15 Stunning Bootstrap 4 Premium Admin Templates

This article lists premium admin templates that are built on top of Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. It is not production-ready yet but you will actually benefit from having prepared for a future version which is expected to release soon.

Premium admin templates come with many and more features than a free admin template. A premium template will provide you with more components, plugins, example pages for you to work with. They also provide good documentation about the product. Also, free templates may not always provide the best support whenever an issue comes.

Below are some premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates.


Victory Bootstrap 4 admin template

Victory Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is a responsive admin template with flat design. It is light themed admin template with a use of very soft color palette. The template is very professional looking and the interface is not cluttered with components and widgets. Its simple and minimalist design is highly customizable.

The template has everything that an admin panel needs. Charts using Flot charts and ChartJS, forms including basic and advanced form elements, form validation etc. Tables include simple tables and data tables, and you have 10 extra pages that include login, sign up, pricing table, Help and FAQs, timeline, error pages etc.

Support for Inspire is provided by UrbanUI, via email. The template costs $25 for the regular license in Themeforest. The template is well documented for you to get started with the template as soon as possible with few issues.

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Basic Bootstrap 4 admin template

Basic is a sophisticated, fully responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The template is a highly customizable template with many UI components, charts, graphs and other advanced UI elements to boast about. The template has more than 2000 icons, more than 100 pages, more than 200 UI components that would be required when creating a full-fledged admin panel. With Basic, you don’t have to go looking anywhere else to build your admin panel.

Basic has a clean design with light dashboard and sidebar and dark navbar. The template comes with many different layouts and multiple dashboards as well. The template is a very well-documented template, with a great support always ready to fix any issue.

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Remark - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is an excellent pick to create a masterpiece admin dashboard. Beginning with the design, Remark offers two version for the design – classic and material. Other than that it has 6 different layouts for the menu, 6 content layouts, dark and light menubar and 11 predefined color schemes to choose from and you can always create your own custom color scheme to suit your tastes.

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Coming to the functionalities, the template is fully responsive, it has 1000+ UI components- basic and advanced, 100+ widgets, charts, forms, tables and much more. There are 25+ pages that the template has, and the additional pages include 5 error pages, FAQ, gallery, gallery grid, maps, login and register pages, sitemap, code editor etc.

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is well documented, has an average star rating of 4.77/5 in Themeforest. The template can be purchased from Themeforest at a cost of $24 for the regular license. Support for the template is provided by amazingSurge via email.

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Light Admin

Light Admin - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Light Admin – Clean Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is a responsive Bootstrap 4 admin template with clean and flat design with light color backgrounds. The template is not stuffed with too many components and plugins, but just enough to create a fully functional admin template, making it really simple and lightweight.

The template contains many UI components and different plugins for charts, forms, calendars, tables etc. The additional pages include invoice page, log in, register, lock screen, and two error pages – Error 404 and Error 500.

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Light Admin is well documented, easily customizable and supports all major web browsers. The support for this template is provided by Osetin. The template costs $29 at Themeforest.

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 Able Pro

Able Pro - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Able Pro Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Angular 1 Version is a responsive and retina-ready admin template with fully loaded functionalities and features. It comes in two different versions – light version and dark version both with the horizontal and vertical layout. The template is very colorful in itself and has 5 color schemes to choose from as well. It has 4 variations for the dashboard, 11 menu layouts that you can select to suit the theme of your admin panel. Also, you can easily customize the looks if you want to.

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The template comes with an abundance of functionalities. To begin with, it has got 150+ pages, 100+ widgets, 1000+ UI components, a huge collection of charts, forms, tables etc. Extra pages include task management, e-commerce pages, social pages that include social profile, timeline, wall, message and authentication pages – for login, register, forgot password etc.

The template is well documented, has an average rating of 5 stars based on 10 ratings. The template costs $25 in ThemeForest. Support for the template is provided by Pheonixcoded. You can send an email, generate a ticket or get live support via Skype.

