Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2019 with Horizontal Menu

(Updated on 18th January 2019 ) As the user interfaces of the web applications evolve, the latest design trends take over, one needs to stay always stay updated with the latest designs to stay relevant online. When it comes to admin templates, it is amazing how they reinvent themselves with the latest designs, components, and layouts. And for most of them, important aspects of a web application like responsiveness, browser compatibility, etc. have been taken care of so that the developer’s do not have to worry about them.

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Admin templates are very useful tools to create web applications. They not only make the development of an application fast and easy but also are very helpful in staying updated. There are a lot of templates that have come with different and exciting designs and layouts that can make your projects look one of a kind. This year one of the most trending and sought after layouts is the horizontal menu layout for navigation.

Below is the list of some of the best admin template this year by far that has a horizontal navigation menu layout.


DatavizUI horizontal

If you are looking for a premium Bootstrap admin template that is packed with handy features and essential components, then you will instantly fall in love with the DatavizUI Bootstrap admin template. An important thing to note is that this easy-to-customize and user-friendly Bootstrap admin template is built with the Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS.

If you choose the DatavizUI Bootstrap template, then you will be able to gain access to more than 10 pre-built widgets and over 15 useful elements. In addition to that, you could make use of the light and dark themed versions of the template. Finally, the highly responsiveness of this template will help you to make your website look great on both mobile devices and desktop.

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The multipurpose premium Bootstrap admin template, JustDo was built by using jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and the Bootstrap 4 framework. This fully responsive admin template offers an abundant number of handy plugins and excellent UI components to users. The easy to customizability and breathtaking design of the JustDo admin template will surely ensure a fine experience to developers including the ones who are new to the world designing.

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Fily Admin

The user-friendly and highly responsive Fily Bootstrap admin template contains a fascinating collection of useful components and elements. The Fily Bootstrap admin template, which is built with ScSS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS is easy-to-customize and highly flexible. Users who choose this Bootstrap admin template will gain access to multiple numbers of layout and color theme options.

Another highlighting feature of the Fily Bootstrap admin template is its responsiveness. The fully responsiveness of this template will ensure that your website will look great on different devices. In addition to that, this excellent Bootstrap admin template comes with over 5 advanced UI elements and more than 10 UI elements.

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CalmUI is one of the latest admin templates on ThemeForest. With a unique design overall, CalmUI has a neatly designed horizontal menu as well. The horizontal menu layout of the template comes with a fixed horizontal navigation menu. The components in the sidebar layout are arranged perfectly with horizontal menu layout as well. So that the developer does not have to compromise on any part of the design for the horizontal menu layout.

When using a horizontal menu layout the most concerning bit is the responsiveness of the template. With CalmUI, the template looks as though special care has been taken to make sure that the template works with devices of any screen size. Click on the preview button below to see how the template works.

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The horizontal menu layout of the Serein Admin is one among the many other layouts that are available for the template. The template has very carefully designed widgets and hand-picked components. Serein has a very smooth interface with professional looking elements with thoughtfully selected colors.

Serein Admin has a very intuitive interface, especially with the navigation menu. This aspect of the admin template will help you create an application with the best user experience.

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 Star Admin

With so many admin templates out there, it is very hard to find a template with a unique design. Star Admin template really helps to make an application look one of a kind right out of the box. The template is highly customizable for any application created using the template tailor-made.

There are multiple layouts for the template that you can choose from. The horizontal menu layout is one of the recent additions to the template. Star admin is a completely responsive admin template that fits on any device screens. The horizontal menu layout especially is carefully designed and implemented so that it gives the best user experience in any device that the application is viewed on. You can check out Things to know about the Star Admin Pro Template

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Stellar Admin

Stellar Horizontal

Stellar admin is another excellent choice available to website designers and developers who are searching for a stunning Bootstrap admin template that comes with a horizontal menu. The elegant design, excellent documentation, user-friendliness, and incredible flexibility of the Stellar admin template will surely impress you.

One of the best things about the Stellar admin template is that it is available to users for free. Even though, Stellar is a free admin template, you will be able to find plenty of features and elements in this template. These features and tools will surely come in handy when it comes to website building and customization.

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Nice Admin has a very simple interface with the minimal use of colors. The template is perfectly ready for creating an application right away. The simple interface gives the template a lot of room for customization to make an application look one of a kind.

The horizontal menu of the template works flawlessly to give the users the navigation experience. The menu is also implemented in such a way that they conform perfectly to any screen size. Other than the horizontal menu layout, the template has 5 other demos to choose from to best suit the needs of an application.

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With the right amount of space and the right sized components arranged in perfect harmony, Slim admin is a very beautiful template. The modern looking horizontal menu layout of the template is what makes the template really stand out in the crowd. The horizontal menu and the rest of the components in the template are very defined and neatly arranged. The care with which the template has been designed shows in its typography, of colors and the components in the widgets.

The template comes with multiple demos each with a different and professional looking interface. It also has two different themes to choose from. Integrated with a lot of useful widgets, the template helps to make getting a project up and running in fewer hours.

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Monster Admin

Monster Admin is a modern admin dashboard with a fresh design. Each and every element of the dashboard on the template interface looks very neat and they all adorn the dashboard very elegantly. The horizontal menu layout of the template is sure to give a web application a very unique appearance and make the interface user-friendly.

Monster Admin comes with multiple variations including 6 demos and 5 different dashboards. The template also triumphs because of its huge collection of UI elements which include more than a hundred plugins integrated, hundreds of pages, more than 3000 font icons, and other UI components.

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Zircos comes with three different horizontal menu layout along with the other demo variations. All of these layouts have a very simple looking interface that is completely responsive. The interface in each demo is neatly arranged so that the applications created using the template also look as great.

Zircos is well documented, a highly customizable template with a huge collection of UI components and useful widgets. The great collection of the in-built pages of the template helps to build a template up and ready quickly and easily.

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