When Should You Choose an Admin Template? Best Free Admin Template in 2021

When Should You Choose an Admin Template? Best Free Admin Template in 2021

If you’re wondering if you really need an admin panel template for your project, then this article should clear all your doubts. We’ll be talking about why and when you should choose an admin panel template over developing a dashboard from scratch. We’ll also be taking look at a free admin template that you can get started with.

Developing an admin panel from scratch can sometimes prove to be an arduous task. Taking into consideration everything from the design, development, testing, fine-tuning, and fixing bugs, you’re looking at hours of development time! This can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 hours, depending on the complexity of the dashboard and all the features it should have. These dashboards then need to be tested on different browsers and devices, ensuring smooth and optimal performance on all of them. Since the back-end panel is important, hours of development time will also be spent on finding and fixing bugs.

 In terms of money, it can cost you anywhere between $25000 to $60,000. Sure you could probably get someone to do it for cheaper, but getting a dashboard template is probably your best bet at saving time and money. Why spend that much money, when you can get one template for the fraction of the money you’d be spending? If you’re someone who can’t afford to pay at all, there are tons of websites out there that provide free admin template options as well. With minimal knowledge of coding, most of these templates are super easy to work with and customize. Trust me, we’ve made them easier to work with so that our templates are loved better than our competition!

Now there’s another option as well. CMS platforms like WordPress come with basic admin dashboards that can be used for specific purposes only. WordPress admin panels are great for content management, and something like Shopify is great is for e-commerce businesses. But if you want deeper customization you should definitely look at building an admin panel suitable for your needs. This is exactly what an admin panel template offers. It allows for deep customization and integration with your work, whatever it is. You could have a website that needs a marketing dashboard. Or an admin panel for a CRM web application. When you work with a dashboard template, you are able to freely customize each and every component. Customize everything from its features, to how it looks. Add as many pages as you want, and edit every individual page with ease. All of this is possible when you select an admin panel template. Unless your needs are covered by one of the readily available dashboards available out there, you’d be better off with a custom dashboard.

How much can you customize an admin template?

There is no limit to customizing a template. When you look for an admin template online, pay more attention to the layout of the template and all the features it comes with. These things will probably matter more to you if you plan on customizing your dashboard. Everything from the colors of each page, to the amount of shadows you want on each component, can be fine-tuned. You get thousands of icons, ready-made components, code snippets, that you can re-use to build the admin panel you want. Even when changing the design of a page, you can make changes reflect on other pages with the use of SCSS.

You can integrate a dashboard template with everything from a CRM, HRM, to even industries like healthcare. We have templates that come with marketing dashboards, CRM dashboards, and even medical dashboards that can be easily customized to fit your needs.

Let’s take a look at one of our most popular admin templates to get a better understanding of what it offers. Star Admin Pro is one of our best dashboard templates. It has been designed to be super simple, and easy to work with. But the number of layout options and design variations it offers are what makes it stand out from the rest of the templates you’d generally find out there. With the premium version of the template, you also get a CRM dashboard, E-commerce dashboard, finance dashboard, and pages that are pre-built and ready for emails, and kanban board.

How do you know if this is the right template for your project? We have a version of Star Admin you can download for free. Click to check out this compact and free dashboard template.

Let’s take a closer look at Star Admin Pro.

star admin pro bootstrap dashboard templateHere is the default look of Star Admin Pro. It is a clean and minimal-looking template. When it comes to dashboard templates, minimal designs are usually better, because they are usually easier to customize. Watch out for over-the-top dashboard designs as these could be a headache to customize later on.

What’s great about Star Admin Pro is that it comes with some pre-built pages. In a way, you are getting more than just one template. Let’s take a look at some of these ready-to-customize pages:

Sales and Marketing Dashboard (included in Star Admin Pro)

Free admin template Star Admin Sales and Marketing theme

This layout is a perfect starting point for a sales and marketing dashboard if thats what you want. Not a big fan of the Persian Indigo background? Well that’s the beauty of these templates, you can change everything in the template with a few changes in the code. It really is that simple. The horizontal navbar comes with fresh ideas of what you could include in your sales and marketing dashboard.

CRM Dashboard (included in Star Admin Pro)

Free admin template Star Admin CRM dashboard theme

One of Star Admin’s many themes is a funky-looking CRM dashboard that comes with a pre-built and ready-to-customize page. Get your CRM admin panel up and running in no time by easily customizing this page. It features a horizontal navigation bar, with submenu items neatly stacked on top of each other.

E-commerce dashboard (included in Star Admin Pro)
Free admin template Star Admin ecommerce dashboard theme

This is another simple template that can be easily modified to fit your needs. The default pre-built page comes with a few neat sections that can be easily modified to suit your website. The design is clean and simple, and is clutter-free. With a few simple changes to the code, you can get your e-commerce dashboard set up and running in no time.

Finance dashboard (included in Star Admin Pro)

Free admin template Star Admin finance dashboard theme

This is another pre-built page from Star Admin that can be converted into a Finance dashboard. It has a very attractive layout with a gradient background that gives it a modern look. This page goes against the usual conventionally boring look of an admin dashboard. Menu items are arranged vertically as boxes, instead of a boring navigation bar. This unique design will surely inspire you to customize this dashboard to your preference.

Analytics Dashboard (included in Star Admin Pro)

free admin template star admin analytics dashboard

Star Admin Pro also comes with a pre-built Analytics dashboard that you can use if that is what you are looking for. It has a collapsible vertical navigation bar that gives it a neat and compact feel. It only expands when you’re looking for something specific. The colors and white background give it a very premium feel. This is one of the most impressive layouts that come with Star Admin Pro.

So when it comes to choosing an admin dashboard template, what are the things you should look out for?

Every developer knows that working with a stranger’s code can sometimes be a daunting task. A lot of developers have spent countless hours trying to figure out what someone else must have tried to accomplish with their code. Part of the reason is poor coding standards. Be sure that the template you get is well-coded. How do you know this? We at BootstrapDash offer free admin templates that you can easily download. Use it and see for yourself if the template is right for you. If you like the freebie, the premium version of the template will have even more features that you might like. We understand you might still be skeptical about the quality of our templates. Every premium template on BootstrapDash comes with detailed, helpful documentation. Oh and to make things easier, you also get free and responsive customer support for an entire year. That is 12 months of us helping you whenever you need it. We also offer refunds if the product doesn’t meet your expectations. You can read our terms and conditions for more information on this. 

To sum up:

  • Admin dashboard templates save you a ton of time. Developers don’t have to write tons of code again and again, which wastes a ton of time and will probably cost you a lot of money as well.
  • These templates are highly customizable. It’s always nice to see how our clients have changed our templates to suit their branding and styling needs. 
  • You can integrate them with any website you want in your own way. Some templates like Star Admin Pro, offer you a ton of pre-built pages that will just need minimum effort from your side to get the end result you want.
  • These templates are built with you in mind. They come with detailed documentation that can guide you. Many template builders also provide after-sales service that you can use in case you run into any troubles.
  • Many websites offer free templates that you can try out first before. Consider getting a free admin template and using it before making a purchase. This way, you can assess the quality of the template and know if it’s the right template for you. Visit our GitHub to check out a few freebies.

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