11 Best Free and Premium Responsive React Admin Templates

Using React to creating an admin panel for a website can make the application fast, scalable and simple. You can create magic on the user interface with React. But creating one from scratch can be a pain. And why waste time and money when you can get a lot of admin templates that can get the job done in much less time and save you a lot of trouble.

Below I have listed some of the best admin templates I could find based on React. The list includes free and premium admin templates based on React.



reactDirector is a very powerful carefully designed admin template based on React. This template has an MIT license and is free to download and work with it. reactDirector is a carefully designed template with many front-end components. The template has a dark sidebar and a light color dashboard. The design is clean, simple and very organized.

reactDirector has one dashboard. Each element in the dashboard is documented on separate pages of the template within the dashboard category. The general category of the template contains all the main components of the template. The form elements of the template are included in the basic elements and the tables are included in the simple tables category. This categorical arrangement of the template components makes the template very clean, user-friendly and easy to manage.

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This is the React version of CoreUI. The template is based on React and Bootstrap 4. The template is neatly designed with a variety of widgets. The template has a neat and sophisticated design. The template has a dark sidebar and a light colored navbar and content area.

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The features of the template include a long list of components, icons including Font Awesome and Simple Line Icons, A huge collection of widgets, charts using Charts.js and 4 different ready-made pages. The template is easily customizable to incorporate and meet with any type of design requirements.

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React Blur Admin

This is the React version of the Blur admin. The template has a dark theme overall and opaque widgets that match with the theme of the template. The components are neatly and thoughtfully designed. The bold typography of the template improves the usability of the template.

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The React version of Blur admin has a dashboard, an about page, different components page including tables, buttons, progress bars, modals, tabs, inputs, and notifications. The components on the template have nice bright colors that contrast to the theme of the template. These components are interactive with proper transitions and animations.

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This is the React version of the amazing admin template that is AdminLTE. The template has a very colorful interface with colorful and multi-purpose widgets. This includes chat boxes, dismissable cards, expandable cards, collapsible cards, many different types of social widgets, etc. The template has a dark sidebar, light-colored background on the main content area.

The template has two different dashboard versions, multiple layout options, a huge collection of components like charts, table, UI elements, and a large set of widgets. The applications of the template include a calendar and a mailbox. There are a lot of pre-built pages and a multilevel drop-down on the sidebar. The template is highly customizable and ready to use in any kind of react projects.

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SB Admin React

SB Admin React is the React version of the popular admin template. It is completely free to download and very easy to customize according to the needs of your project. The template has a very minimalist design focusing more on the functionalities of the admin panel. The sidebar and navbar both have the same color and the main has a white background. The template has a very light theme overall.

SB Admin React uses the plugins Flot charts and Morris charts for charts. The template features tables, forms, a huge set of UI elements, multi-level dropdowns up to three menu levels, a blank page and a login page as pre-built pages.

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Material is a powerful, responsive admin template based on React. The template, as the name indicates have the material design. The template has three different themes to chose from. A dark theme, a light theme, and a gray theme. There is a total of 4 different layout options for the template and three different page layouts, and you can dynamically change the width of the sidebar. The template is fully featured with beautifully designed components and widgets.

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There are dedicated e-commerce pages to the template along with the extra pre-built pages. The multi-level drop-down goes to 2 levels. The charts and tables of the template use multiple plugins, also the form elements. This is a fully featured template that is sufficient for any type of project and easily customizable to suit the requirements.

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Rubix is a responsive admin template created with React and Bootstrap. The template has a very clean and elegant design with unique colors and bold typography. The template has a dark navbar and sidebar but the main content uses soft and pale colors making the interface of the template a unique one.

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The template is fully featured with reusable components including panels, charts, timelines, code editor, a collection of UI elements, forms, tables, extra pages and much more. The sidebar of the admin panel is tabbed, with tabs for chat, statistics, timeline, and notifications. Rubix is a very flexible template that can be easily customized to meet the needs of any React project.

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This template is the one to go for if the simplicity and minimalism are what you are going for. The templates design is such that it has minimal use of colors with the lightest of backgrounds so that the components stand out. The template is very clean and has a very neat presentation of the templates. This helps to concentrate more on the functionality of the templates.

When it comes to the number of components available in the template, it has pretty much everything that one can ask for creating a fully functional admin panel. The template has all the necessary components like charts, tables, form elements, etc. Along with the pre-built pages, the template also has pages for e-commerce purposes.

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Fortress is a powerful, responsive admin template built on React and Redux. The template follows Google’s material design guidelines and has 5 theme styles. The template has a responsive design to give the best user experience on any device it is viewed on. Design of the template is a very colorful one with the use of bright eye-catchy colors.

The features of the template can be listed as the main dashboard which is beautifully designed, API demo, grid system, icons, image gallery, form elements, charts, dialog, cards, form page, table page and a public page. The exciting and unusual feature of the Fortress is that you can open multiple pages at a time as different tabs. These opened views of the templates are listed dynamically on the sidebar under the open views which can be dismissed from the sidebar itself.

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This is the React version of many of the other version of the Angle admin template. The other versions of the template include Angular 4, Angular JS, Static HTML5, Angular Material, Visual Studio + MVC5, Ruby on rails, MeanJS, MeteorJS, and MVC6 + ASP.NET Core.

Simplicity is one of the characteristics of Angle admin template. The components of the template use mostly different shades of blue making the template more minimalist yet beautiful. It is a feature rich admin template with many pre-built pages for the blog, e-commerce, user authentication pages etc. The template has an exhaustive amount of UI elements which is more than what you can ask for in a template.

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 React Admin

React admin is built on React and Bootstrap. The template has collapsed sidebar giving more area to the content area. The menu items in the sidebar are expanded when hovered and clicked upon. The widgets of the template are large sized and improve the usability of the template.

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The template is a well-documented template that can help you get started with the template right away and assist you along the way. The responsive design of the template is the perfect fit for devices of all screen sizes.

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