Things to know about the Star Admin Pro Template

Things to know about the Star Admin Pro Template

Several expert website designers and app developers often prefer to use Bootstrap themes and templates when they are designing websites or building applications for customers. This is because these handy tools enable them to save plenty of their valuable time, and helps them to create flawless websites and excellent apps without any issues. Most of the Bootstrap themes available in the market is equipped with several example pages and dashboards.

However, what makes Bootstrap themes and templates attractive is that these tools come with an excellent collection of UI components. The fascinating aspect of these handy components is that each one of them can be styled in order to design a bespoke dashboard that is tailor-made for each customer. One of the best Bootstrap themes that are used by thousands of web designers and app developers is the Star Pro Admin template.

Star Admin Pro Template

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Several website designers and app developers love to work with the Star Admin Pro template because it comes with an extensive collection of handy UI components. If you are new to the world web designing and Bootstrap templates, then you might be probably wondering what UI components really are. 

In simple words, User Interface (UI) components can be defined as elements with which users interact and use to bring the desired results to their websites. This means that you can use these UI components to add life, structure, and color to a standard interface with the utmost ease. Some of the best components that are available to users with the Star Admin Template are the following.


A wide variety of buttons are included in the Star Pro Admin template such as inverse, outlined, rounded, grouped, and more. These buttons come with icons or text, and they can be of any size or color.


Modals are overlay elements that can be styled to perform several functions. Most responsive layouts usually contain specific fields where users can add their inputs.


You will be able to give alerts and notification to users with the help of these elements. confirmation, information, and warning notifications can be easily delivered to users by using this element.


Users who select the Star Pro Admin template will gain access to different types of paragraph and text formatting. Moreover, the unlimited number of text color options are also available with this theme.

Progress Bar

Different types of progress bar options are also available with this excellent Bootstrap 4 templates. These components will give you a clear idea of how long you will have to wait until a certain process is completed.

Additional Benefits of choosing the Star Pro Admin Template

One of the most noticeable features of this fascinating Bootstrap template is that it offers several unique demo dashboard options to users. In addition to that, Star Pro Admin template comes with plenty of UI components and sample pages that will help you to make your website highly-functional and good looking. Let us take a brief look at some of the most popular components that are available with this Bootstrap theme.


A wide variety of charts and graphs are available with the Star Pro Admin template. Some of the best options available to designers are Flot charts, Google charts, C3 charts, and Morris charts.


As you would probably know, tables are one of the most effective ways through which you can display and organize data. Both responsive and basic table options are included in this theme.


If you need to use multiple numbers of user input forms, then Star Pro Admin template is undoubtedly the best choice for you. This excellent template is equipped with basic forms, advanced forms, and validation tools.

Fonts and Icons

Another fascinating aspect of the Star Pro Admin template is that it has an extensive collection of an abundant number of icons and fonts from well-known collections.


The applications that are present in Star Pro admin template allows users to extend the use of dashboards a lot further. Interfaces for email, calendar, To-do list, and Gallery are some of the applications that are available with this theme. Website designers and developers who are planning to settle for this template should check out its live preview, as it will help them to learn more about the theme. 

However, you could also reach out to us to know more about how to find the Best Bootstrap admin templates and theme for your website.