20+ Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates with Flat Design

20+ Free and Premium Bootstrap Admin Templates with Flat Design

Although the flat design may be a relatively modern approach in the world of web design, its roots can be found in art, architecture and product design long before. For example, in architecture, some time along the late 19th century, the philosophy of "Form follows Function' started to gain traction. The underlying philosophy was that the form of a building would be decided by its function and not aesthetics or historical significance. This approach is followed to this day in modern-day sky-scrapers.

If your approach to design is more focused on the functionality— and believe any ornamentation, however simple, must serve a purpose— flat design is for you. In flat design, you opt for a minimalist approach to the components in the user interface with only solid colors defining each component, removing the drop shadows, gradients, textures and a 3D effect on the components. An added advantage of using flat designs is that it can improve the loading time of a website.

We have compiled a few free and premium Bootstrap admin templates that have a flat design.


Majestic Admin

Majestic Admin is a free Bootstrap admin template that comes with a flat design. The aesthetics and feature-rich functionalities of Majestic make it ideal template if you are on a tight budget. Majestic even features a Pro version to which you can switch once you scale up your product.

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Star Admin

Star Admin is free Bootstrap 4 admin template from BootstrapDash. Fully responsive and highly customizable, this admin template is classy and distinct. It has a very elegant and clean flat design. With the use of very soft colors, the design is colorful and a treat to the eyes.

It features every component needed for a Web Application. Buttons, forms, tables, charts, icons, sample pages etc are all available. It is an ideal template to start building admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems etc. right away. Star admin is an easily customizable template with a clean and well-commented code. The template is all ready to be customized to fit the needs of your Bootstrap 4 project.

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royalui admin template
RoyalUI is equipped with several tools and handy elements that will enable developers to easily build websites and even customize them. Available for free download under MIT license, the cross-browser compatibility, excellent documentation, and stunning design of this template is built to impress.

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KapellaThe responsive Kapella Bootstrap admin template has a simple but stunning design. The elegantly designed horizontal menu and striking color palette of the template makes it even more desirable. The template comes with several UI elements, handy components, and other tools.

The components of the Kapella Bootstrap admin template have been neatly organized. The template comes with more than 15 essential UI elements that includes Buttons, Tabs, and more.

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Regal Admin

Regal is a feature-rich website admin template that is powered with the Bootstrap framework, CSS, HTML5, SASS, and jQuery. Kapella features a vibrant sidebar, which is an interesting deviation from the normally muted colors often used in flat design. The incredible flexibility and full responsiveness of Regal make it an ideal option when it comes to building complex web apps.

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Genetelella is a very popular admin template based on Bootstrap 3. This admin template is comparable to many of the premium templates.

Gentelella is a free, responsive admin template with flat design. it has more features than that you can ask for in a free template. it has got 35+ pages which include Additional pages for e-commerce, projects, contact, profile etc. It uses several libraries for charts calendar, forms validation, form autocomplete, upload area, range sliders, notifications, etc. You can select from three different dashboards that Gentelella has in store for you. It includes a huge collection of plugins and UI elements that you can use for your admin template.

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Colored Admin Panel

Colored Admin Panel as the name suggests is a colorful template also taken from W3 Layouts. With flat design and brilliant colors, it is sure to catch the attention of anyone. It has got all the functionalities that are needed for an admin template. Components and widgets including charts, forms, buttons, pages like sign up page, login page etc, grids, and everything are colored in an attractive way and you can customize them easily with the colors of your imagination.

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Colored admin is completely free to download, but with backlinks to W3Layouts. The backlink can be removed by the premium version of the template. Colored Admin is a very interactive template that can make a complicated business website very user-friendly to use.

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Startmin is one of the most popular free admin templates based on Bootstrap 3. Startmin has all the basic Bootstrap components that you would need for building an admin template. It has a simple, clean flat design. The template uses a subtle dark color palette in the interface. The template is highly customizable

The responsive navbar and sidebar with multi-level dropdowns and various other UI components like charts – Morris charts and Flot charts, forms, tables, and other UI elements make it a good starting point for your admin panel. In case any issues with the admin panel, you can submit your issues on the Github issues page.

