11 Free Bootstrap Blog Templates to Transform Your Blog in 2019

Blogs are becoming an inseparable part of businesses online and it is one of the best channels to showcase relevant content. Thanks to options provided by WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and others that make it easier to set up blogs without many complications. Regardless of whether you own a start-up or a larger business enterprise, Bootstrap would be an ideal option. It offers a collection of some of the responsive and most versatile HTML CSS blog templates free for download that would ensure that your end user’s blogging experience is awesome.

The wide range of advantages offered by some of these free Bootstrap blog templates along with responsiveness as the highlight makes it a popular choice among designers. No matter whether you want to design a personal blog or a business blog, there should be some element of uniqueness in it that differentiates it from the main website. The ease of use, responsiveness, the speed of development, consistency, pre-styled components, packaged JavaScript components and the wide range of support is what makes Bootstrap one of the best choices for your blog.

Choosing the right template that meets your business requirements would be confusing as the free-to-download Bootstrap blog template list is huge. We have carefully chosen some of the best free Bootstrap blog templates that are listed below to help you design blogs that drive customer attention and offer a great experience to the readers.

Star Admin pro

Are you looking for a free Bootstrap admin template that has a fine selection of UI elements and other components? If yes, then the Star Admin Bootstrap template is sure to impress you. The responsive and cross-browser compatible template also has Angular, jQuery, and Vue versions.

The Star Admin Bootstrap template that boasts a clean design is built upon the Bootstrap framework, CSS, HTML5, SASS, and jQuery. The code of Star Admin is clean, simple, and easy to comprehend. Which makes it a perfect option for beginners.

Download it here.


If you want to build an online journal, then this is one of the best free Bootstrap blog templates that is highly flexible and can be altered according to your business requirements making everything as easy as icing a cake. People who have created blogs using Bounty are aware of how simple and easy it is to kick start a blog using it and would prefer to choose Bounty the next time when required to work on a similar project.

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Bounty complies well with retina-ready screens. Additionally, it offers cross-browser compatibility. Being a Bootstrap template, it’s layout is mobile-ready. Some of the features of this free Bootstrap blog template includes hover effects, carousel sliders, sticky navigation, Instagram feed, and widget-rich sidebars. Bounty’s sophisticated web design ensures a great experience to users, regardless of whether they are accessing the blog via mobile or desktop devices. In fact, their first experience while reading the content on your blog would automatically turn them into your blog’s fans and they would keep returning for more.

Download Bounty today and try it out for yourself and win your readers’ hearts.


If you own a travel agency or are a traveler looking to share the memories of your beautiful adventures with the world, then Explore is the best option for you. This free travel blog website template is all set and ready to offer a visual feast to your readers once it starts rolling. This clean blogger template offers a spectacular, stylish, graceful and contemporary experience with a splendid performance. The page canvas is easy and simple to use, and customize it to meet your business requirements.

Some of the most interesting features of Explore include split screen slideshow with call-to-action buttons, newsletter subscription widget, parallax effect, on-scroll content load, social media buttons, and a working contact form. What more do you need? It offers a wonderful experience on all kinds of devices, including mobile and desktop.

Download it here.

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Are you a writer or a journalist looking for a perfect platform where you can voice your ideas? Wordify is one of the best free writer website templates that provides authors, journalists, bloggers, and editors with a perfect option to showcase their content. This free Bootstrap blog template ensures that the content adjusts according to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. It is cross-browser compatible, retina-ready and renders a great performance.

Some of the features that it offers to include a widget-rich sidebar, framed slider, footers, drop-down menu and ensures that the readers can read the content without any distraction. You also get an About page and Contact section with a form. As you set out on your journey to explore the unexplored places, set up your blog with Wordify today.

Download Wordify here.


