Top 17 Attractive Jquery Dashboards of 2020 For Web Developers  

Top 17 Attractive Jquery Dashboards of 2020 For Web Developers  

jQuery is a lightweight, fast, and popular JavaScript library that was introduced approximately 15 years ago. The main goal of jQuery is to offer a simple way for developers to use JavaScript on their website to make it visually attractive and beautiful. jQuery helps users by simplifying a number of processes including DOM manipulation. More than 70 percent of the websites on the internet use jQuery even today. 

jQuery templates that can be used to build websites and powerful web applications are also available plenty in the market. jQuery templates makes use of jQuery and one or more jQuery plugins. These plugins help to create animations and other effects to improve the visual appeal of your website and web applications. Some of the best jQuery Dashboard templates that are packed with features and components are listed below.

Star Admin

star admin pro -jquery

The feature-rich and easy to use Star Admin template features a clean and elegant design along with a beautiful color scheme. The template has two well-designed dashboards at its disposal. 

  • RTL and Boxed layouts
  • More than 5 Pre-built Apps
  • 5 Sidebar layouts
  • Basic and Advanced UI elements
  • Multiple Charts and Tables 

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Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, Azia has everything you will need to build a stunning web application. The template comes with ten separate dashboards. 

  • Pre-built Apps
  • Profile, Invoice, Sign In, and Sign Up pages
  • Huge collection of UI elements
  • Forms, Charts, Tables, and Maps
  • 10+ Utilities 

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Purple is a powerful admin dashboard template that makes building web applications a lot simpler. The template also has an elegant design and beautiful color scheme. 

  • Light and Dark versions
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Five Sidebar layouts
  • Text and Code editors
  • 6 Dedicated Ecommerce pages

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Connect Plus

connect plus

The carefully crafted and well-designed Connect Plus admin template offers unlimited options when it comes to building and customizing web apps. It comes with a huge selection of useful elements and components. 

  • Basic and advanced UI elements
  • Icons, Forms, Notifications, and Popups
  • Charts and Tables for data representation
  • User, Error, and General Pages
  • More than 5 Ecommerce pages

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plus admin

Designed based on the open-source Bootstrap framework, Plus admin template comes with a well-designed dashboard. The template has multiple charts and tables to take care of data representation. 

  • Plenty of basic and advanced UI elements
  • 6 Dedicated Ecommerce pages
  • Email, Calendar, and Gallery
  • Forms, Icons, and Popups
  • User, Error, and General pages 

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Built with the Bootstrap framework, JustDo admin template contains a fine selection of elements and components. The template also comes with more than 100 useful widgets. 

  • Light and Dark versions
  • More than 10 Pre-built widgets
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Multiple Charting Libraries
  • 5+ General Pages

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Corona is a dark and shadowy colored admin dashboard template suitable for building different types of web applications. The template is rich in both features and components. 

  • 5 Sidebar layouts
  • Plenty of widgets
  • Form Elements, Tables, Editors, Maps, and Icons
  • Gallery, E-mail, To-do List, and Calendar
  • Stunning General, Error, Ecommerce, and User pages 

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Dore jQuery

dore jquery

Designed based on Bootstrap, Dore jQuery admin template features a neat and elegant design that most users will love. The template is avaialble in React, Angular, and Vue versions. 

  • Video and Sound player
  • 10 Color schemes
  • 4 Separate Dashboards
  • Multiple Pre-built apps
  • Plenty of components

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jumbo admin

Jumbo Bootstrap admin template makes it a lot simpler for users to build powerful and sophisticated web applications. The template is packed with features and components. 

  • More than 90 page styles
  • Chat and Contacts Apps
  • Over 25 Widgets
  • 30+ jQuery plugins
  • Multiple Charts

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noble ui

The easy to use and developer friendly NobleUI admin dashboard template has everything you will need to build stunning web apps. The template can also be easily customized to meet different project requirements. 

  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple Charting Libraries
  • Over 1000 Font Icons
  • Event Calendar, Form Wizards, Chat Application, and more
  • Clean and simple code 

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gull admin

Gull is a Laravel and Bootstrap admin dashboard template offering unlimited options to users when building a web application. The template is packed with plenty of useful components. 

  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Powerful Invoice Builder
  • Multiple Pre-built apps
  • Over 30 card widgets
  • Login and Signup pages 

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Air UI


The modern and multipurpose Air UI admin template is available to users in Vue, Angular, React, and HTML versions. The template can be easily and quickly customized. 

  • Over 99 Widgets
  • 17+ Applications
  • PSD Files included
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Easy to use

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Simpla Admin


The super flexible and user friendly Simpla Admin template boasts a beautiful and unique user interface. The template is also compatible with most popular modern web browsers. 

  • 3 Color Schemes
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Smart Content Box included
  • WYSIWYG Editor included
  • Accordion Main menu 

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The Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template, Codebase is available to users in three different versions. It offers unlimited options when building a web application. 

  • A well-designed Dashboard
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Flexible layouts
  • Flexbox
  • Powerful Preprocessor

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admin panel

Atmos is a modern and feature-packed admin panel that comes with more than 10 well-designed dashboards. The template also has a clean and elegant design. 

  • 500 UI elements
  • 100+ Pages
  • Well-designed Utility Pages
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Multiple Pre-built Apps

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Akkhor is actually a school management admin template but it can also be used to build other types of web apps and dashboards. The template contains more than 20 pre-built widgets and several other components. 

  • Basic and Advanced UI elements
  • Charts and Tables for data representation
  • Basic and Advanced elements
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Calendar, Notifications, Google Map, and more 

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Alliance is a fully responsive and easy to use admin template featuring a clean and beautiful design. The template also has a clean, well-commented, and organized code. 

  • Multiple Homepage styles
  • JQuery and Bootstrap powered
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Suitable for building admin dashboards, CRM, CMS, and more
  • Compatible with most popular internet browsers

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