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Joli admin template is based on Angular and built with Bootstrap 3 and the interface is retina-ready. The template contains many different responsive layouts to choose from for your admin panel. Its features include more than 9 different responsive layouts that include RTL layout. it is a fully functional with a lot of widgets, components like buttons, portlet, sliders, lists, tour etc. Also, the form elements, tables, charts, and maps make the template a very good choice for your Angular project.

Joli is very easy to customize. The template has a flat design and uses subtle color in its interface. This admin template with its features can easily compete with all the premium templates of its kind. There are a number of responsive layouts that you can use for your admin template. There is a good collection of charts, graphs, map, sample pages, widgets, tables, form elements etc. Anything that you might need in a template is there in Joli.

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Azia Admin Templates
Are you looking for a responsive Bootstrap admin template with a minimal and clean look? If so, then the Azia website template is bound to impress you. Built with Bootstrap 4, CSS3, HTML5, SASS, and jQuery, Azia is loaded with UI elements, font icons, and responsive page layouts.

The Azia Bootstrap template comes with tables, data tables, Leaflet Maps, Google Maps, and more features. The 500+ UI elements, three navigational layouts, ten dashboard templates, and other features of Azia makes web app development a fairly simple process.

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JustDo admin template is the ideal choice for website designers and developers who are looking for an excellent Bootstrap admin template with a flat design. This elegantly designed premium Bootstrap admin template comes with multiple numbers of basic and UI elements that can be used to build and customize websites.

This highly responsive Bootstrap admin template contains light and dark themes. In addition to that, vertical and horizontal layouts are available with JustDo. The simple, user-friendly, and elegant design of the JustDo admin template will surely impress you and urge you to use the template for your project.

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Are you looking for a powerful Bootstrap admin template with flat design? If so, then you will be surely impressed with the Filly Bootstrap admin template. It is easy to use and user-friendly template that can be used for different types of web design and development projects.

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yora ui admin templates
Yora is a stunning website admin template designed based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. It has a simple, neat, and unique design that most users will love and appreciate.

The Yora Bootstrap admin template contains over 15 essential UI elements and ten well-designed templates. In addition, the template has plenty of icons, page layouts, tables, and more components.

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Connect Plus

Connect Plus

The Connect Plus Bootstrap admin template features a simple, flat, and modern design. The template is fully responsive and also comes with both light and dark themed layouts. It also has a fine collection of UI elements, icons, charts, tables, and maps. More than 5 Ecommerce, General, and User pages are also available with the template.

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The AllurUI Bootstrap admin template has an excellent collection of page layouts, UI elements, and other components. In fact, 15+ handy UI elements and ten pre-built widgets are available with the template. Allur is also cross-browser compatible and fully responsive.

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Spica UI

Spica admin template
If you are looking for a Bootstrap admin template with a simple or flat design, then consider settling for Spica. The responsive Spica UI admin template is built with Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, SASS, and HTML5. Since the styling of Spica is done by using SASS preprocessor, developers will be able to easily customize their web apps.

The number of UI elements that are included within the Spica UI admin template is over 15. Some of the popular UI elements of Spica are Buttons, Badges, Modals, Tooltips, Tabs, and more. Finally, you should also note that Spica is compatible with most modern internet browsers.

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Celestial UI

Celestial UI
Celestial is a feature-rich and multipurpose Bootstrap admin template that comes with a flat design. The responsiveness of this template will guarantee a fine user experience to your customers on both mobile and desktop devices. You will be easily able to build and customize web apps if you are using the Celestial UI admin template.

CelestialUI features SASS, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, and jQuery. The Celestial UI admin template boasts a fascinating collection of UI elements, widgets, color schemes, page layouts, and more.

