Top 17 Mobile-Friendly Website Templates

Mobile-Friendly Website Templates

Many times, people assume that their sites are rendered excellently across mobile devices. But the fact is that sometimes, your site might not appear as expected when people try to access it from their mobile phones. This is where mobile-friendly website templates come into the picture.

With leading-edge mobile-friendly website templates, your page would be rendered beautifully across mobile devices, and it would offer seamless and reliable performance. They are capable of smooth transition across any device, regardless of whether the user chooses a mobile or tablet to view the site.

If your site is flexible enough to fit into any screen size, regardless of the device on which it is being viewed, you have achieved the first step in impressing users by offering them an unbiased experience on mobile devices. So, now that your site loads quickly and beautifully on their devices, there are chances of visitors, transforming into potential clients if they like what they see.

However, if your site fails to load quickly, there are chances of people leaving your site and you end up losing another sales prospect. This is where mobile-friendly website templates can be implemented to offer your users a great responsive experience over their mobile devices. Built using the latest web technologies, these templates are capable of adapting to devices of any screen sizes.

To make your job easier, we have listed below some of the top mobile-friendly website templates that you can use for creating sophisticated, professional and responsive websites.

Star Admin Pro

star admin
Are you looking for a mobile-friendly website template that comes with a collection of UI components? Then, Star Admin Pro template is the best choice.

It comes with a wide range of features. These include multiple applications, such as email, to-do-list calendar, gallery, etc. It also offers over 20 pre-built sample pages, including e-commerce pages. It provides detailed documentation to help you get started easily.

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Azia is an excellent mobile friendly website template that comes with an impressive set of UI elements and essential components. It is powered by the latest version of Bootstrap framework, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and SASS. The responsive Azia Bootstrap admin template also has a clean and well-commented code.

Are you looking to offer a fine user experience to customers on both mobile and desktop devices? If so, you do not need to luck further because Azia will surely impress you to the core. It also has ten pre-built dashboard templates, over 500 UI elements, and three navigation layouts.

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With the JustDo Bootstrap admin template, you can ensure that your website is rendered beautifully across devices of all screen sizes. It comes with a wide range of components that will make your web design process easy. The template comes with a clean and well-commented code.

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Some of its features include over 10 pre-built widgets, UI elements, charts, such as Google Charts and ChartJS. Others include text editors, code editors, popups, notifications, icons, maps, error pages, and so on.

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Pollux is a powerful mobile-friendly website template designed based on the open-source Bootstrap framework. It is built with SASS, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. The PolluxUI Bootstrap admin template comes with more than 15 handy UI elements and ten well-designed pre-built widgets.

It also has plenty of User Pages, General Pages, and Error Pages along with several charts, tables, and icons. The easy to use components will allow you to bring a personal touch to your web application. The detailed and excellent documentation will make your project a lot easier.

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Are you looking for a website template that will allow you to offer a fine website visiting experience on different devices? If so, you should settle for a mobile-friendly website template like the AllurUI Bootstrap admin template. It is designed based on the latest version of the Bootstrap framework.

It comes with a fine selection of page layouts, basic elements, and advanced UI elements. In addition, plenty of well-deigned tables, charts, and icons are included with the AllurUI Bootstrap admin template. It also has a clean code and detailed documentation.

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Artboard Copy 5 (1)

As developers, our aim is to build responsive websites which are in line with the latest web standards and flaunts all the modern-day requisites of our customers. HiliteUI admin template is one such Bootstrap admin templates that offer the complete package of all the essential features that you are looking for.

Some of its features include cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, mobile-readiness, 10 pre-built widgets, text editors, code editors, pop-ups, notifications, and well-documented.

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Spica UI

Several website developers have started to choose mobile-friendly website templates these days. This is mainly because they are aware that a major percent of internet users accesses the web through mobile devices. So, ensuring a fine user experience on smartphones and other mobile devices is crucial.

If you are looking for such a template, then it is best to opt for the Spica UI admin template. This excellent template comes with multiple numbers of charts, pages, tables, and widgets. These components can be customized as per your requirements, which will help you to add a personal touch to your website.

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DataViz UI


Built using the latest version of Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, and SASS, this mobile-friendly website template is preferred widely for its user-friendliness and ease of customization. You can create stunning websites using Data VizUI.

Some of its noticeable features include cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, over 10 pre-built widgets, advanced UI elements, such as clipboard, context menu, loaders, carousel, and horizontal and vertical layouts. Also, both dark and light versions of this template are available.

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Material Pro

material pro mobile template
As the name suggests, Material Pro is designed based on Google’s Material design framework. This Bootstrap admin template is easy to customize and offers a wide range of features to make your site look stunning.

Some of its features include a huge collection of widgets, different responsive layouts, eight different in-built color schemes, applications, detailed documentation, and so on.

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Equinox mobile templates

Website designers who are in search of a mobile-friendly website template will instantly fall in love with Equinox. The high responsiveness of this website template will ensure a fine site visiting experience to internet users on both mobile and desktop devices. The Equinox Bootstrap admin template can be easily customized, as its styling is done with the SASS preprocessor.

The clean, simple, and well-commented code of the Equinox Bootstrap Admin Template are easy to comprehend. In fact, even beginners will be able to do that with the utmost ease. More than 15 UI elements and several other components are available with the Equinox Bootstrap Admin Template.

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The upturn was specifically designed with digital marketing agencies in mind. Powered by Bootstrap 4 framework, Gulp, and Sass, it is best suited for websites that focus on marketing, such as online and digital marketing, SEO agencies, and social media websites.

People prefer to use it for designing in-built pages, such as portfolio pages, service pages, case study pages, pricing pages and about us. Some of its features include Isometric home page design, HTML5, and CSS3, fully responsive layout, two menu styles, image section, color section, unlimited Google fonts, color section, the latest version of revolution slider, and it is cross-browser compatible.

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Additionally, it comes with over 400 Font Awesome icons, parallax sections, over 200 line icons, smooth animation, and is well documented. Also, Upturn is retina-ready.

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Yora is a stunning multipurpose website admin template that features a unique and elegant design. The template is also fully responsive, which will guarantee a fine user experience across different devices. The code of Yora website template is clean and well-commented, which means that it can be comprehended easily.

The Yora Bootstrap admin template has more than 15 UI elements at its disposal. In addition, several page layouts and ten stunning pre-built widgets are included with the same template. Finally, Yora also has plenty of tables, charts, and icons.

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The name explains it all. This mobile-friendly website template is the best choice for designing websites for construction and building companies. Powered by the Bootstrap framework, this template follows all the latest web and tech standards.

It offers a simple yet professional design while following a minimal approach. Builder is optimized for search engines. Also, it is responsive and mobile-ready. It is cross-browser compatible (compatible with most of the major browsers). Users can use the contact form on your website and request a quote.

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‘Confe’ tands for ‘Conference’.  It is best suited for creating websites for conferences, events, gathering, meetings, and forums. Powered by the Bootstrap framework, it ensures that your design is flexible enough to fit into all devices, and offers a seamless user experience, even for retina screens.

Confe offers a minimalist design that is simple, professional, and responsive, as well. With Confe, you will find all the components that are essential to get you started with your web design project. You can enjoy the customization options that this template offers along with the ease of use. Since Confe is available for free, there is no financial investment required, which is another benefit of using it.

Some of its features include responsiveness, mobile-readiness, retina-readiness, cross-browser compatibility, countdown timer, events slider, parallax effects, and more. This mobile-friendly website template features a stunning home page along with internal sections specially dedicated to about us, sponsors, speakers, and contact.

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Arone is a mobile-ready website template best suited for creating single page websites. It makes it easier for you to create websites that fit well into mobile devices. It comes with parallax effect and offers a clean, sophisticated, and professional design. This responsive template is powered by HTML5, which makes it a perfect choice for creative designs.

Arone provides you with a wide choice of colors and font types. It also provides you with a range of front-page variations and interestingly, one among them is cryptocurrency-ready. Some of its features include multiple navigation styles, CSS and jQuery animations, well-documented, and standard information sections, which can be customized to exhibit company information as needed.

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Apex is one of the mobile-ready website templates best-suited for your administrators and dashboards. Powered by the Bootstrap framework, it offers you a range of sample layouts, which will help you to speed up your workflow.

Its code is easy to understand and simple to learn as it comes with a starter kit, which will help you to kick-off your project with ease. This website template is responsive and offers a clean design. It fits well into any size, regardless of the device. It is cross-browser compatible.

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Some of its features include seven gradient solid menu colors, two niche dashboards, advance cards UI, six form layouts, Angular full calendar, data tables, Google Maps, three chart libraries, task board, audio player, three icon sets, menu with background image, clean and commented code, well-documented, and three different menu sizes.

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Are you planning to build websites for non-profit organizations? Then Charity is one of the best mobile-friendly website templates. It is available for free with no compromise over quality. It complies with the latest tech and web standard regulations.

One of the challenges that charity and non-profit organizations face is collecting donations. However, with the Charity template, you can easily manage and deal with all donation campaigns. The Charity template comes with a fully functional donation form integrated into its design, which relieves you from the effort of having to build one.

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This mobile-friendly website template is the best choice for building travel websites. It is specifically created to help travel agencies, resorts, hotels, and others design stunning websites that drive potential audiences to their sites. It comes integrated with booking options.

Some of its interesting features include a massive banner, which comes with a call-to-action button, a section dedicated to adding attractive packages, social media buttons, integrated Instagram feed, and a newsletter widget.

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Powered by the Bootstrap framework, Colid is built using the most modern technologies. It is responsive and mobile-friendly. It was designed with Android, iOS, and Windows apps in mind. However, you can customize this single-page website template to fit into your business requirements with ease.

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You can also use Colid to build any kind of business landing pages as well. It features bright colors and a modern appearance, which will make your product stand out in the crowd. Some of its features include a transparent menu, which transforms into a sticky one, pricing tables, and a services section. It is available for free with no compromise over quality.

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Mobile-friendly Website Templates

Now, people all over the world are using mobile devices to shop, browse, connect with people far and wide, and so on. This makes it essential that companies use mobile-friendly templates to create websites. Mobile-friendly sites also serve SEO purposes. Start building your websites with mobile-friendly templates soon.

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