12 Best E-commerce Admin Panel Templates

The number of admin templates out there is tremendous. When you are building a template for a specific purpose, it’s hard to shortlist a bunch of template from the huge pool, or rather, an ocean of templates.

When building an e-commerce admin application, most templates are not specified as e-commerce admin templates. You have to search through all the templates to see if the templates have what it needs in an e-commerce template.

Below I have listed some templates that are specific e-commerce templates or have dedicated dashboards and e-commerce pages. Now, you don’t have start from scratch with your new project.

1 – Materialize

Materialize is a powerful HTML admin template with Google’s material design. The template’s design is sleek, clean, colorful and intuitive. The cards and components are neatly arranged and the template is well organized.

The template has a huge collection of UI components, animations, different sample pages, and layouts. The template has charts and tables using various plugins. The template has one dashboard and e-commerce pages include the product page, two different styles for pricing tables, and an invoice page

The template has a responsive layout and is cross-browser compatible. The template is well-documented and support is provided. The template is premium.

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2 – Zoom

Zoom is an e-commerce admin template based on Bootstrap 4 beta. With the latest version of Bootstrap, the template has a great user interface and beautifully crafted components. The design is simple, sophisticated and neat following the flat design guidelines.

The template has a huge collection of UI components and the sample pages include authentication pages, error pages, general pages and e-commerce pages. The e-commerce pages include an invoice page, a pricing page, and an order page. The template includes 7 different plugins for charts and 3 different plugins for tables. Other than this there are plenty of plugins that are included in the template for the advanced UI components.

The template has responsive layouts and is compatible with most browsers. The template is well-documented and support is provided via email. The template is premium.

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3 – Clean UI

clean ui e-commerce admin admin template

Clean UI is based on Angular 2. Clean UI is one the most popular premium admin templates. The template has a simple design that is ideal for a complex admin panel. The template has separate e-commerce version.

If you need a template for your Angular 2 project that gives you a lot of options that can help you create a full-fledged admin panel, then Clean UI will not disappoint you. There are two admin dashboards that you can choose from, pre-built pages, additional e-commerce pages, a huge collection of charts and tables, and more.

The template is a premium template that provides good support and is well-documented.

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4 – Slant

Slant is an Angular admin template. Slant is a responsive template with a clean and elegant design. Slant is a multipurpose admin template with many different templates for different purposes and e-commerce template is one of them.

E-commerce template in Slant has many e-commerce pages including the dashboard. The pages include products, billing, customers, vendors and orders page. The template also includes various data visualization techniques that help give insights to the data of the business, which is crucial to any business to grow.

The template is premium. It is well-documented and support is provided via email.

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5 – Boost-Admin

Boost-Admin is a Bootstrap admin template. It is a light themed template with the use of soft color palette and has a flat design. There are different versions template including default, analytical, social dashboard and e-commerce dashboard. The e-commerce template has an e-commerce dashboard as the main dashboard.

Other than the dashboard specifically designed for an e-commerce website, the template has separate e-commerce pages that comprise of an order page, an order view page and a products page. A pricing table page is also given in the extra sample pages.

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There are multiple layouts and many different color layouts for the template that you can choose from. The charts use 6 different plugins and many other plugins have already been incorporated into the template for maps and other UI components.

Boost-Admin is a premium admin template with good documentation and support. The template is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible.

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6 – Vendroid

Vendroid is a colorful, multipurpose admin template base on Bootstrap framework. The template has a good quality, clean design. The sidebar and the dashboard both have a colorful design in this template.

The template has a dedicated e-commerce admin panel to display various statistics that would be needed for an e-commerce website admin panel. The extra pages in the templates include the pages like e-commerce product list, e-commerce product add, invoice page along with other useful pages.

Vendroid is a premium template. The template is a fully responsive template with cross-browser compatibility. The template provides good support and is well-documented.

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7 – Marino

Marino is a responsive admin template that is built with Bootstrap 4 and comes with HTML with jQuery, AngularJS and PHP versions. The template has a light dashboard with a dark-colored sidebar.

Marino Bootstrap 4 Dashboard UI Kit has a dedicated dashboard for e-commerce admin panels along with other e-commerce pages. The e-commerce pages help to maintain orders, products, and customers.

The template is a premium template with a good documentation and good support.

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8 – AdminUI

AdminUI is based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. This template is a fully responsive admin template that you can view effortlessly on any type of screen. The template has a high-quality design with clear-cut components that are neatly arranged within the template pages.

For the e-commerce part, the template has two product grids that can be used to view all the products in a grid view. The product list page list all the products with their corresponding details, the product detail page is for the descriptions of a single product and lastly, there is the cart. The invoice page is included in the user pages.

The template is a premium template. The template is well-documented and good support is provided.

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9 – ProUI

ProUI is a popular admin template based Bootstrap framework. It is a fully responsive admin template suitable to be viewed from any device. The template has a design that is modern, sleek and intuitive with clean and cutting-edge components.

The e-commerce part of the template includes a dashboard, an orders page, an order view page, a product page, a product edit page to edit the products and a customer- view page that lists all the customers and their details. Other than that there are invoice page, FAQ, pricing table and more in the ready pages of the template.

The template is a premium template, with good documentation and support provided via email. The template is compatible with most modern browsers.

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10 – VueJS Laravel Admin Template

VueJS Laravel Admin Template is a VueJS admin template based on VueJS, Laravel 5.4 and Bootstrap 4. The template has a clean, simple, and flat design. The template uses a light-shaded color palette, supports multiple layouts, and has multiple color skins.

The template comprises of a huge collection of UI components and sample pages. Many plugins have been used to create the charts, tables, and other advanced UI components so that you don’t have to.

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The e-commerce pages include a dedicated dashboard other than the main landing page, a product details page, a product edit page, and a product gallery. Other than that, the pricing table and invoice page are also given in the extra pages. There are multiple plugins used for including the advanced UI elements and data representation.

VueJS Laravel Admin Template is a premium template. The template is compatible with most of the modern browsers and has responsive layout. The template is well supported and well-documented.

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11 – Shoppy

Shoppy E-commerce Admin Panel Responsive Web Template is an admin template based on Bootstrap. The template has a clean, flat, and colorful UI. The template has a beautiful and well-crafted design with dark collapsible sidebar and contrasting light color dashboard. The components are well-defined and neatly arranged with good typography.

The template is featured with components like buttons, various icons, and charts. The template has separate pages for product and pricing for e-commerce purposes. Shoppy contains grids and portlets in components. The charts include basic charts like doughnut chart, line charts, polar chart, and pie chart using Chart.js charting library.

Shoppy is a fully responsive admin template compatible with all the modern browsers. The template is free to download with a backlink to w3layouts. The backlink can be removed by getting the premium version.

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12 – Gretong

Gretong is a responsive e-commerce admin template based on Bootstrap. The template has a flat design with a red-black-white theme. The template is purely for e-commerce purposes with pages solely for displaying different products. The charts and graphs of the template are displayed on the dashboard. There are different charting libraries used in the template, including Chart.js, AmCharts, and pie-charts.

Other important features include forms, tabs, and calendar, collapsible sidebar, checkout page, register page etc. The template also includes a map as well.

Gretong is compatible with most of the major modern browsers. The template is free to download but with backlinks. The backlinks can be removed by getting the paid version of the template.

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