10+ Best Angular 9 Templates For Your Next Web Development Project 

10+ Best Angular 9 Templates For Your Next Web Development Project 

The first version of the Angular framework that was backed by Google was released approximately a decade ago. Angular’s developers have been trying to improve the framework with each new update and they have been doing a great job at it. Just a few weeks ago, the latest version of Angular, named as Angular 9 was released with some major improvements and new features. 

One of the major issues with Angular 8 and its predecessors was that they come with large bundle files. These large files negatively affected user experience, application time, and download time. The Angular 9 version resolved the issue by introducing an Ivy compiler. 

In addition, Angular 9 has several other exciting features that simplify the process of web development. So, if you are working on a complex web app development project, it is best to consider using an Angular 9 template. Here are some of the best and most popular Angular 9 templates sure to make a huge impact in 2020.

Angular 10


treo angular

Treo is an elegantly designed and feature-packed admin template that is designed to look unique, simple, and beautiful.

  • Light and dark themed versions
  • Pre-built apps
  • Ready to use content layouts
  • Pricing, