10 Amazing Websites Made With Bootstrap

10 Amazing Websites Made With Bootstrap

Are you not confident with using the Bootstrap framework for your web projects? Then, this article will change your perception of the Bootstrap framework!

Don’t let your prejudice get the better of you. See the wonder that Bootstrap can do to a project yourself. Here’s a list of some of the finest websites made with Bootstrap.

Best Bootstrap Websites For Inspiration

Check out these Bootstrap websites. You will be inspired and may decide to purchase website templates from top Bootstrap template providers like Bootstrapdash

1. Wokine 

wokine website made with bootstrap

Wokine is a good example of why Bootstrap is chosen by developers who give attention to the minutiae of a website. This beautiful website has a great design with features like the parallax effect, scrolling transitions and much more. 

Wokine has used the Bootstrap framework to the maximum and the result speaks for itself. With a stunning design that doesn’t go over the top anywhere, this website is an accomplishment. 

2. Etsy

etsy websitemade with bootstrap

Bootstrap is great for E-Commerce websites and Etsy is proof of that. You can see that this website doesn’t look cluttered even though there are a lot of items on display. That’s what a well-crafted design gives you. 

As you can see, items are showcased in an elegant and catchy manner. With a minimal approach and a cool layout, Etsy hooks visitors to their products for a long time and persuades them to purchase.   

3. Colorlib

colorlib website made with bootstrap

Colorlib is a Bootstrap template marketplace made with the Bootstrap framework. It has a minimal design with a simple colour combination. The clean layout gives the website a professional look. 

The placement of the header, items and icons is brilliant. Colorlib proves that Bootstrap is suitable for websites for all kinds of niches. 

4. Jack Watkins 

jackwatkins webbsite made with bootstrap

Jack Watkins is another website with an elegant minimal design. The navigation of this website is very smooth giving it a distraction-free feel. 

The website has a good flow and a great user experience. The transition between pages is also good. 

5. Bite Toothpaste 

Bite Toothpaste Bits website made with bootstrap

The design of Bite Toothpaste would inspire any developer to opt for Bootstrap. Be it the pop-ups, text or the CTA, everything is crafted to the T. 

The hover effect, notification emojis and sticky menu provide an unparalleled user experience. The developer of the website has done a great job.     

6. PopArt Studio

popwebdesign website made with bootstrap

PopArt Studio has a unique and modern design. The major criticism against Bootstrap is that website made with it lacks originality. This website is an answer to those criticisms. 

The homepage has a timeline-style design. The scrolling, navigation and other practical features are top-notch. 

7. Stance 

stance website made with bootstrap

Stance is an online store website that has a clean and beautiful layout. Everything including notifications and cookies is a good example of a well-crafted Bootstrap website. 

The product presentation, mega menu and categories of Stance are nothing less than an inspiration. 

8. Forbes India

forbes website made with bootstrap

Forbes India is built with the Bootstrap framework and is a great example of the capability of the framework to give an uncluttered look even for a website with a lot of content. 

If you still have doubts, compare with any news websites made with other frameworks and see the difference for yourself.

9. AddThis

addthis website made with bootstrap

AddThis is a huge website with an excellent UX design. This website testifies to the fact that Bootstrap is suitable for small and large websites alike. 

AddThis has everything that a good business website should have. It is simple, innovative and hassle-free. 

10. Caleño Drinks 

caleno website made with bootstrap

Caleño Drinks has a cool and vibrant look. This website stands out from the usual Bootstrap websites in layout and colour design. The slider, notification and testimonials have been crafted well giving great results. 

Summing Up 

Developers often spend too much time choosing a framework for their projects. The best way to dispel confusion regarding the right framework is to check out website examples. The above-listed websites would give you a clear picture of the Bootstrap framework which a thousand words cannot give. If this list cannot convince you, I doubt if anything else would.    


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