Top Best-Selling Bootstrap Admin Templates on ThemeForest

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Below listed are some of the top admin template based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 on ThemeForest.

Bootstrap 4


Victory Bootstrap 4 admin template

Victory admin template is a refreshing new admin template that is based on Bootstrap 4. Following a neat design, Victory is a very well-coded template. The template is coded and designed to look good on all the devices of varying viewports. The template is colorful yet elegant and professional. With the use of a soft color palette and components with a touch of minimalism, the template can be easily incorporated into any project.

The template is rich with many reusable components, multiple page layouts, built-in sample pages, and useful applications. Victory being very well-coded makes it very easy to customize. This will help you create your masterpiece of a web application without having to start from scratch. Also, it works very well with all the modern web browsers.

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Rich with many features and reusable components, Salt admin dashboard is designed to focus more on the functionalities of the template. The colors, typography, components, etc. are all designed in such a manner that they focus on the functionalities of the web applications. Bold typography and good use of white spaces will improve the usability of an application that will be built with this template.

The features of this responsive admin template include a well-designed dashboard, multiple layouts for pages and the sidebar, pre-built pages including e-commerce pages, many reusable components, data representation and organization techniques, and many applications that are necessary for a web application.

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Remark - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is an excellent pick to create a masterpiece admin dashboard. Beginning with the design, Remark offers two version for the design – classic and material. Other than that it has 6 different layouts for the menu, 6 page-content layouts, dark and light menu bar and 11 predefined color schemes to choose from and you can always create your own custom color scheme to suit your tastes. You can check out the incredible list of responsive admin templates 2017

Coming to the functionalities, the template is fully responsive, it has 1000+ UI components- basic and advanced, 100+ widgets, charts, forms, tables and much more. There are 25+ pages that the template has, and the additional pages include 5 error pages, FAQ, gallery, gallery grid, maps, login and register pages, sitemap, code editor etc.

Remark – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is well documented, has an average star rating of 4.77/5 in Themeforest. The template can be purchased from Themeforest at a cost of $24 for the regular license. Support for the template is provided by AmazingSurge via email.

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Inspire - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Inspire – Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is a responsive admin template with flat design. It is light themed admin template with a use of very soft color palette. The template is very professional looking and the interface is not cluttered with components and widgets. Its simple and minimalist design is highly customizable.

The template has everything that an admin panel needs. Charts using Flot charts and ChartJS, forms including basic and advanced form elements, form validation etc. Tables include simple tables and data tables, and you have 10 extra pages that include login, sign up, pricing table, Help and FAQs, timeline, error pages etc. The template also includes application like calendar and many widgets that will be useful in an admin panel as well as any other web applications.

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Support for Inspire is provided by UrbanUI, via email. The template costs $25 for the regular license in Themeforest. The template is well documented for you to get started with the template as soon as possible with few issues.

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Material is an admin template based on Angular and Bootstrap 4. The template is a responsive template that is perfect to be viewed on any device. The template is a good fit for an angular project that needs to be up and running in no time. You can get started with building your template and don’t have to build anything from the ground up.

Material admin template has 4 different layout options. One unique feature of the template is that you can adjust the width of the sidebar to medium, large, or small. The template has a clean and well-commented code that improves the ease of use and improves readability. Making the template very easy to work with and easy to customize.

The template is a premium template with good documentation and with great support for any issue that may arise with the template.

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Absolute is based on Angular. The template is a good way to build an admin panel. Using Absolute, you don’t have to start from scratch, thus saving you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Absolute admin template has a huge collection of UI components, charts, graphs, maps, and other UI elements like icons etc.. The template includes multiple plugins for advanced UI components. This makes it easier for the user who is looking for different plugins to be incorporated into the template. The plugins have been already included in the template.

Assist is a premium template and is well-documented and well-supported.

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Slant is a multipurpose admin template based on AngularJS. There are different versions of the template for serving various purposes. There are 9 different versions of the template that include music admin, hospital admin, social media admin, university admin, etc.

The general admin version of the template consists of applications, added ready-made pages categorized into generic, user access, and error. It includes many user interface components, charts, graphs, form elements etc. The other versions of the template include pages and components corresponding to that template’s purpose.

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All of these templates have a great design which is highly customization. The template is very well-documented. A well-documented template will make it easier to get started with the template. Good support is provided in case there is an issue along the way. Slant is a premium template.

