Introduction to Bootstrap Themes, Templates, and UI kits

Getting started with Bootstrap is very easy. But if you can’t find the time build your project from scratch, you don’t have to. Working with Bootstrap keeps getting better and better.

While creating a page using Bootstrap you can start from an HTML page and make use of all the components in Bootstrap or you can use the themes and templates that are already there for you to download and customize according to your wish. All you have to do is download them and tweak its code a little bit if necessary.

To download Bootstrap themes, Bootstrap official websites has 2 main directories - one for the stable Bootstrap 3 and the other for Bootstrap 4, which currently is in alpha stage.

There are so many other websites which also provide free and premium bootstrap themes and template for you to choose from.

One of the main criticism that bootstrap faces are that websites created using Bootstrap look all the same. Bootstrap is so very popular for creating websites and a lot of them do look the same. And if you are using the themes and templates available on different websites to download, chances are there are a lot of other people who might have used the same template for themselves too. But this problem can be solved by using UI kits.

UI kits are graphic files that comprise of a lot of useful user interface components that can be easily integrated with your own design. Using UI kits for Bootstrap can significantly enhance the look and feel of the website still maintaining the known Bootstrap structure.

Here is a list of some UI kits for Bootstrap.

  • Bootstrap 3 UI kit
  • Get Shit Done Kit
  • Bootflat
  • Tron
  • Metro Vibes
  • Drunken Parrot Lite
  • Dark Velvet
  • Flatto UI Kit