Importance Of UI/UX Design In The Development Of Mobile Apps

Importance Of UI/UX Design In The Development Of Mobile Apps

Everything exists in nature, and we only notice it when someone puts their effort to define it profoundly and make use of it. Similarly, the UI/UX techniques were used since 1945, when the Bell laboratories first employed it by hiring a psychologist to design telephone systems. Digital geeks started noticing it to the present extends only after Mr. Don Norman gave it a name in 1990.

Let’s think of something simple to define UI and UX.

“UX can be stated as what you experience as a user while interacting with the app, and UI can be stated as the interface, that helps you communicate with the app.”

I think that explains it best. Now moving on;

UI/UX designs have gained vital importance in the field of mobile app development. Users love to see different approaches. UI/UX is the best option to combine your ideas with visual effects which will for sure entice the visitors to stay with you. Let’s explore deeper on each and understand how they bolster the mobile app development process.

Role of User Experience or UX

As the word says, UX takes care of the experience your visitor gets when he/she summons the app. The app should be equipped with features which will delight the users. Users always fall in love with apps that make their lives easier. Integrating the best UX practices in the mobile application will for sure bring a hike in the conversion rate. Let’s take the example of an e-commerce app. How fast a user travels through the sales funnel is determined by the efficiency of the design. It’s all about making the interactions of the users with the app quick and hassle-free.

There is no fixed trend in UX. New and interesting innovations in UX come each day and some are good, some are for bad, and sometimes it's difficult to determine which. Designing the perfect UX will gain user loyalty as well. Some of the UX trends which are gaining momentum in the digital reality are listed below. Going through them will help you get an insight about the advancements in the field of designs.

Motion Design

Motion design or purposeful animation provides visual dynamics to the users rather than the static screens. It is very powerful in keeping your users engaged. It can also be stated as motion graphic design. When all the elements come together in the right proportion at the right place, motion design will break the record.

3D in Interfaces

We are familiar with 3D rendering, but widespread usage was limited because of the complexity and limitations of our browsers. With the advancement in technology, now we have access to high-speed browsers. The integration of 3D, deep flat and pseudo-3D techniques into the mobile applications will accentuate the user experience to dimensions no one has explored till now.

UX Writing

It is important to monitor how your business ‘talks’ to the customers. Things keep in mind - be respectful and be useful. Everything else takes root form these two basics. Respect your users enough to value the time they spend on your app. Being useful will bring in credibility and trust which in turn will build long-term relations. Being empathetic will help you to become a better writer.

Font Type

Variable fonts will perform well in the design and increase the responsiveness. They help in fitting texts to any space available - big or small. Streamlining design processes have made it uncomplicated. The field of varying fonts is yet to be explored and analyzed. It’s in the future and, the future is tempting.

As that is said, now it’s time to explore UI.

Role of User Interface or UI

As said earlier, User interface helps you communicate with the app. It clears off the confusion and directs the user through the app effortlessly. UI is expected to bring the following factors to the mobile design:

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Responsiveness
  • Familiarity
  • Attractiveness

While creating the design, ensure that it satisfies each element to the best. The perfect UI never confuses the users. Also, constant updates on the design are highly recommended as the trend gets updated once in a while.

Some of the latest trends which might create a wave in the UI design are:

  • Personalization

App personalization is moving to a deeper and sophisticated level. The app evolves to be your personal assistant feeding on the information you provide during the time of registration. Nothing other than a personal digital assistant is being fancied in the contemporary world.

  • No Button Approach

Future moves with gestures. The interaction between the smartphones can be controlled using gestures rather than clicking on the inbuilt CTAs. Interaction with the virtual interface will delight the user with an elite experience.

  • UI Animation

This cool feature will make your design look handy and lively. Clear depiction of perspectives through means of creative animations. The User Interface is made highly interactive and usable.

Future of UI/UX

Technology being stagnant is out of the question. Designers are trying out every possible alteration which might lure in the users to stay longer. Here we state some of the trends which may take over the designing in the future.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The take over is inevitable. AI facilitates smarter user interactions and experience. It assists you in ways you never thought technology was capable of. Humans fancy technology. That was evident by the way the world awed at “Sophia’ - the AI-powered bot.
  • IoT: Internet of Things is an area where researches are being conducted at full scales. Connectivity will be given a new dimension if everything goes well. Technology will be a part of humans as if an organ.
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality: The virtual and augmented reality is being hailed around the digital world. The experience they offer deserve it too. Further innovations will add golden feathers to the hat and let the world witness the marvels of technology in the near future.

Now that the role of UI and UX has been explained, the usage in mobile app development is highly appreciated. Some of the modern trends are also revealed to give the readers an insight into what is coming their way.

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