10 Best GitHub Admin Templates Of 2019

Github admin template

The web-based hosting service, Github offers access control, task management, bug tracking, feature requests, and several other essential features. It was initially established in the year 2008 and was able to acquire 46,000+ public repositories within just a single year. Today, Github is home to over 57 million repositories and 28 million customers.

Github also contains a large library of free website admin templates. Most of the GitHub bootstrap admin templates are rich in features and elements. So, if you are looking for such a template, then GitHub is your one-stop-store. We have compiled a list of popular GitHub bootstrap admin templates based on their performance, features, aesthetics, and more.

Star Admin

The Star Admin website template comes with a fine selection of components, elements, and other essential tools. It also contains Tables, Charts, Icons, and Form Elements.  Star Admin that is built with the latest version of Bootstrap can be used to build different types of web apps.

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Purple is a responsive and free Bootstrap admin template that is packed with a wide variety of elements and components. The clean, simple, and well-commented code of Purple makes developing web apps and customizing them a lot simpler and quicker.

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Majestic is a new player who was recently launched into the field of website admin templates. Majestic offers a fascinating collection of ready to use pages, elements, and tables. These components will help you add a unique touch to your website.

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Royal is a mobile-friendly and retina-ready free website template that offers support for charts, form elements, tables, and several icons. The excellent documentation and useful UI components of Royal is what sets it apart from other free templates.

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The responsive Stellar Bootstrap admin template is built on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. It is a cross-browser compatible and elegantly designed template with 10+ essential UI elements. The versatility and impeccable features of Stellar makes it suitable for developing different web apps.

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Material Admin

Designed based on Google’s Material Design framework, Material Admin boasts an impressive collection of UI elements and other components. The clean layout, user-friendliness, and excellent documentation of Material Admin are bound to impress you.

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Regal Admin

Regal is a free multipurpose admin template that features a simple, clean, and unique design. The template is fully responsive, which will guarantee a fine user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The template also comes with a simple color scheme that users will appreciate.

It also has a wide array of useful elements and other handy components. In addition, you can even find plenty of tables and charts with the template. The Regal Bootstrap admin template also has an excellent documentation and clean code.

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SB Admin

SB Admin is an open-source and free website template that comes with a free design. Designed with the latest version of Bootstrap, SB Admin is capable of creating powerful web apps. Five separate page layouts are included within the SB Admin template.

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Are you looking for a free Bootstrap admin template that will let you create stunning web apps? If so, then you will be surely impressed with the CoreUI website template. The responsive and feature rich CoreUI template contains a dark layout too.

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Gentelella Admin

Gentelella Admin is a simple website template that features a breathtaking design. Two separate dashboards are included within this responsive free template along with an abundant collection of UI elements. The progress bars, charts, tables, and other features of Gentelella makes it suitable for different web development projects.

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Most of the above-mentioned template has a clean and well-commented code. This will make it a lot easier for beginners to easily kick start their web design and development projects. These templates have a fine selection of UI elements and other components, which will help you customize your web app.

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