavaScript Charting Libraries

JavaScript charting libraries are powerful tools in data visualization in website, web applications and mobile application. They are an integral part of dashboards and other business related data analysis and reports. JavaScript charting libraries are powerful tools in data visualization, web, and mobile applications Click To Tweet In the age of big-data, it is impossible […]