Five Pro Tips to Learn Bootstrap Fast

Five Pro Tips to Learn Bootstrap Fast

A recent survey revealed that more than 18 million websites were powered with the interactive Bootstrap framework. It is reported that more and more websites will start to use Bootstrap in the coming years. Bootstrap is also used on most of the Joomla websites and approximately 20 percent in Drupal 8 sites.

Bootstrap simplifies the process of web development and designing. The flexibility and convenience offered by the framework allows you to easily develop stunning websites. This framework also has HTML and CSS based design templates for image carousels, modals, navigation, tables, buttons, and forms.

Why Learn Bootstrap

If you want to become a web designer or developer, having a good knowledge on how to use Bootstrap can do wonders. Today, this front-end framework is widely used by developers to build fully responsive websites. Websites that are responsive guarantees a fine user experience across both mobile and desktop devices. Thereby, encouraging customers to spend more time on your website and check out what you have to offer.

The Bootstrap framework gives users access to LESS files. However, if you do not know how to use it, you can rely on plain CSS files. Another interesting aspect of Bootstrap is that it has a detailed and extensive documentation. The demos and examples within the documentation will allow you to learn more about how to use Bootstrap.

How to learn Bootstrap Fast

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

You will need to have a clear knowledge on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML before you start learning Bootstrap. If you are not fluent in any of these above-mentioned programming languages, you will struggle to understand Bootstrap.

Switch to Bootstrap’s latest version

Most users will probably be using an old or outdated version of the Bootstrap framework. New, tools, features and resources are added to the framework whenever it is updated. So, if you want to access these new features and make full use of them, you need to install the latest version of Bootstrap.

Do research about popular plugins

A fine selection of useful and popular plugins are available with the Bootstrap framework. If you want to leverage the power of these plugins when designing a website, it is best to learn about them. This will give you a clear idea on how you can use the plugin on your website, which will come handy in the later stages of your project.


“Practise makes a man perfect”. It is evident that you will face some issues and troubles when using Bootstrap for the very first time. So, it is best to spend some time practising. Before you take up a project, give yourself time, and keep on practicing until you excel at it.

Get in touch with other Bootstrap users

Trying to learn a new program on your own is quite hard and you will get confused and overwhelmed at times. So, look for an online community or forum that is filled with users who are eager to learn and explore Bootstrap. This will allow you to learn more about the framework in a simple but effective way.

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How long does it take to learn Bootstrap

You would have probably heard developers especially beginners asking ‘how long does it take to learn Bootstrap. The answer is that it depends from one developer to another. As mentioned earlier, people with minimal or zero knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will find it really hard to learn Bootstrap. However, others will be able to learn Bootstrap in just a few weeks.