Why You Should Use SASS Instead of Conventional CSS

Why You Should Use SASS Instead of Conventional CSS

Most website designers and developers would have probably heard the word “CSS-Preprocessors” at least a dozen times. This is because CSS-Preprocessors have become one of the most popular buzz-words in the field of web design over the last few years. As the popularity of CSS-Preprocessors have been considerably increasing, several designers and developers are tempted to use SASS and other Pre-Processors instead of plain CSS.

Once you learn the number of benefits you can enjoy by switching to SASS, then you will realize that you are missing out on a lot by using just plain CSS. Designers who are not familiar with the SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) might be initially a bit hesitant to make a switch. If that’s the case, take a quick glance on the number of benefits you can enjoy by using SASS. This will make you realize why most designers and developers have started using SASS for their projects.

What is SASS

Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets or SASS can be defined as a CSS pre-processor that enables designers to use functions, loops, mixins, mathematical operations, variables, and several other functionalities. These functionalities play a crucial role when it comes to writing CSS in a powerful and easy way.

SASS can also be considered as a style sheet extension language. This is because SASS is capable of extending the standard CSS characteristics and it is achieved by introducing the pros of a basic programming language. This means that SASS will easily and quickly compile the code of designers and generate a CSS output, which most browsers will be able to comprehend. Some of the major benefits you can enjoy by using SASS are discussed below.

Easy of Coding

If you know how to use CSS, then you will be able to learn how to use SASS in just a few hours or even minutes. It is significant to note that SASS comes with two types of syntaxes, which are called as SCSS and SASS. SCSS syntax is compatible with CSS, which means that developers will be able to write codes in a simple and quick way. This will help you save plenty of your valuable time and effort.

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If you are looking to code in a simple and fast way, then SASS and SCSS are the best choice available to you, as it helps you to do so at a rapid pace. The easy of coding, simplicity, maintainability, and other attractive aspects of SASS has urged millions of website designers to choose it over other options.

Give you access to several variables

One of the major benefits of using SASS is that it you will able to make use of several handy variables. Variables allow you to store a set of values or a single value as per requirements. In fact, you will even be able to reuse theme throughout the files wherever and whenever you want.

If you are creating a website with different colors, ions, containers, menus, buttons, and more, then it is best to use SASS. If you are using conventional CSS, then you will need to repeat the same codes, which can be time-consuming. Since SASS is capable of storing these values, you can save yourself from such hassles.

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Nested Syntax

One of the best things about CSS pre-processors that you need to know is that they have improved syntax. SAAS enables you to make use of a nested syntax, which in turn performs a crucial function. Nesting allows users to target elements in a clean yet effective way. In other words, website designers will be able to nest their HTML elements with the help of the CSS selectors.

It is crucial to realize the fact that the overuse of nesting will make it hard for you to reuse certain types of elements. In addition to that, you might even encounter performance issues in some rare cases.

Mixins are Included

If the ability to use variables sound great to you, then you will be surprised to hear that SASS allows you to make use of certain blocks of code multiple numbers of times. This is possible due to the inclusion of mixins, which are a lot similar to functions in other types of programming languages. Mixins can return a set of values or a single value, and the are also capable of taking parameters.

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However, you need to pay attention to the fact that there are several functions in SASS too. So, you should try not to confuse a function with a mixin and vice-versa.

The Innovative @import Feature

As the complexity of your project increases, you will find it pretty much difficult to certain styles, classes, or elements. It is true that you will be able to search for the specific class in the text editor, but it doesn’t seem like an ideal solution. This is another reason why you should certainly use SASS for your next project. 

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SAAS comes with an innovative @import rule that enables you to easily modularize your code, which will in turn help you to identify the right style that you are looking for.


One of the best and most popular features of SASS that will surely impress you is the @extend. This fascinating feature permits class to share properties with one another without any hassles. The best thing about @extend is that it allows you to structure classes in a neat and clean way within the HTML element. Apart from that, @extend considerably reduces the chance for duplication of CSS files.

Two of the above-mentioned advantages of @extend will surely come in handy to developers, as it will help them to save plenty of their valuable time and effort.


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