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Our New Mega Bundle Deal Featuring 10 Unique Bootstrap Admin Templates Is Live Now. Get This Mega Bundle Offering At Just 99 Dollars!
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Bundle of 10 Premium Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates complete with 10+ Dashboards at over 50% Discount!

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$99  $329

Regular License

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Admin Dashboard



Unique Dashboards

Unique crafted dashboards specialized for marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and a lot more.

Dark Dashboard


Dark Dashboards

Dark-themed dashboards that provide good contrast and legibility while minimizing eye strain.

RTL Dashboard


RTL Dashboards

Our templates have dedicated pages specially crafted with legibility for RTL languages.

Sample page


Stunning Pages

Get loads of customized pages… Register, Login, Wizards, etc to help you build applications.

Apps page


Nifty Apps

From kanban boards to to-do lists, build useful applets for your application really fast!

What’s Included

1. Star Admin Pro
11 Unique Dashboards, RTL and Boxed layouts, 5+ Applications, 5 Attractive Sidebar layouts, 18 UI Elements, 4 Icon Sets, 25 Elegant Pages, 8 Charting Libraries, Dark and Light versions, and plenty more.
2. Azia Admin
10 Stunning Dashboards, 10+ Essential Utilities, 1000+ Font Icons, 20+ Essential UI elements, 5 Beautiful Page Styles, 5 Useful Charting Libraries, 4 In-built Applications, Tables, Maps, Forms, and a lot more.
3. Stellar Admin Pro
Four Unique Bootstrap Dashboards, Dark and Light versions, Horizontal and Vertical layouts, 5 Excellent Sidebar Layouts, 15+ Reusable UI elements, 8 Charting Libraries, 20 Beautiful Pages, RTL Arabic, and plenty more features.
4. Purple Admin
Four Carefully Crafted Dashboards, 4 Pre-built Applications, 20+ Essential UI elements, 8 Useful Charting Libraries, 20+ Elegant Pages, Maps, Tables, Code Editors, and more attractive features.
5. Basic Admin
Carefully Crafted Dashboards, 20+ Essential UI Elements, 3 Unique Page Layout Options, 5 Sidebar Layouts, 20+ Stunning Pages, 9 Useful Charting Libraries, Tables, Icons, and plenty more.
6. Breeze Admin
Four Unique Dashboards, 19 Reusable UI Elements, 5 Attractive Sidebar Layouts, RTL and Boxed Page Layouts, 8 Excellent Charting Libraries, 15+ Elegant Pages, Tables, Maps, Icons, Forms, and a lot more.
7. Xollo Admin
Unique Dashboards, RTL, Boxed, and Horizontal Menu Layouts, 5 Sidebar Layouts, 20+ Essential UI Elements, 4 Separate Icon Sets, 8+ Charting Libraries, 20+ Stylish Pages, and a lot more.
8. Plus Admin
Four Stunning Dashboards, Light and Dark Versions, Horizontal and Vertical Layouts, RTL and Boxed Page Layouts, 4 Pre-built Apps, 20+ Advanced UI Elements, 20+ Beautiful Pages, Tables, Charts, Maps, and plenty more features.
9. Connect Plus
4 Stunning Dashboards, Horizontal and Vertical layouts, Light and Dark versions, RTL Arabic, 4 Pre-Built Applications, 5 Unique Sidebar Layouts, 20+ Essential UI Elements, 8 Charting Libraries, and 20+ Stylish Pages, and a lot more.
10. Corona Admin
Five Dashboards, RTL and Boxed Page layouts, 5 Sidebar Layouts, 15+ Useful UI Elements, 18 Stunning Pages, Pre-Built Apps, Excellent Data Representation Options, Tinted Sidebar, and more features.
11. Dario
Unique landing page with 100+ Plugins and Widgets, Multiple Data Representation Options, Stunning Page styles, fine collection of reusable UI elements and components.
12. Miri UI kit
UI kit, standard bootstrap elements, 10+ sample pages, unique cards, fine collection of reusable UI elements and components.

All templates at $299!

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