Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019 with Horizontal Menu

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019 with Horizontal Menu

(Updated on 24th May 2019) One of the most important aspects of structuring a Web App is proper Information Architecture. This can be achieved by creating a perceptive and intuitive navigation system. One of the common navigation systems available in most bootstrap admin templates is 'Horizontal Menu' where menu items are structured in a single row in the header.

Admin templates with horizontal menu navigation are extremely popular because it saves valuable 'screen real-estate' so more space can be devoted to presenting meaningful content. From the use of bigger images to more interesting layouts, you get the freedom to insert more information without cramping up the screen. The only downside is, you need to put in extra time to achieve proper navigation style that fit on a single row. Horizontal menus discourage lazy menu placements.

We have listed some of the best admin templates that have horizontal navigation menu layout.


Admin Template with horizontal menu.
The Azia Bootstrap admin template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, SASS, and jQuery. It comes with several page layouts, ten pre-built dashboard templates, and three navigation layouts. It is an ideal choice for building different types of web applications. The Azia Bootstrap admin template also comes with an abundant collection of both pre-built apps and pages. It even has tables, form wizards, Google Maps, Leaflet Maps, and more.

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Stellar Admin

stellar-new-horizontal light

The feature-rich and multipurpose Stellar admin template features a unique and simple design. The template also has a well-designed dashboard that contains neatly designed components. Multiple charts and tables are also available with the template, which will help you to easily organize and represent data. 

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Star Admin Pro

The horizontal menu layout is one of the recent additions to the template. Star admin is a completely responsive admin template that fits on any device screens. The horizontal menu layout especially is carefully designed and implemented so that it gives the best user experience in any device.

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 YoraUI Premium Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

The responsive, easy-to-use, and multipurpose admin template, Yora can be used for a wide variety of web design and development projects. The template also supports most of the modern internet browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The template also has a clean code.

The Yora Bootstrap admin template comes with ten elegantly designed widgets and over 15 handy UI elements. It also contains plenty of tables, charts, and icon. Yora website template also has a detailed and excellent documentation.

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Connect Plus

connect plus horizontal

The Connect Plus Bootstrap admin template features a beautiful color theme along with a modern and elegant design. The template offers unlimited possibilities to users when it comes to web app development and customization.

Connect Plus also has multiple number of General, Ecommerce, Error, and User Pages along with a huge collection of components. 

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Fily Admin

The user-friendly and highly responsive Fily Bootstrap admin template contains a fascinating collection of useful components and elements. The Fily Bootstrap admin template, which is built with Sass, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS is easy-to-customize and highly flexible. Users who choose this Bootstrap admin template will gain access to multiple numbers of layout and color theme options.

Another highlighting feature of the Fily Bootstrap admin template is its responsiveness. In addition to that, this excellent Bootstrap admin template comes with over 5 advanced UI elements and more than 10 UI elements.

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The multipurpose premium Bootstrap admin template, JustDo was built by using jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and the Bootstrap 4 framework. This fully responsive admin template offers an abundant number of handy plugins and excellent UI components to users. The easy of customizability and refreshing design of the JustDo admin template will ensure a fine experience to your users.

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horizontal flat template

Dashflat is a fully responsive flat-design premium dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4.x Framework, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. It features multiple layouts and UI elements you can use to create the interface you want. The template also features well-designed ready-to-use widgets and three e-commerce pages – Invoice, Orders, and Pricing Table.

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PolluxUI Horizontal Template
There are plenty of excellent Bootstrap admin templates out there. However, finding a suitable template that is accurate for your new project is not an easy task. If that’s the case, then you should consider opting for a powerful and multipurpose template like PolluxUI.

PolluxUI comes with a wide variety of UI components, pages, and widgets. Each of these components can be customized as per the requirements of the user. Moreover, the clean and well-commented code of this template will make the processes of web app customization and building a lot easier.

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AllurUI is an ideal choice for developers who are in search of a template with simple, modern, and elegant design. It is powered with the latest version of Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and SASS. It also has a striking color palette, useful UI elements, and stunning pre-built widgets. These components will help you add a personal touch to your web app.

The AllurUI Bootstrap admin template also has both horizontal and vertical menu layouts. In addition, both light and dark themed versions of Allur UI is available to customers. 

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Spica UI

Are you looking for a stunning Bootstrap admin template that can be used to design different web apps? If so, then check out the Spica UI Admin Template. The abundant number of components, elements, and other features in Spica make building excellent web apps a fairly simple process.

The Spica UI Admin Template can be used to build CMS, CRM, application backend, admin dashboard, and other web apps. The full responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, user-friendliness, and simple design of Spica makes it a desirable option. This template also contains three dedicated pages for e-commerce.

