10 Popular HTML Admin Website Templates

10 Popular HTML Admin Website Templates

Several individuals who are working on big web design projects often consider designing a new admin dashboard. This is a good approach because building a custom admin dashboard with the essential features and components will make your website look stunning to site visitors. In fact, a well-designed admin dashboard might even force internet users to revisit your website or to spend more time on the site. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the budget to build such excellent admin dashboards.  
Website designers who are stuck in such a confusing dilemma would be probably wondering how do I design a flawless website without building an expensive admin dashboard. If you are one among them, then you will be glad to hear about pre-designed HTML admin website templates. You will able to customize these website templates to suit your website requirements. If you are in search for such high-quality HTML admin website templates, then you are at the right destination.


One of the best website templates available in the market is undoubtedly Veltrix. The high responsiveness of the Veltrix HTML admin website will ensure that your website will look great on laptops, smart phones, and other types of devices. The user-friendliness, excellent features, and handy components of Veltrix made it a customer favourite in a short span of time. Moreover, customizing this template is also a simple task even for beginners.

Vertical and horizontal layouts of the Veltrix template are available to users. This template also has PHP, Ajax, Laravel, NodeJS, and ReactJS versions. More than 6 charts library and multiple number of page options are included in the Veltrix template.

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What makes the MatPress admin website template different from other HTML admin templates is that it is based on the Materialize CSS framework. This easy-to-customize admin template is extremely powerful and helps website designer to bring a unique touch and feel to their business website. This responsive template is compatible with most of the popular web browsers.

The MatPress HTML admin website template has approximately six different color schemes and three unique sidebar options. In addition to that, more than 150-page templates and over 300 UI components are also included in this template. If you are looking for an admin template with plenty of widgets, pages, and other options, then MatPress is one of the best options available to you.

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One of the fascinating facts of Mintos HTML admin website template is that it can be used to build a wide variety of web applications like Analytics, Statistics, Project Management, and CRM. This fascinating template has an excellent collection of dashboards, reusable components, authentication pages, html pages, and more. These pre-built materials will make your web design project a lot easier.

The Mintos HTML admin website template is equipped with more than 1000 UI elements, 1500-plus icons, and over 60 HTML pages. The live Twitter Feed and Multi File Upload features are undoubtedly two of the standout features of this template. The excellent support offered by the developers is also worth mentioning.

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Universal is actually a multi-purpose premium template that can be used for CRM, CMS, app backend, admin panel, and several other web applications. This admin template is built with jQuery, CSS, HTML5, Angular 7, and the Bootstrap framework. There are plenty of reusable UI components present in the Universal template, which can be easily integrated with jQuery plugins.

Four different types of dashboards and three excellent chart libraries are available with this excellent template. If you are looking for a template with multiple numbers of menu and Navbar options, then you do not need to luck further because Universal has got you covered.

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Clean UI

Clean UI is another popular HTML admin website template that comes with a fine selection of data presentations, dashboard styles, and other useful components. The excellent authorization management features and other useful features that are included in this template has made it immensely popular among expert website designers and developers.

Clean UI is one of the best options available for beginners because coding is a lot easier when you are using this template. Multiple number of layouts and different icon packs are also included in the Clean UI template. Finally, the number of default pages you will be able to use is around six.

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The multipurpose HTML admin website template, Practo can be easily customized as per the requirements of the user. Website designers who use the Practo admin website template will be able to try several layouts with different types of colors and variations. Moreover, this excellent website template gives you access to more than 80 unique HTML pages.

The interactive charts, elegant font icons, and cross browser compatibility of the Practo admin website template makes it worth the hype. Another important thing you need to note is that all the files in this template are neatly organized and well commented, which is pretty great.

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If you are looking for an excellent template for Human Resource Management (HR) websites or company management sites, then you will instantly fall in love with the Atrio HTML admin website template. This excellent HTML admin website template that is based on the Bootstrap 4 Framework and Material Design components can also be easily customized.

Three different types of dashboards and seven unique chart options are available to the ones who choose the Atrio admin template. The multi numbers of color choices, well commented codes, and detailed documentation of the Atrio makes it one of the best website templates out there.

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Website designers who are looking for a feature-rich template that will help them design a highly functional and flawless website should consider settling for the Splite admin dashboard template. Individuals even the ones who have no clear idea on coding will be easily able to customize this template in order to suit their personal website related requirements.

More than 95 HTML pages and five unique dashboard styles are included in the Splite HTML admin website template. The multi numbers of widgets ad plugins that are available with this template will help you to add a unique touch to your website without writing tons of codes.

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The highly responsive HTML website admin template, Andora has a fascinating collection of useful components and essential features. Since this template is easy to customize, website designers and developers will be able to save plenty of their valuable time and effort. This template works exceptionally well on most internet browsers and devices.

More than 45 plugins and over 95 HTML pages are available with the Andora HTML website admin template. The number of dashboard variations included in the Andora template is five while the number of icon sets that are available with the template is estimated to be around six. Finally, multiple numbers of pages and data tables are also present in this template.

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The captivating appeal and elegant design of the Wingley will help you to build a good-looking website for your business. This admin template is built with the help of the latest version of the Bootstrap framework, Bootstrap 4. The Wingley admin template is generally used to build application backend, business websites, admin dashboards, and project management systems.

Seven elegantly designed demos and more than 480 pages are available with the Wingley HTML admin website template. Users who opt for this template will gain access to over 500 UI components and more than 3000+ font icons too.

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