13 Modern Admin Templates for Web Applications 2018

Admin templates have made making a back-end admin panel easy for developers. With an admin template, you don’t to worry about the design, the code, responsiveness, browser compatibility and some other major kinds of stuff that the developers have to deal with. Most of them have been taken care of. All that’s left to do is customize the template and integrate it with the backend.

This article lists some of the modern admin templates with a unique, powerful and user-friendly design to create an admin panel that can be used to manage the content of a website, monitor the stats and control the activities.

1 – Victory

Victory Bootstrap 4 admin template

Victory admin template is a refreshing new admin template that is based on Bootstrap 4. Following a neat design, Victory is a very well-coded template. The template is coded and designed to look good on all the devices of varying viewports. The template is colorful yet elegant and professional. With the use of a soft color palette and components with a touch of minimalism, the template can be easily incorporated into any project.

The template is rich with many reusable components, multiple page layouts, built-in sample pages, and useful applications. Victory being very well-coded makes it very easy to customize. This will help you create your masterpiece of a web application without having to start from scratch. Also, it works very well with all the modern web browsers.

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2 – Zoom

Zoom is an e-commerce admin template based on Bootstrap 4. With the latest version of Bootstrap, the template has a great user interface and beautifully crafted components. The design is simple, sophisticated and neat following the flat design guidelines.

The template has a huge collection of UI components and the sample pages include authentication pages, error pages, general pages and e-commerce pages. The e-commerce pages include an invoice page, a pricing page, and an order page. The template includes 7 different plugins for charts and 3 different plugins for tables. Other than this there are plenty of plugins that are included in the template for the advanced UI components.

The template has responsive layouts and is compatible with most browsers. The template is well-documented and support is provided via email. The template is premium.

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3 – Vendroid

Vendroid is a colorful, multipurpose admin template base on Bootstrap framework. The template has a good quality, clean design. The sidebar and the dashboard both have a colorful design in this template.

The template has a dedicated e-commerce admin panel to display various statistics that would be needed for an e-commerce website admin panel. The extra pages in the templates include the pages like e-commerce product list, e-commerce product add, invoice page along with other useful pages.

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Vendroid is a premium template. The template is a fully responsive template with cross-browser compatibility. The template provides good support and is well-documented.

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4 – Materialize

Materialize is a powerful HTML admin template with Google’s material design. The template’s design is sleek, clean, colorful and intuitive. The cards and components are neatly arranged and the template is well organized.

The template has a huge collection of UI components, animations, different sample pages, and layouts. The template has charts and tables using various plugins. The template has one dashboard and e-commerce pages include the product page, two different styles for pricing tables, and an invoice page

The template has a responsive layout and is cross-browser compatible. The template is well-documented and support is provided. The template is premium.

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5 – Fuse

Fuse admin template is built using Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4. This is a responsive admin template with Google’s material design. Fuse is a great option for your angular project. It will save a ton of time and effort that you would have to put in otherwise when starting from scratch.

The template also includes many plugins that can help you get advanced UI elements along with the other huge collection of the UI elements and built-in pages.

The template is cross-browser compatible and well-documented.

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6 – Intuitive

Intuitive - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Intuitive Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is a responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3 and Less. It has a flat design with 9 different layouts. You can choose from the 12 pre-made themes for the template. The template is user-friendly and easy to customize.

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Intuitive has all the components that you would need to start a web application. The distinguishing features of this template are the file handling plugins, extra pages including contact page, email, FAQ page etc., a good collection of widgets and more.

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7 – Right

Right is a completely dark themed template with multi-colored charts, graphs, and other components. The template has a flat design with all the components having a dark theme. All the widgets are dark themed and have a slightly darker shade that distinguishes them from the background of the template.

The sidebar of the template is tabbed, with each tab for template pages, email, chat, activity log, and settings. The template has all the important features like charts, forms, tables, a collection of UI elements, and many more pages.