This needs no introduction. The name itself suggests what this blog is about. Anyone who is looking to start a food blog of their own, this free Bootstrap blog template should be your first option. Regardless of whether you are an expert chef or planning to share recipes of your experiments with a variety of food, then Foodblog would provide you with the perfect platform to enter the world of food blogging. This trendy, elegant and sophisticated food blog template offers a clean, minimal and perfect layout to display your new recipes.

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Some of the features include a beautiful full-width slider, clean design and a section on ‘Recipe’ that offers a ‘Search’ option, a Home page, and a Contact page with an active form. What more does your food blog need?

Download Foodblog here.


One of the free Bootstrap blog templates, Opium is capable of supporting a wide range of niches, including lifestyle, food, fashion, personal, travel or DIY blogging. The ready-to-use features offered by Opium helps in customizing your blog to meet your requirements. Some of these features include a cool banner with slider above the fold, social media icons, Instagram feed, blog post listing and newsletter form, and much more. Anyone who visits your blog for the first time is likely to be impressed and return for more.

The performance offered by Opium is of the highest quality while exhibiting a great deal of creativity and you have a chance to experiment your set of innovativeness here. It is retina-ready and cross-compatible with browsers.

Why don’t you try it for your blog and experience the difference? Download it here.


Libro is one among the most unique free Bootstrap blog templates that is unique from the other blogs when it comes to the style factor. However, it is simple, clean and pretty much straightforward. It adopts the split-screen approach, where one half of the screen is dedicated to a sticky slider and the other half showcases your articles in an attention-driving mode. Mix both the halves and see the magic that unwinds before your eyes.

Once you implement this easy-to-use and customizable blog template, you would want to use it more often. Some of its features include menu overlays, contact page with an active form, Google Maps, hovering effects and comments, and more. Why not give it a try?

For more information on Libro and to download it, click here.


WebMag is a free web magazine website template that has been carefully designed for anyone who is planning to start a new online project for any kind of niche, including fashion, lifestyle, travel, web design, technology, food, sports, gadgets or a general news page. It is easy to edit and customize WebMag to incorporate your requirements. With a clean and minimal design, the layout is responsive and offers cross-browser compatibility. It renders a great appearance for your blogs across all kinds of devices regardless of the screen size.

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Some of the core features of WebMag template include newsletter widget, contact page, retina-readiness, and comments. Why not try it for your blog?

Download it here.


This free, responsive magazine blog template allows you to craft blogs for a wide range of niches, such as fashion, sports, travel, science, business, and others. Avision could also be one of the best choices to create general news pages. Give a unique and fresh appearance to your pages with Avision. Some of the features of this clean blogger template include rich sidebars, footers, sticky and transparent navbar, a wide range of widgets, a full-screen slider and a newsletter subscription form. Along with these features, it also supports video and other posts and also offers an active contact form.

For more details about Avision, click here.


With strong attention to detail and content, this responsive and free Bootstrap blog template is one of the popular choices of designers for blogs and news websites. Though it offers uniqueness in its appearance, it is simple, clean and straightforward. You can use Stuff for a wide range of niches, including food, lifestyle, fashion, sports or any other blog niche you want to. Some of the interesting features of Stuff include its widget-rich footer, video support, hover effects, video support and integrated Instagram feed. You can check out Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2019

It also offers an About page, a pre-built Home page, a sample content post, contact section with an active form and Google Maps. A one-stop solution for all your blogging needs. What more would you need for setting up your blog?

For more details, click here.


This free, responsive blogging website template comes with a wide range of significant features and is easy to use and manage. Original can be used to develop blogs for a wide range of niches, including lifestyle, fashion, food, DIY and others. Another highlight of Original is that it utilizes full-grid templating patterns, which is referred to as ‘Pinterest effect.’ Some of the features include social media icons and menu items of your choice along with a lightweight choice of background colors. Try it for your blog and find out for yourself.

Download it here.

These are some of the most popular free Bootstrap blog templates.


Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks preferred by designers across the world for designing needs. It is responsive, mobile-first and developed using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. If you have never thought of choosing Bootstrap for creating a blog, try it today and experience the difference for yourself.

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