20+ ReactJS Templates to Simplify Your Web Development Project

20+ ReactJS Templates to Simplify Your Web Development Project

ReactJS framework that was initially released in 2013 has become quite popular among web developers and designers. The websites of Netflix, Apple, Paypal, and several other famous companies are built with the React framework. In fact, more than 32 thousand websites across the web are built with the same framework. 

That said, developing a web application right from the scratch with React can be challenging and time-consuming. Which is why react website templates help you get started faster. It has many pages which can be used right away or with minimal changes. These fully responsive and user-friendly templates can simplify the process of web development and help you build powerful web apps. 


Azia React

Azia is the React.js variant of one of our most popular admin template Azia. Azia comes with a fine selection of essential and advanced UI elements that includes Buttons, Cards, Icons, and more. 

  • Pre-built Dashboard layout
  • 5 Essential Pages (login, signup, invoice, etc)
  • 10+ Utilities
  • Forms, Charts, Tables, and more
  • Easy to use and customize

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Corona React

corona react

The dark-theme design of Corona React admin template is a crowd favourite. It has a well-designed dashboard with neatly arranged components. 

  • 50+ basic and advanced UI elements
  • Landing Page also included
  • Multiple Data Representation options
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Well-designed Error, User, General, and E-commerce pages
  • Pre-built apps and widgets

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Star Admin React

Equipped with a carefully crafted dashboard, Star Admin React offers unlimited number of possibilities when building a web application. Star Admin also has a free version

  • Multiple Charts for data representation
  • Separate Login, Register, and Lockscreen pages
  • More than five icon sets
  • Plenty of advanced and basic UI elements
  • 5+ Pre-built Apps

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If you have a brighter color palette or color gradients in mind, Purple is an ideal choice for React Admin template. The template which is rich in components and features is ideal for both simple and complex web app development projects. It is also available to users in both light and dark colored versions along with vertical and horizontal layouts. 

  • Basic and Advanced UI elements
  • Multiple Charts for data representation and visualization
  • Maps, Tables, Widgets, Apps, and more
  • More than 5 Icon Packs
  • Well-designed User, Error, General, and E-commerce pages

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Plus Admin React

Plus Admin React template offers multiple options to users when it comes to data representation and visualization. 

  • Basic and Advanced UI elements
  • Maps, Icons, Form Elements, and more
  • Multiple User, General, and Error pages
  • 5 Dedicated Ecommerce pages
  • Text and Code editor 

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JustDo React


JustDo React admin template is designed to look professional, simple, and elegant. It features a fine collection of useful elements and essential components. 

  • Light and Dark versions
  • 5+ Pre-built applications
  • Multiple Charts and Tables
  • Horizontal and Vertical layouts
  • 5 Dedicated E-commerce pages 

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Stellar React admin template offers unlimited options to users when building and customizing web applications. The template is equipped with a fine collection of UI elements and components. In addition, it also has everything from icons, maps, charts, and tables to well-designed pages. 

  • Code and Text editor
  • Over 5 Charts
  • Multiple Login and Register pages
  • E-commerce, General, Error, and User pages
  • Clean code and excellent documentation

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Breeze is an excellent option if you are in search of easy to use but feature-packed React templates. It has everything you will need to build a powerful web application. Breeze React admin template is available to users in both dark and light themed versions. The template also has a clean and well-commented code. 

  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • More than 5 pre-built applications
  • Form Elements, Tables, Maps, Icons, and Charts
  • E-commerce, Error, User, and General pages
  • Detailed documentation 

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WPLMS is one of the best education website templates built with the ReactJS framework. The template has a clean and neat design.

  • Over 9 Header styles
  • Multiple Profile layouts
  • More than 24 Well-designed demos
  • FlexSlider and Layer Slider
  • Powerful live theme customizer

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You can also check out React Dashboard here.


The carefully designed REHub website template can be easily customized to fit the requirements of different web development projects.

  • 5 Separate Design layouts
  • Customized filter panel
  • Top sets pages, Top charts constructor, and Top tables constructor
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • Extended Post layout options

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The feature-rich and multipurpose Adminto ReactJS template is built with Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5.  

  • Dark and light themed versions
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Unlimited number of layouts
  • Over 4000 Font icons
  • Error, Pricing, and Landing Pages 

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Isomorphic is a React admin dashboard template that guarantees a fine user experience across different devices and browsers.

  • Ready to use components
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Clean and simple design
  • Excellent documentation 

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The fully responsive Admin and Dashboard template, Ubold is equipped with a fine selection of page layouts and font icons.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • More than 9 built-in applications
  • Well-designed Invoice, Timeline, and Profile pages
  • Has a beautiful landing page
  • 6 Different menu styles

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Fuse is a powerful React Redux admin template designed based on the Material Design guidelines of Google.

  • 10 Unique Authentication Pages
  • Multiple Invoices and Error Page layouts
  • More than 20 content layouts
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Chat, Contacts, File Manager, E-Commerce, Calendar, and more

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Jumbo React

Designed based on the Material Design framework of Google, Jumbo React speeds up the process of web app development and customization.

  • More than 300 UI components
  • Over 130 elegant Designed Page options
  • 150+ Metrics and Widgets
  • Multiple Navigation styles and built-in apps
  • Based on Bootstrap 4

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Able Pro


Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, Able Pro comes with a powerful live customizer and several additional features. 

  • Multiple Demo layouts
  • 200 Beautiful Page layouts
  • Over 150 widgets
  • 8 Different Menu styles
  • Plenty of Custom pages

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The modern dashboard template, EasyDev is designed with the help of Bootstrap 4 and React components.

  • Light and dark colored layouts
  • Excellent documentation
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Over 200 essential UI elements
  • Calendar, Chat, E-mail, and more

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The versatile and modern admin dashboard template, Primer has both React and Angular versions to help users with different projects. 

  • Dark and light themed versions
  • User-friendly and can be easily customized
  • Based on Material Design
  • Five well-designed User Pages
  • Maps, charts, Forms, and more

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GOGO is a React and Redux admin template that is also available in both jQuery and Vuejs versions. 

  • 4 Feature-rich dashboards
  • Huge collection of components
  • 10 Beautiful color schemes 
  • Two Panels menu
  • Several useful Keyboard shortcuts

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SuperProps is a neatly designed landing page template featuring an elegant design and striking color scheme.  

  • Multiple demo layouts
  • Easy to customize
  • Plenty of components
  • Video Tutorials
  • Detailed online documentation

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The React admin template, Wieldy is designed by following the Ant Design concept. The template has a simple but appealing design.

  • Over 100 Metrics and Widgets
  • More than 200 Custom Ant Font-Icons
  • 10 Navigation styles
  • Several pre-built applications
  • Responsive design and compatible with most modern internet browsers

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