10 Types of Landing Pages to Boost Online Conversions

10 Types of Landing Pages to Boost Online Conversions

Top-notch landing pages give users the final nudge, urging them to click on the CTA button. Did you know properly designed interactive content can help you double your conversion rate? Likewise, reducing the number of fields in the forms will also result in higher online conversion.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to develop a stunning landing page, check out the following top ten landing pages.

Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are often considered as one of the most effective landing pages. The primary aim of squeeze pages is to collect the email address of users. Marketers who obtain email addresses with the help of squeeze pages will later use them to lure in prospective customers.

They use relevant content, cash bonuses, or other offers to attract customers. Users who visit squeeze pages will be asked to enter their email addresses to receive eBooks, newsletters, and more. A simple squeeze page with an appealing CTA will instantly grab the attention of users.

An effective Squeeze Page to collect email ids of users

Lead Capture Page

Lead capture pages and squeeze pages are a lot alike, but the former ones tend to collect more user information. For instance, you will be able to gather the job title, email address, contact number, and other personal details of potential customers.

However, most lead capture pages tend to collect only the required details from customers. So, restrict the number of entries in your form, keep things simple, and keep the entries in your form to a minimum if possible.

An ideal Lead Capture Page with minimum form entries 

Get Started Landing Page

Get Started landing page is another unique page that can help you to increase online conversions. A Get Started landing page should come with an attractive Call to Action. You should also mention how your products and services will benefit customers.

This will grab the attention of your potential customers. This is where the Get Started button comes into play, as it will tempt users and prompt them to click on it.

A simple but effective Get Started landing page 

Click-Through Landing Page

Click-through landing pages can be used wherever you want. However, most websites prefer to use these landing pages at the end of their conversion funnel. This is mainly because users will have to enter their credit card if they opt to sign up for a free trial or any other offer.

Click-through landing page helps users to learn more about the products and services of businesses without getting distracted by the Purchase Now or Buy button. You will need to win the trust of users in order to prompt them to make a purchase by entering their credit card details.

Perfect example of an attention-grabbing Click-Through landing page 

Sales Landing Page

Getting your sales landing page right is critical if you are looking to improve online conversions. Opting for simplicity might not be a good choice when you are crafting a sales landing page. You will need to address the concerns and queries of customers in the sales landing page of your website.

You could also use interactive video content to explain your products and the benefits of purchasing them. Give your customers solid reasons why they should check out or buy the product. Finally, make sure to include a call to action button to urge customers to make a buying decision.

404 Landing Page

Most website designers are aware that no one likes to stumble across a 404 error page. Still, several internet users often find themselves stuck at such pages. So, you should take the necessary steps to avoid the chance of such an issue.

In addition, you must get a bit innovative with the 404 error page and use it as a lead generation tool. You can redirect users who stumble on the 404 error page to either your homepage or any other neutral pages.

Which 404 Error Page would compel you to go to the Home page and check again?

Unsubscribe Landing Page

A simple and effective Unsubscribe landing page will offer a chance for users to manage their preferences and limit the number of mails they are receiving. Users may continue with their initial decision to unsubscribe, but such a helpful unsubscribe page may help you to retain subscribers.

For instance, take a look at the Unsubscribe landing page of Search Engine Land. They are offering a number of options to users while giving you a subtle hint of what you will be missing out.

An Unsubscribe landing page that will tempt users to rethink their decision 

Coming Soon Landing Page

Are you planning to create buzz around a new-product unveil but prefer not to give out too many details? If so, then you must consider adding a Coming Soon landing page on your website. This will generate hype among your customers about the upcoming product launch and they will be interested to know more about the product.

You will need to provide the launch date if you have already finalized it. Setting up a countdown timer may also help you to instantly grab user attention. You can also include a CTA button on the page to collect the email address and other info of users.

A well-designed Coming Soon page to generate hype

Thank You Landing Page

Thank You pages are not usually placed to generate leads or boost online conversions. However, this type of landing page gives you a unique opportunity to provide more information to interested customers. This will, in turn, help you to gather more information about the user.

A simple Thank You landing page

Splash Page

Most internet users who click on paid advertisements expects to be directed to a post-click landing page where they can know more about the offer. However, this doesn’t happen sometime, as they will be redirected to an intermediary splash page.

Splash pages are generally used to unveil a new offer, show a warning, or a disclaimer. In short, splash pages are used to notify users about a new offer or company update. These landing pages usually contain a simple background image, minimal content, and a link that directs visitors to the main website.


It is best to focus on the goals of your business or campaign when you are looking for a landing page that will help you with conversions. Instead of simply redirecting your visitors to a homepage, engage them with the help of a standalone landing page. This will boost your online conversions and help your business to build a strong online presence.

So, let us know which type of landing pages you have used and which one of them has worked for your business.

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