Best React Material Dashboard Templates Sure to Make a Big Impact in 2020    

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Best React Material Dashboard Templates Sure to Make a Big Impact in 2020    

React framework simplifies the process of web development and allows developers to easily build stunning user interfaces. It doesn’t matter how complicated or hard the project is, React makes it possible for you to achieve the desired results. This is why several developers love to use React Material Dashboard templates.

Most of the react material dashboard templates are incredibly easy to use and can be customized as per user requirements. These templates also ensure a fine user experience across different types of devices and browsers. Here are a few React Material Dashboard templates you should check out when working on complex projects. 


Fuse is arguably the best React Material admin templates available in the market and is packed with essential features

  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Several Pre-built Apps
  • Multiple Login, Register, and Forgot Password pages
  • Two Invoices and Error pages
  • More than 20 Content layouts

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Material Design ReactJS Admin

Material Design ReactJS Admin has everything you will need to build a powerful and stunning web application.

  • Nested Routing and Lazy Loading
  • More than 15 color schemes
  • 900+ Material icons
  • Multiple number of layouts
  • Fully responsive

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Material Dashboard Pro React

Material Dashboard Pro React is a carefully crafted template that can be used for plenty of different web applications.

  • More than 5 Example Pages
  • 10 Popular plugins
  • Excellent documentation and clean code
  • Easy to use
  • 200 Useful Elements 

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Datta Able

Datta Able react admin templates

Built with the React + Redux Framework, Datta Able offers unlimited number of options to users when it comes to web app development and customization. 

  • Multiple Color preset options
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • More than 150 ready to use widgets
  • 10 Charting libraries
  • 20+ Page styles 

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Designed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, Aboard serves as the perfect starting point when building complex and powerful web applications. 

  • Plenty of useful elements
  • Charts, Forms, Tables, and more
  • Sign In, Sign Up, and Forgot Password pages
  • Full/Big Calendar
  • Multi-level menu included 

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Material Kit Pro React

MaterialPro React Admin Lite

Material Kit Pro React is packed with essential UI elements and components that are essential for building powerful web apps.

  • More than 10 Example Pages
  • 6 Customized plugins
  • 100 UI Elements
  • Neat and simple design
  • Designed based on the Material Design Framework of Google 

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Fortress is a well-designed and carefully crafted react template.

  • Built with Redux and React
  • Ensures a fine user experience
  • More than 5 UI elements
  • Charts and Tables
  • Multiple Theme colors 

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The developer-friendly Rectify React template that is built with the Bootstrap framework.

  • Horizontal menu layout
  • More than 65 widgets
  • Over 20 Custom pages
  • 1000+ Font icons
  • Graphs and charts 

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Boss Ultimate

Boss Ultimate is a carefully crafted admin template that ensures a fine user experience across different browsers and devices.

  • 6 Useful Applications
  • Multiple Theme choices
  • Plenty of UI components
  • Ensures a fine performance
  • Clean and well-commented code 

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The React Redux admin dashboard template is easy to use and customize template suitable for different projects.

  • Sales, Analytics, and Online Education Dashboards
  • Inbox, Chat, Event Calendar, and more
  • 4 Charting Libraries
  • Over 50 React UI kits
  • Advanced Invoice Builder 

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Mate Admin Dashboard template simplifies the process of web development and makes building stunning apps a lot easier.

  • Multiple Login options
  • Well-designed Register and Login pages
  • Clean and simple design
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Responsive design 

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