Premium and Free Admin Templates for Business Websites

Premium and Free Admin Templates for Business Websites

 If you are planning to launch a new business venture, you would be probably designing a new website. A professional business website is integral to build a strong online reputation these days. Such a powerful website can help you improve sales and boost conversions.

In addition, a business website will make your business look reliable and trust-worthy. You will also be able to interact with your customers, notify them about new product launches, or share other information. Design a business website is no easy task, but these following premium and free admin templates will make your job a lot easier.

Premium Admin Templates


Azia Admin Templates

Azia is a modern Bootstrap admin template that features a clean and elegant design. It supports most modern web browsers and is well documented. Azia offers different types of dashboards. So, you can easily find a dashboard that suits your project requirements. 

Five separate page layouts are included with the Azia template. In addition, you can even find over 15 elements that include Avatar, Badges, Cards, Images, and Icons with the template. The light color tone of Azia makes it ideal for designing business websites. 

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Star Admin

The Star Admin Bootstrap premium template is packed with all necessary features that are required to build powerful web apps. The template is available in Angular, jQuery, and Vue versions. You can find five well-designed sidebar layouts in Star Admin: Sidebar Fixed, Sidebar Overlay, Sidebar Hidden, Icon Menu, and Compact Menu.

The template also comes with several types of charts and tables. You can use them for data representation and organization. Star Admin also has a huge collection of icons and form elements. 

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Corona templates

Admin dashboard templates with light themes does look great. However, they might not be an ideal choice for some projects. Such a situation calls the need for a beautiful dark themed template like Corona. Corona is available in two different versions, Vue and jQuery. 

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The template has five elegantly designed sidebar layouts and three dedicated pages for ecommerce. In addition, separate User, Error, and General pages are included with the super flexible Corona template. 

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horizontal flat template

Dashflat is a well-designed premium admin template built with the Bootstrap 4 framework. The template can be easily customized, which will help you bring a unique touch to your web application. Multiple numbers of User Pages, Error Pages, General Pages, and E-commerce. 

The template comes with a fine selection of UI elements like Buttons, Badges, Accordions, Modals, and Dropdowns. You can also find five different icons including Themify icons, Simple line icons, and Font Awesome icons with the template. 

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Connect Plus

Connect Plus

Connect Plus is an easy to use and customize admin template. It can be used to build different types of web applications. The template features a simple and minimal design that most users will love. In addition, Connect Plus template has a striking color scheme.

It has different General, User, and Error Pages. You can even find a Kanban Board, E-mail, Calendar, To-do list, Chat, Gallery, and more with the same template.

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yora ui admin templates

YoraUI is a creative modern Bootstrap admin template that features a simple but unique design. The template can be easily customized because its styling is done with the Sass preprocessor. YoraUI also has a simple and easy to comprehend code along with excellent documentation.

The beautiful color scheme of Yora is bound to impress you. All the components of Yora are neatly arranged within dedicated boxes. The template is available in both dark and light themed versions. 

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Free Admin Templates for Website


stellar free

The free Bootstrap admin template, Stellar is built with the Bootstrap framework, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Sass. The template comes with a fine collection of UI elements, page styles, and other tools. It even has different types of charts for data representation. 

The code of Stellar is so simple that even beginners will be able to comprehend it. The template has five separate General pages at its disposal along with numerous well-designed components. 

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Purple is a clean, powerful, and modern free Bootstrap template with several features and components. The super flexibility and easy to customizability of the template will help you to experiment around. This will in turn help you to bring a personal touch to the web app. 

It comes with an easy to comprehend code and excellent documentation. Multiple page layouts, UI elements, and icons are available in Purple. Purple is also available in Angular, jQuery, and Vue versions.

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The multipurpose Material admin has a unique but minimalistic design. The template has plenty of UI elements, icons, and page layouts. These tools will help you to easily customize and develop web applications. The template is designed based on the Material Design framework of Google. 

Material has a beautiful color scheme with plenty of components. These components, which are arranged in well-designed rectangular boxes can be used to represent data. The template also has several sample page layouts. 

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Even though Regal is available for free, it has all the necessary tools for developing powerful web application. In fact, the template can be used to build application backends, CMS, and admin dashboards. Regal also contains separate pages for Lockscreen, Register, and Login.

The template has excellent documentation that will help you to easily kick start your project. Regal also has multiple types of page layouts. In addition, you can use the tables and charts in the template to represent data in a simple but attractive way. 

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Majestic is a multipurpose free template built with the Bootstrap framework. It is compatible with most modern web browsers just like all other templates mentioned above. The striking color themes, well-designed components, and other attributes of Majestic will help you design good web apps.

Majestic comes with five separate user pages, where you can find two different Login and Register pages. You can represent data by using any one of the tables in the template. Majestic has a basic table, hoverable table, striped table, bordered table. Inverse table, and table with contextual classes.

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