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Bootstrap 3


Turbo - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Turbo Material Admin Dashboard is a responsive admin template to start your project as soon as possible. The template has a neat and simple material design. The design is high-tech, professional looking, and very user-friendly. The template has 6 color options for the top-bar, and a light and a dark background color for the sidebar that you can opt from.

Turbo is not cluttered with too many components or widgets that you won’t even need in your project, making it light-weight and fast. It has got all the UI elements, components, and widgets you need for your web application. You can visualize your data with the charts using ChartJS and Flot.

Support for this template is provided by UrbanUI through email. The template is well documented and costs $25 for the regular license. It has an average rating of 5/5 stars based on 8 ratings.

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Metronic Bootstrap 3 premium admin templates

Metronic Responsive admin Dashboard Template is one of most popular admin dashboard templates in ThemeForest. The design of the template is very user-friendly and eye-catching. The user interface is attention-grabbing and interactive and helps you create customized layouts, pages, and business flows for large-scale web applications.

The template has a metro and flat design but comes with support for the material design. Metronic has 7 layouts for the admin dashboard. In the admin dashboard, 3 different dashboards, 9 page-layouts, 8 sidebar layouts, 3 horizontal menu layouts, and 3 custom layouts. The sample pages include pages for e-commerce, apps, user, general and system pages.

Metronic is an ideal fit for large-scale web projects. It comprises of 1000+ of templates, more than 1500 UI components, more than a hundred widgets, and more. The template provides full support for SASS, Angular JS, Material design and RTL writing. It also includes many plugins for form elements, charts, UI elements, tables, portlets etc. In a nutshell, pretty much everything.The template maintains a well-organized clean code meeting the standards, easy to customize, is fully responsive and mobile first.

The template maintains a well-organized clean code meeting the standards, easy to customize, fully responsive and frequently updated. Metronic is well-documented and provides great support through their support forum.

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Limitless - premium Bootstrap 3 admin templates

Limitless Responsive Web Application Kit is a responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3 and Less. The template comes with LTR and RTL versions. It has 5 layout variations, 2 themes – default, and material, and within the template, there are nine page-layouts for the navbar and sidebar. The template comes with many color palettes that you can apply to your web application, which of course you can also customize with the imagination of your own.

The functionalities provided by the template are immense. It is populous with many UI elements. There are 1000+ pages, 1000+ components, and widgets, an equally extensive list of icons, animations, extra pages, tables, charts, and forms. There are multiple versions of the template that you can use according to the technologies your project uses and its design requirements.

Limitless Responsive Web Application Kit is a well-documented admin template with support provided by Kopyov through the comment section. So you can go through the comments to see what all issues have been raised and how they have been resolved. The template cost $24 for the regular license.

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FlatLab - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

FlatLab Bootstrap 3 Responsive Template is a very popular admin template. It is fully responsive built upon Bootstrap 3 framework. As the name indicates, it has a flat design, neatly organized content, soft colors with a light color background. There are 6 different layouts that you can try out for the template. The interface is attractive and professional looking and can help you create an amazing web application

FlatLab has a huge collection of reusable components and plugins. It has all the Bootstrap components, along with other add-ons and plugins that can save a ton of time while starting with your project. You can make various use of charts using 4 different plugins, various form elements including dropzone file upload, multiple file upload, image cropping, inline editor along with form wizard, form validation, basic and advanced components. There is data table to organize the data, mailbox, a chat box, an online shopping page, and many more custom pages in the extras.

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FlatLab has got 4.82 average stars based on 278 ratings. The template is well documented and Vectorlab provides support for the template through the comment section. The template costs $22 for the regular license.

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Pro UI - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Pro UI Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template is a very popular admin template based on Bootstrap 3. The template overrides the basic Bootstrap styles and improves from its basic design to give the high-quality design that it has.

It is a responsive template with an attractive, modern and flat design. The template has lots of components that are arranged and organized in a proper manner improving its simplicity. The presence of a number of components does not complicate the design of the template. You can change the look of your web application with the 15 different color themes for the template and the two variations of the dashboard.

As already mentioned the template comes fully loaded with an immense list of components, elements, and widgets. Listing them all would be an exhausting task but there are some components that make this template unique. They are draggable boxes, e-learning pages, bug tracker pages, forum pages, components for syntax highlighting etc.

The template has got 4.94 average stars based on 311 ratings. It is well documented and support is provided by Pixelcave through email. The regular license cost for this template is $22.

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