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8 – Flatify

Flatify - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

As the name indicates, Flatify is an admin template with a complete fat design. It is built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. It uses Sass CSS that makes it easy to customize. The interface is built with neatly arranged components with good spacing. The components are easily distinguishable from one another. The best part of the template is its simplicity. The template is not crowded with unnecessary components. The collapsible sidebar is very clean and nicely bordered and when collapsed the menu is colored with the colors of the rainbow.

Flatify has forms, charts many user pages, UI kits, tables, and application page includes a tasks page, calendar, and email. This template is definitely worth its cost.

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9 – Modern

Modern - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Modern Responsive admin dashboard template is responsive admin template with a clean, flat design. The use of colors is minimalist with all the content in white all placed on a light background. It has 3 template themes including a dark themes template and 6 theme colors. Modern also comes with a landing page and a showcase template.

You may find everything you need for your web application in this template. It has included 1100+ icons that will make your content interesting, 65+ template pages and 20+ extra pages. You can visualize your data using the charts that make use of various plugins, 5 to be exact. Forms include image crop, image zoom and an editor among other form elements. The user pages have two login pages, two register pages, a forgot password and a lock screen. you have to-do page, online shopping page, gallery and more sample pages in the extras. Now if you need to include maps and mailbox in your web application you can add them using Modern.

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10 – Neon

Neon Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

Neon Bootstrap Admin Theme is a responsive retina ready admin template based on Bootstrap 3.3.5. It comes with 9 skin colors including a Facebook-themed skin. The template has 11different layouts, 3 different dashboard options and comes with RTL support. The interface has beautifully organized components and uses a flat design.

Neon admin template also has a front end template that can help you create user end page for your website. The template uses various plugins for charts, tables, forms etc. The applications in the template include calendars, mailbox, chat APIs, Gallery, etc. The extra elements in the template include a notes page, portlets, timeline pages, tocify, scroll boxes, image crop, language selector, nestable lists, file tree, load progress etc. There are more ready-made pages to help you get your web application up and running as soon as possible.

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11 – Leaf

Leaf - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Leaf Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is from GenesisUI. The template is a responsive, with a clean and flat design using plain and light colors. As the name implies the template applies greenery to the sidebar. There is toggle sidebar on the left side of the page that lists the to-do’s, messages and other settings. The template interface is kept plain but not boring. Its simplicity improves the functionalities making it very user-friendly.

The template has a decent collection of components and widgets and other elements that will get your project started in no time. Different types of charts, icons, forms, widgets, and other UI components are in just the right amount you need.

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12 – N-Arkalite

N-Arkalite - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

N-Arkalite is a clean, responsive, user-friendly premium Bootstrap 4 admin template with a simple flat design. The template uses a white background and soft colors for the components. It comes with 12 skins, 3 dashboards and the sidebar that scrolls down as you move your mouse pointer without clicking which is quite interesting. it is very easy to customize with SASS and Gruntfile included making it easy.

The template comprises of a lot of reusable UI components, thousands of icons from Material, Font Awesome, and Glyphicons. Other than that, the forms contain general, advanced forms and editors, the charts use Chartist, ChartJS, FlotJs, and MorrisJS, and the tables include simple and data table. The extra pages include a login page, 4 register pages, 2 error pages, a blank page, comments page, profile page and a timeline view with a modern look.

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13 – Start UI

Start UI - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

StartUI is a well crafted, responsive admin template built upon Bootstrap 4, jQuery and CSS (Less). StartUI has a colorful, attractive and fun user interface but not in a childish way. The template is highly customizable but in itself has a lot of design options. There are 8 different skin for the template to choose from. You can opt from any of the 13 dashboard layouts for the administration end of your web application.

The template is a good pick for an application backend that requires many functionalities. The template provides many of them. It has 500+ components, 70+ pages including extra pages that contain cards, ribbons, avatars, prices, empty list and 12 others, an activity log, profile page that gives a modern look and feel of the user profile, file manager along with many more components and elements.

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