16 Best Online Shopping Admin Templates of 2018

It’s going to take a lot of time browsing all over the internet to find the right admin template for your e-commerce website. There are plenty of admin template out there on the internet but not a lot of them have dedicated pre-built pages for e-commerce purpose. So here is a list of admin templates that have dedicated pages for the backend of an online shopping website.

1 – Titan

Titan is a sophisticated, fully responsive admin template based on Angular and Bootstrap. The template is a highly customizable template with many UI components, charts, graphs and other advanced UI elements to boast about. The template has more than 2000 icons, more than 100 pages, more than 200 UI components that would be required when creating a full-fledged admin panel. With Titan, you don’t have to go looking anywhere else to build your admin panel.

Titan has a clean design with light dashboard and sidebar and dark navbar. The template comes with many different layouts and multiple dashboards as well. The template is a very well-documented template, with a great support always ready to fix any issue.

The e-commerce pages include a pricing page, an invoice page, and an orders page.

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2 – Able Pro

Able Pro - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Able Pro Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Angular 1 Version is a responsive and retina-ready admin template with fully loaded functionalities and features. It comes in two different versions – light version and dark version both with the horizontal and vertical layout. The template is very colorful in itself and has 5 color schemes to choose from as well. It has 4 variations for the dashboard, 11 menu layouts that you can select to suit the theme of your admin panel. Also, you can easily customize the looks if you want to.

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The template comes with an abundance of functionalities. To begin with, it has got 150+ pages, 100+ widgets, 1000+ UI components, a huge collection of charts, forms, tables etc. Extra pages include task management, e-commerce pages, social pages that include social profile, timeline, wall, message and authentication pages – for login, register, forgot password etc.

The online shopping pages include two CRM pages including a CRM dashboard, and 4 e-commerce pages – Product, product detail, product list and product edit.

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3 –  Metronic

Metronic Bootstrap 3 premium admin templates

Metronic Responsive admin Dashboard Template is one of most popular admin dashboard templates for creating customized layouts, pages, and business flows for large-scale web applications. The design is very user-friendly and eye-catching. The user interface is attention-grabbing and interactive. The template has a metro and flat design but comes with support for the material design. Metronic has 7 layouts for the admin dashboard. In the admin dashboard, 3 different dashboards, 9 page-layouts, 8 sidebar layouts, 3 horizontal menu layouts, and 3 custom layouts. The sample pages include pages for e-commerce, apps, user, general and system pages.

Metronic is an ideal fit for large-scale web projects. It comprises of 1000+ of templates, more than 1500 UI components, more than a hundred widgets, and more. The template provides full support for SASS, Angular JS, Material design and RTL writing. It also includes many plugins for form elements, charts, UI elements, tables, portlets etc. In a nutshell, pretty much everything.The template maintains a well-organized clean code meeting the standards, easy to customize, is fully responsive and mobile first.

The e-commerce pages of the template include a dashboard, an orders page, order view, products, and product edit.

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4 – VueJs Laravel Admin Template

VueA admin template is built with VueJS, Laravel and Bootstrap 4. The template has multiple color schemes and multiple layouts. The template contains a plethora of UI components. More than what you would need to create a fully functional, fully featured efficient admin template.

The template features many useful widgets like for emails and e-commerce applications and apps like a calendar. There are many pre-built pages including pages for e-commerce. The e-commerce pages also include an e-commerce dashboard. Other than the e-commerce dashboard the template features two other dashboards.

The e-commerce pages include a dashboard, product details, product gallery, and a product edit page.

The template is well-documented, regularly updated, easily customizable and comes with excellent support.

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5 – Ultra Admin

Ultra Admin - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Ultra Admin – Multi-concept Admin Web App with Bootstrap has 9 different demos based on different concepts. The demo consists of a General Admin, Music Admin, Hospital Admin, Social Media Admin, CRM Admin, University Admin, Freelancing Admin, E-commerce Admin and Blog Admin. Each of these demos has pages that are specific to their concept.

Ultra Admin has a lot of reusable UI components and widgets, different plugins used for charts for data visualization, from elements including file upload and dropzone, editors etc. The sample pages include pricing tables, profile, timeline, gallery, error screens, tocify and more. You also have an extra login, registration, lock screen pages. The applications that you can include in your web project include a mailbox, calendar, a timeline, and maps. The template has a clean code that makes customization easy. The template is fully responsive and user-friendly.

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6 – Color

Color is a completely dark-themed admin template based on Bootstrap. The template has a flat design to go with the dark theme. The sidebar of the template is dark and the navbar is light colored. The content area has a light background and the widgets are a combination of dark and white themes. There are a lot of page layouts that you can choose from for the template.

The template is a fully featured template with a lot of components and unique pages. Along with all the amazing collection of components, the admin template contains templates for the front end and also two email templates – a system template and a newsletter template. The one-page front-end templates are a one-page parallax, a blog, a forum, and an e-commerce page. Other than that the extra pages of the template include an invoice page.

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7 – Material

Material is a powerful, responsive admin template based on React. The template, as the name indicates have the material design. The template has three different themes to chose from. A dark theme, a light theme, and a gray theme. There is a total of 4 different layout options for the template and three different page layouts, and you can dynamically change the width of the sidebar. The template is fully featured with beautifully designed components and widgets.

There are dedicated e-commerce pages to the template along with the extra pre-built pages. The multi-level drop-down goes to 2 levels. The charts and tables of the template use multiple plugins, also the form elements. This is a fully featured template that is sufficient for any type of project and easily customizable to suit the requirements.

The e-commerce pages include two different products pages and an invoice page.

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 8 – Ant

This template is the one to go for if the simplicity and minimalism are what you are going for. The templates design is such that it has minimal use of colors with the lightest of backgrounds so that the components stand out. The template is very clean and has a very neat presentation of the templates. This helps to concentrate more on the functionality of the templates.

When it comes to the number of components available in the template, it has pretty much everything that one can ask for creating a fully functional admin panel. The template has all the necessary components like charts, tables, form elements, etc. Along with the pre-built pages, the template also has pages for e-commerce purposes.

There are three pages for e-commerce purposes, two products page, and an invoice page.

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9 – Materialize

Materialize is a powerful HTML admin template with Google’s material design. The template’s design is sleek, clean, colorful and intuitive. The cards and components are neatly arranged and the template is well organized.

The template has a huge collection of UI components, animations, different sample pages, and layouts. The template has charts and tables using various plugins. The template has one dashboard and e-commerce pages include the product page, two different styles of pricing tables, and an invoice page

The template has a responsive layout and is cross-browser compatible. The template is well-documented and support is provided.

There is a dedicated dashboard for e-commerce purposes and the extra pages include products page, pricing table, and invoice.

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10 – Angle

This is the React version of many of the other version of the Angle admin template. The other versions of the template include Angular 4, Angular JS, Static HTML5, Angular Material, Visual Studio + MVC5, Ruby on rails, MeanJS, MeteorJS, and MVC6 + ASP.NET Core.

Simplicity is one of the characteristics of Angle admin template.The components of the template use mostly different shades of blue making the template more minimalist yet beautiful. It is a feature rich admin template with many pre-built pages for the blog, e-commerce, user authentication pages etc. The template has an exhaustive amount of UI elements which is more than what you can ask for in a template.

The e-commerce pages include orders, orders view, product, product view, and a checkout page.

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11 – SmartAdmin

SmartAdmin - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

SmartAdmin admin template comes with two different dashboards, many app layouts, prebuilt skins, app variations and app settings. The components use light colored background and are bordered. The colored used are dark but pale, with the sidebar and header completely with a dark color for the default skin. It comes with 7 skins and 8 layout options.

As far as the functionalities are concerned, SmartAdmin has everything you would need for your admin template. Charts using different libraries, many form elements, so many UI elements that also include a six-level multi-dropdown menu. Many prebuilt sample pages for apps views, e-commerce, and other user pages and a Smart Chat API.

There are three e-commerce pages orders, product view, and product detail page.

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12 – Absolute

Absolute is based on Angular. The template is a good way to build an admin panel. Using Absolute, you don’t have to start from scratch, thus saving you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Absolute admin template has a huge collection of UI components, charts, graphs, maps, and other UI elements like icons etc.. The template includes multiple plugins for advanced UI components. This makes it easier for the user who is looking for different plugins to be incorporated into the template. The plugins have been already included in the template.

The e-commerce pages include product list, orders, order detail and order invoice.

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13 – FlatLab

FlatLab - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

FlatLab Bootstrap 3 Responsive Template is a very popular admin template. It is fully responsive built upon Bootstrap 3 framework. As the name indicates, it has a flat design, neatly organized content, soft colors with a light color background. There are 6 different layouts that you can try out for the template. The interface is attractive and professional looking and can help you create an amazing web application.

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FlatLab has a huge collection of reusable components and plugins. It has all the Bootstrap components, along with other add-ons and plugins that can save a ton of time while starting with your project. You can make various use of charts using 4 different plugins, various form elements including dropzone file upload, multiple file upload, image cropping, inline editor along with form wizard, form validation, basic and advanced components. There is data table to organize the data, mailbox, a chat box, an online shopping page, and many more custom pages in the extras.

The e-commerce pages include list view and details view pages.

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14 – Ample Admin

Ample Admin - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Ample Admin, a responsive Bootstrap admin template with flat design. The template has 7 different demos – AmpleAdmin, Ampleadmin Sidebar, AmpleMaterial Admin, Ampleadmin Horizontal Nav, Ampleadmin RTL, Ampleadmin Dark. Each of them has three dashboards, clean and simple design, good combination of colors in the interface.

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You will get all the bootstrap components that you need in this template, that is easily customizable. It comes with a lot of elements and plugins that would make your development process. The template uses plugins for different charts, and form elements, and you have thousands of icons to give support to the content of your website. Other noteworthy components or elements in this template are the apps for chat message, inbox, and contacts, different editors for the form component, sample pages including lightbox popup, tree view, custom scroll among others.

There are 6 e-commerce pages which are products, product orders, product details, product edit, product cart, and a product checkout page.

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15 – Pro UI

Pro UI - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Pro UI Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template is a very popular admin template based on Bootstrap 3. It is a responsive template with an attractive, modern and flat design. The template has lots of components that are arranged and organized in a proper manner improving its simplicity. The presence of a number of components does not complicate the design of the template. You can change the look of your web application with the 15 different color themes for the template and the two variations of the dashboard.

As already mentioned the template comes fully loaded with an immense list of components, elements, and widgets. Listing them all would be an exhausting task but there are some components that make this template unique. They are draggable boxes, e-learning pages, bug tracker pages, forum pages, components for syntax highlighting etc.

There is an e-commerce dashboard, orders, orders view, products, products edit, and customer view page.

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16 – Clean UI

Clean UI is based on Angular 2. Clean UI is one the most popular premium admin templates. The template has a simple design that is ideal for a complex admin panel.

If you need a template for your Angular 2 project that gives you a lot of options that can help you create a full-fledged admin panel, then Clean UI will not disappoint you. There are two admin dashboards that you can choose from, pre-built pages, additional e-commerce pages, a huge collection of charts and tables, and more.

Other than the beautifully designed dashboard, the e-commerce pages include products catalog, product details, product edit, product list, orders, and cart/checkout.

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