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Finding a premium admin template that comes with a flat and simple design may seem like a difficult task to many especially to beginners. If you are experiencing such an issue, then you should consider buying the Equinox Bootstrap Admin Template. This stunning template will make your website look good on both desktop and mobile devices, as it is highly responsive.

The Equinox Bootstrap Admin Template contains both light and dark themed versions. So, you will be able to choose a theme variety that suits the requirements of your website. Finally, more than 15 UI elements and multiple numbers of pages are also available with this template.

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HiliteUI admin template

The highly responsive Bootstrap admin template, HiliteUI has an elegant flat design. The uniqueness and simplicity of this design will surely urge internet users to spend more time on your website. The cross-browser compatibility, easy to customizability, and user-friendliness of HiliteUI are also worth mentioning.

Developers and designers who choose the HiliteUI admin template will be able to make use of more than 10 pre-built widgets. The extensive collection of UI elements available with this template will make the process of website customization a lot simpler.

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If you are looking for a feature-rich and highly responsive Bootstrap admin template that comes with a flat design, then you should certainly check out the DatavizUI template. This stunning Bootstrap admin template is packed with an abundant number of UI elements and other handy tools that make website building and customization a lot easier. One of the best things about the DatavizUI Bootstrap admin template is that it offers developers access to more than 10 pre-built widgets. 

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Basic Bootstrap Admin Template is a fully responsive admin template. Basic has a metro and flat design keeping the user interface simple. The components are very well organized with proper padding and margin distinguishing every component from one another. The template improves the development time significantly with all reusable components, plugins, and widgets.

Basic has all the components for charts, forms, and UI, a lot of widgets, a calendar, and 10 custom pages including user pages, and error pages. The template has a very clean and well-organized code with proper commenting making it a very easily customizable template.

Basic is a well-documented admin template with support provided by UrbanUI via email with a response time of one business day.

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Elite Admin

Elite Admin has 20 different demos, fully responsive with flat design, for you to select from. The user interface is neatly designed with a set of a few colors used in a minimalist way so as to give the template its simplicity. They come in dark and light versions, with 9 color schemes, 7 different layouts for headers and navigation, 4 different dashboards etc.

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Elite admin comes power packed with features. Some of them are – huge number of widgets to cater to your need, a lot of charts options, a sidebar with 3 level drop-down menu and 500+ UI components. Also, it has 3 step registration, a landing page, Apps including Chat-message, Inbox, Contacts that are ready to be deployed into your project. You can find these and much more in Elite Admin Template.

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Metronic Responsive admin Dashboard Template is one of most popular admin dashboard templates for creating customized layouts, pages, and business flows for large-scale web applications. The design is very user-friendly and eye-catching. Metronic has 7 layouts for the admin dashboard. In the admin dashboard, 3 different dashboards, 9 page-layouts, 8 sidebar layouts, 3 horizontal menu layouts, and 3 custom layouts. The sample pages include pages for e-commerce, apps, user, general and system pages.

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The template maintains a well-organized clean code meeting the standards, easy to customize, fully responsive and frequently updated.

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Pro UI Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template is a very popular admin template based on Bootstrap 3. It is a responsive template with an attractive, modern and flat design. The template has lots of components that are arranged and organized in a proper manner improving its simplicity. The presence of a number of components does not complicate the design of the template. You can change the look of your web application with the 15 different color themes for the template and the two variations of the dashboard.

The template is well documented and support is provided by Pixelcave through email.

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Flat Able

Flat Able is a premium angular template based on Angular 4. Flat Able as the name indicates has a flat design. The template has a very professional look and has a very user-friendly interface.

Flat Admin is a very interactive template with beautiful transitions and animations, that you can use while creating your own admin template. This template is fully featured with features and functionalities. It has more than a 1000 UI components, more than 15 table types, more than 100 charts, more than 1000 form elements, and more pre-built pages.

The template is well documented and well supported. The template has a clean code that helps a great deal when customizing the template.

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