10 Best Bootstrap Website Templates for Business

10 Best Bootstrap Website Templates for Business

Several businessmen often leverage the power of business websites to show off their products and services. However, the main purpose of a business website is not just that because they also play a key role in boosting sales. Business websites with attractive design, catchy slogans, and elegant layouts will encourage to stay for longer duration.

Customers who spend more time on your website will be intrigued to know more about your products and services. In fact, they may even end up purchasing a product. So, the key is to build a good-looking professional website. This is where the following Bootstrap website templates comes into play. Most of these templates are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and has all necessary tools to design a powerful business website.


Azia Admin Templates

The Bootstrap website template, Azia has eight different types of well-designed dashboards at its disposal. The easy to customize and user-friendly Azia website template is perform for a wide variety of business websites. 

The Azia admin template comes with a fine collection of utilities, components, page layouts, and apps. All components of the template are neatly arranged within blocks inside the dashboard.

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Star Admin

star admin pro dashboard

Star Admin is a multipurpose website template that can be used to build different types of websites and web apps. jQuery, Vue, and Angular versions of Star Admin template are available to users. All these three versions are packed with features and has plenty of components.  

The template comes with multiple page layouts, dashboards, and apps. For instance, Star Admin has a Kanban Board, Calendar, Email, To-do list, and a gallery.

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Purple Pro

Purple is another Bootstrap website template that will help you design stunning business websites. The template comes with five elegantly designed sidebar layouts and four separate page layouts. These options will help you to easily add a unique touch to your website.

The template is also rich in advanced UI elements, apps, icons, and forms. In fact, you can even different charts and tables to manage and represent data.

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Yora UI

yora ui admin templates

The premium template, Yora has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface. More than ten well-designed page styles that include Invoice, Portfolio, Orders, Register, and Login are available with Yora.

You can also find a number of different charts such as Flot, Morris, Google Charts, and C3 charts in Yora. In addition, You also has a sortable table, Js-grid table, Data table, and Basic table.


Connect Plus

Connect Plus

The fully responsive Connect Plus template is available in both light and dark themed versions. The template also has horizontal and vertical layouts. The template also has more than five forms that includes Code Editor, Text Editor, Validation, Wizard, Advanced, and Basic Elements. 

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Corona templates

Corona is a dark themed admin template that features a unique but minimalistic design. The template has both jQuery and Vue versions, which means that you can choose a version that is accurate for your project. 

The template also comes with several components ad each one of them is arranged within well-designed rectangular and square boxes. This will help you to easily manage data and allow customers to easily access what they need. 

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The dark color palette of the AllurUI Bootstrap website template is bound to impress both you and your customers. The template also comes with plenty of page layouts. In fact, there are separate User Pages, General Pages, and Error Pages.

In addition, AllurUI also has three pages dedicated entirely for e-commerce: Invoice, Pricing Tables, and Orders. The template also has a huge collection of UI elements and icons.

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Majestic Pro

majestic admin pro

The Majestic Pro admin template has both dark and light themed versions. So, you can choose a version that suits the color tone and other aspects of your website. The template also comes with both vertical and horizontal layouts.

The Majestic Pro template is rich in features too. It has an E-Mail, Calendar, Gallery, and To-do-List. A Google Map, Vector Map, and Mapael map is included with the template.  The template also has Themify icons, Simple line icons, Mdi icons, Flag icons, and Font Awesome icons. 

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Celestial UI

The clean and simple looking Celestial template is another excellent choice for building business websites. The flexibility and user-friendliness of Celestial will help you set up a good-looking professional website in just a few hours. 

The template has a unique design and it comes with an extensive collection of components, tools, tables, charts, and UI elements. Celestial contains three ecommerce pages, which are neatly designed and has all necessary features an ecommerce page should have.

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Spica is a modern Bootstrap business website with a trendy and modern appearance. The cool color scheme, different page layouts, and useful widgets of Spica will help you to quickly start and finish your web development project.

The template also has both horizontal and vertical layouts along with light and dark theme versions. These attributes of Spica will help you to make your website look unique from that of your competitors. 

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The multipurpose PolluxUI Bootstrap website template is equipped with a wide range of elements, components, and other tools. The handy features and useful components of PolluxUI make it suitable for designing different types of business websites.

If you are looking to create a warm and welcoming feel for your website visitors, choose the light-themed version of PolluxUI. The light-themed layouts look cool with components arranged neatly within rectangular boxes.  

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You will surely find a number of Bootstrap business website templates out there. This may make you feel confused and overwhelmed. However, you will be easily able to identify the right template if you consider the requirements of your project. 

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