Top 15 Web Dashboard Templates available for Free Download 2023

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Top 15 Web Dashboard Templates available for Free Download 2023

In a data-driven world, where economies of scale dominate, people are increasingly reliant on data visualizations to make sense of the data. Such data is predominantly displayed in form of Webpages linked to a database where data is visualized in form of charts and graphs. Dashboards are usually the first page a user sees when they login to a web application and designing the web dashboard right is key to creating your Web App.

Web Dashboards can be easily created for your web application by using Admin Templates. Depending on the scope and size of your project you can select a free or premium admin templates and retheme it to fit your specific requirements. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the top 15 Web Dashboard templates that you can use in 2023. All templates listed here are regularly updated and also feature multiple framework versions coupled into one. These templates are lists in no specific order.

Best Web Dashboard Templates available for Free Download 2023


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Fily is featured by ThemeForest in its list of top 15 admin templates available in ThemeForest. Available in a variety of layouts, this dashboard has a beautiful flat design. You can change the color of the sidebar and header at the touch of a button.

Fily is made using Bootstrap 4+ and this admin template features an excellent collection of essential components and useful elements. Fily features over 20+ sample pages including dedicated pages for Email, Calendar, etc.


horizontal flat template

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Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, DashFlat is again a flat-design admin and dashboard template featuring a minimal color palette. The minimal design approach makes it ideal for modern web-apps where the degree of complexity involving data is high. It is powered with SASS, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and the open-source Bootstrap framework itself.

It features all essential UI elements, page layouts, form elements, tables, and charts, and other data visualization elements that are required in most Web Apps. The template also features several e-commerce pages like Invoice, Orders, and Pricing Table so you can use Dashflat with minimal addition or changes.

Hilite UI

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Featuring a flat design theme with a unique dark-theme dashboard, Hilite is an extremely popular template in Themeforest. The Poppins font used in this template works well with the general layout and aesthetics of the template. HiliteUI, with its excellent collection of UI elements, theme styles, color schemes, and more, is cross-browser compatible and can be used to build admin dashboard, application backend, CRM, CMS, and other web applications.


Celestial premium templates

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The first thing you would notice about Celestial is its use of typography to achieve superior legibility. A common trend in most web dashboard templates is use of lighter shades of grey to de-emphasize certain texts for aesthetic reasons. This comes at the cost of legibility. In Celestial important data are given proper emphasis while still looking great.

Celestial is created using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.x and styled using SASS. It features Gulp.js to help you automate tasks.

Allur UI

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Allur UI has 6+ layouts, 100+ UI components, and 20+ sample pages making it the ideal web dashboard to suit your needs. The unique Search bar design and buttons with color gradients in the sidebar give Allur its charm. Allur UI theme chooses to de-emphasize the sidebar altogether, making sure all attention is given to UI cards.

Allur has 50+ jQuery plugins and every basic and advanced UI elements you would require in a standard template. It also features apps like Kanban, chat, To-Do and a sample page dedicated for handling support tickets. Featuring an evergreen flat design, Allur UI has a fantastic dashboard webpage which is why it made it to our list.


spica free templates

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Spica features a pre-built Web Analytics Dashboard which comes in handy if you are trying to create a backend for your e-commerce website. With a very prominent Search Bar and an even more prominent sidebar, Spica has a unique design. The best part is, it comes with a free version so you can download the free version first if you want to check the coding structure. Spica is built using Bootstrap 4.5 and features SAAS and GULP like the rest of the templates mentioned above.

Material Dashboard

material dashboard free creative tims

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A web dashboard created by Creative Tim, Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap 4 Admin inspired by Google’s Material Design. Material Dashboard is built using the popular Bootstrap 4 framework, and it features a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit in with the rest of the elements.

As directed by Material Dashboard guidelines, this template makes use of light, surface and movement. The layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order is obvious.


vertical light steel ui

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SteelUI is a web dashboard themed using a controversial new design approach called skeuomorphic design. Skeuomorphic designs are loved to be hated by a lot of designers because such designs have a penchant for getting way too complicated really fast. However, SteelUI has done a nice job of incorporating skeuomorphic concepts without going over the top.

SteelUI would make a good dashboard if you’re looking to create a simple and futuristic web app for some physical IOT device. Created using Bootstrap 4, SAAS and Gulp.js. Check out the live preview version of SteelUI because the nuances in its design aren’t captured well in screenshots.



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Metronic is the mother of all admin templates featuring 12 unique Demos and available in HTML, React, Angular, Vuejs, Laravel framework. Primarily created with flat-design, Metronic is among the most purchased admin templates in Themeforest and other marketplaces.

To run the Metronic build tasks you will need to install nodejs, npm, yarn, sass, gulp, webpack, angular-cli and others. With 80,000 purchases, Metronic is one of the most recognisable webdashboard available in the interwebs.


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The JustDo Bootstrap admin template is built by using the Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. This highly flexible Bootstrap admin template featuring 15 handy UI elements. In addition to that, different types of tables, charts, maps, pages, and more are also included with the JustDo template.

The multiple numbers of layout and color theme options that are available in JustDo template provide a unique touch to your application.



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Majestic Admin template has a bare-bone minimal design approach and themed with flat colors. This template comes with several dashboard layouts and can be used for any web application you can think of. Created using Bootstrap 4.5+ and also features SASS and Gulp.js for easy customization.


corona free dashboard

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Corona is a dark-theme dashboard which is available in Angular, Vue, React and Bootstrap for separate purchase. Corona Admin is one of the rare mix of admin template which is legible, aesthetically pleasing and has a terrific dashboard. The side-bar doesn’t distract or take attention away from the main dashboard elements and can be minimized at the touch of a button.

Azia Admin

azia free dashboard

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Azia is a Bootstrap 4.5 web dashboard template featuring UI components that are built to fit perfectly with each other. Azia Admin features 100s of essential utilities classes that can help cut down CSS bloat and modify CSS components instantly. Best part of Azia is it features 10+ pre-built dashboard layouts for you to select from.

Star Admin

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Star Admin is one of our own templates and is available in several different variants: Bootstrap, React, Angular, Vue, and Laravel. With a clean flat design featuring tons of widgets and 30+ sample pages, Star Admin is one of our best-selling templates in this website. Featuring several layouts including dark-theme and horizontal menu layouts, this template can be used for any web application you have plans to create.

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