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Lokra - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

This responsive admin template is built upon Angular 2, Material 2 and Bootstrap 4. The admin template as mentioned has the material design for its user interface. Lokra comes in two version – light and dark themed. The sidebar can be made fixed or collapsible using a toggle button. You can have five different layouts for the template which are flex, tabs, edges, cards and fullscreen. You have a dashboard example using edge layout.

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Lokra has many UI components, a good amount of widgets, a lot of pages and good functionalities that are necessary for an admin template to help kick start with your project.

The template is well documented on ThemeForest and costs $30 for the regular license. The template does not currently provide support. The admin template has an average rating of 4.43 stars out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

 Start UI

Start UI - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

StartUI is a well crafted, responsive admin template built upon Bootstrap 4, jQuery and CSS (Less). StartUI has a colorful, attractive and fun user interface but not in a childish way. The template is highly customizable but in itself has a lot of design options. There are 8 different skin for the template to choose from. You can opt from any of the 13 dashboard layouts for the administration end of your web application.

The template is a good pick for an application backend that requires many functionalities. The template provides many of them. It has 500+ components, 70+ pages including extra pages that contain cards, ribbons, avatars, prices, empty list and 12 others, an activity log, profile page that gives a modern look and feel of the user profile, file manager along with many more components and elements.

StartUI Admin Dashboard Template regular license cost $26 and has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 70 ratings. The template is well documented and support is provided by themes any time through the comment section.

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Peak - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

A responsive admin dashboard with material design, 6 layouts, 2 dashboards, and 8 color styles. The template has a neat design, with carefully arranged components that give the template an approachable look and feel.

Peak Admin Template provides a lot of widgets and 100+ custom-made reusable components so that you can save hours of time when starting your web application. Within the 100+ pages, you will find anything that you need in this template. There are 1500+ font icons comprising of Font Awesome, Flags, Material Design, and Weather Icons. The template also consists of Summernote and Markdown editors along with all the other elements – forms, charts, maps, pre-built extra pages, and other UI components.

Peak Material Design Bootstrap 4 Admin Template has an average star rating of 3.67 out of 5 stars based on 6 ratings. The template is well documented and provides support by means of the comment section. The regular license for this template comes at $23.

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AdminPlus - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

AdminPlus Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin template comes with 4 different themes. Each with multiple layouts for the sidebar and navbar of the template. The template has a flat design, is fully responsive and retina ready.

There are 13 extra pages from which you can add the ones you want in your admin template. These pages include appointments, learning dashboard, learning course, notes, property, tickets, reports, Login/Sign Up page. Apart from the Bootstrap UI components, it has tree, nestable – component for a hierarchical list with drag-and-drop capabilities, calendar, filter maps and vector maps.

AdmiPlus is a well documented and provides limited support through the comment section in the marketplace. It has an average rating of 4.44 stars that is based on the 9 ratings. The regular license for this template comes at $23.

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N-Arkalite - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

N-Arkalite is a clean, responsive, user-friendly premium Bootstrap 4 admin template with a simple flat design. The template uses a white background and soft colors for the components. It comes with 12 skins, 3 dashboards and the sidebar that scrolls down as you move your mouse pointer without clicking which is quite interesting. it is very easy to customize with SASS and Gruntfile included making it easy.

The template comprises of a lot of reusable UI components, thousands of icons from Material, Font Awesome, and Glyphicons. Other than that, the forms contain general, advanced forms and editors, the charts use ChartistJS, ChartJS, FlotJs, and MorrisJS, and the tables include simple and data table. The extra pages include a login page, 4 register pages, 2 error pages, a blank page, comments page, profile page and a timeline view with a modern look.

Good documentation is provided for the template and support is provided via email. The template cost $24 for the regular license.