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Celestial UI

celestialUI horizontal template
Finding a Bootstrap admin template that comes with an elegantly designed horizontal menu may seem challenging to many developers. If you are stuck in such a confusing scenario, then you must try the Celestial UI admin template. The fully responsive Celestial UI admin template is equipped with a wide variety of different pages and widgets.

In addition to that, you can find multiple numbers of handy elements, tools, and other components in this template. One of the best things about the Celestial UI admin template is that it comes with both light and dark themed versions. So, you can choose one as per the requirements of your site.

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Majestic Pro

Majesticpro horizontal admin template
Are you searching for a stunning Bootstrap admin template with a neatly designed horizontal menu? If so, check out the Majestic Pro premium admin template. It features a wide array of essential elements, handy components, and several other excellent tool.

The full responsiveness of the template will offer a fine user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. There are over 15 UI elements included with the template along with 10 pre-built widgets. The code of Majestic Pro is clean and can be comprehended easily.

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The handy features and components that are included in this admin template will make it easy for you to design and customize websites. The incredible flexibility of the Equinox Bootstrap admin template will allow you to easily make the necessary customizations to the template. Both light and dark themed versions of the Equinox Bootstrap admin template are available to designs. In addition to that, multiple numbers of UI elements, components, and tools are available to designers who choose the Equinox Bootstrap admin template.

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If you are looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich Bootstrap admin template that comes with a horizontal menu, then HiliteUI should be on top of your list. This excellent template offers an abundant collection of handy UI elements and other components.

The HiliteUI Bootstrap admin template contains both light and dark themed versions. With HiliteUI, you make use of more than 10 pre-built widgets and several essential UI elements.

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If you are looking for a premium Bootstrap admin template that is packed with handy features and essential components, then you will instantly fall in love with the DatavizUI Bootstrap admin template. If you choose the DatavizUI Bootstrap template, then you will be able to gain access to more than 10 pre-built widgets and over 15 useful elements. 

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CalmUI is one of the latest admin templates on ThemeForest. With a unique design overall, CalmUI has a neatly designed horizontal menu as well. The horizontal menu layout of the template comes with a fixed horizontal navigation menu. The components in the sidebar layout are arranged perfectly with the horizontal menu layout as well.  When using a horizontal menu layout the most concerning bit is the responsiveness of the template. In CalmUI special care has been taken to make sure that the template works with devices of any screen size. Click on the preview button below to see how the template works.

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Serein Premium Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template
The horizontal menu layout of the Serein Admin is one among the many other layouts that are available for the template. The template has very carefully designed widgets and hand-picked components. Serein has a very smooth interface with professional looking elements with thoughtfully selected colors.

Serein Admin has a very intuitive interface, especially with the navigation menu. This aspect of the admin template will help you create an application with the best user experience.

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Nice Admin has a very simple interface that features minimal use of colors. The template is perfectly ready for creating an application right away. The simple interface gives the template a lot of room for customization to make an application look one of a kind.

The horizontal menu of the template works flawlessly to give the users the navigation experience. Other than the horizontal menu layout, the template has 5 other demos to choose from to best suit the needs of an application.

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With the right amount of space and the right sized components arranged in perfect harmony, Slim admin is a very beautiful template. The modern looking horizontal menu layout of the template is what makes the template really stand out in the crowd. The horizontal menu and the rest of the components in the template are very defined and neatly arranged. The care with which the template has been designed shows in its typography, of colors and the components in the widgets.

The template comes with multiple demos each with a different and professional looking interface. It also has two different themes to choose from. Integrated with a lot of useful widgets, the template helps to make getting a project up and running in fewer hours.

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Monster Admin

Monster Admin is a modern admin dashboard with a fresh design. Each and every element of the dashboard on the template interface looks very neat and they all adorn the dashboard very elegantly. The horizontal menu layout of the template is sure to give a web application a very unique appearance and make the interface user-friendly.

Monster Admin comes with multiple variations including 6 demos and 5 different dashboards. The template also triumphs because of its huge collection of UI elements which include more than a hundred plugins integrated, hundreds of pages, more than 3000 font icons, and other UI components.

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Zircos comes with three different horizontal menu layout along with the other demo variations. All of these layouts have a very simple looking interface that is completely responsive. The interface in each demo is neatly arranged so that the applications created using the template also look as great.

Zircos is well documented, a highly customizable template with a huge collection of UI components and useful widgets. The great collection of the in-built pages of the template helps to build a template up and ready quickly and easily.

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BootstrapDash believes in providing the best, efficient and quality free and premium bootstrap admin template to get your web application up and running easily and quickly. 

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