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Mind-blowing Creative HTML Website Templates to Try in 2019

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Websites with simple and unique design puts more focus on content and products. Such websites will help customers to easily find what they are looking for without any hassles. This will considerably improver user experience and urge customers to spend more time on business websites. If you are planning to design such a website, it […]

Horizontal HTML Website Templates 


Professional websites have helped several businesses to boost online conversions and improve sales. An elegantly designed business website does have the ability to instantly capture user attention. Customers who come across such visually stunning and professional-looking websites will be intrigued to know more about the business’ products and services. You can find several excellent HTML […]

15+ Best Single-Page Website Templates

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Single-page web design gained popularity only a few years ago even though it has been around us for a very long time. As a result, there has been a considerable increase in the sales of single-page website templates. Most one-page website templates are responsive and compatible with most modern web browsers. In addition, single-page website […]

Top 10 Responsive Web Design Frameworks

Responsive web design frameworks

Responsive web design frameworks are widely popular these days. It is mainly because these frameworks make it possible to create a single website that would fit into all kinds of devices regardless of their screen sizes – one website, many devices.  Before we discuss more responsive web design frameworks, it is important to understand what […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Web Design and Development

Artificial Intelligence Web Design and Development

As you would probably know, a number of famous companies and enterprises have started to apply artificial intelligence and associated technologies. These technological innovations are used for the sole purpose of transforming business in new ways, which will considerably change the way organizations compete, flourish, and perform. It might come as a surprise to many […]