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Clever Bootstrap 4 + Angular 4

Clever Bootstrap 4 + Angular 4 - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Clever Bootstrap 4 Admin Template comes in 6 different versions – HTML Static, HTML AJAX, Angular 4, React.js, Vue.js and AngularJS. It is a colorful and simple template with flat design. The components are so arranged that the interface is very user-friendly, uncomplicated and approachable and is highly customizable.

Clever admin template provides you with 7 different types of components, basic and advanced forms and form validation, a huge collection of icons, plugins for draggable cards, loading buttons, tables, calendars etc. It comes with many widgets and charts. the extra pages include login, register and error pages. You also get invoice page for invoicing, inbox, messages and a compose page for emails.

The template is well documented and support is provided. You can also have a live chat on their website or leave a message in case you have any questions or issues, even prior to the purchase. The regular license for this template comes at $24.

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AdminHero - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

AdminHero Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template is provided by Graygrids. The admin template comes with two dashboards, 10 layouts, and 8 skin colors which only need to add the class to the body for the skin to be changed. The collapsible navbar helps make the user interface uncluttered. The user interface uses dark and pale colors with a light background and all the pages match to this color scheme.

The template comes with different types of tables, forms including basic, advanced, form validation, and various form layouts. You get all the Bootstrap components and more widgets in the template. The user pages include 3 login pages, 4 register pages, user lists and 3 user profiles. Tasks, project details, Media Library, Tracker, Mailbox and two inboxes are included in other page views.

The template has a good documentation and provides support by raising a ticket. You can also contact them if you have any feature requests or suggestions or any other queries also you can directly chat with them. The template has 4.67 average star rating based on 3 ratings.

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Elite Admin

Elite - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Elite Admin has 20 different demos, fully responsive with flat design, for you to select from. The user interface is neatly designed with a set of a few colors used in a minimalist way so as to give the template its simplicity. They come in dark and light versions, with 9 color schemes, 7 different layouts for headers and navigation, 4 different dashboards etc.

Elite admin comes power packed with features. Some of them are – a huge number of widgets to cater to your need, a lot of charts options, a sidebar with 3 level drop-down menu, more than 90 plugins, 2000+ pages, 3000+ font icons, 500+ UI components including nestable, range slider, ribbon, horizontal timeline just to name a few. Also, it has 3 step registration, a landing page, Apps including Chat-message, Inbox, Contacts that are ready to be deployed into your project. You can find these and much more in Elite Admin Template.

Elite Admin template has got 4.87 average star rating based on 92 ratings. The template provides good documentation and support is provided by Maruti via email contact form. The regular license for the template comes at $24.

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Prime - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Prime Bootstrap 4 Admin Template from GenesisUI comes in 6 different version. They are – HTML static, Angular 4, React.js, Vue.js, HTML AJAX, Angular JS. Prime is a responsive admin template with a flat design with soft, mellow color palette. The template’s clear and modern design is easily customizable with well-commented code.

The template contains a bundle of reusable UI components, font icons, forms elements, different types of charts, widgets, and many other Bootstrap components. It has a good selection of plugins that you can use into your project and you can incorporate plugins on your own to increase the functionality of your project.

Prime provides well-written documentation and You can get support by writing to them or you can have a direct chat with them. The template has got an average rating of 4.92 stars out of 5 based on 45 user ratings. For the regular license for the template will cost you $24.

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Leaf - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Leaf Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is from GenesisUI. The template is responsive, with a clean and flat design using plain and light colors. As the name implies the template applies greenery to the sidebar. There is a toggle sidebar on the left side of the page that lists the to-do’s, messages and other settings. The template interface is kept plain but not boring. Its simplicity improves the functionalities making it very user-friendly.

The template has a decent collection of components and widgets and other elements that will get your project started in no time. Different types of charts, icons, forms, widgets, and other UI components are in just the right amount you need.

The cost for LeafUI is $24 for the regular license. The template has got an average rating of 4.84 stars out of 5 based on 89 user ratings. Leaf Admin Template provides a well-written document along with a good support that helps you in your project a great deal.

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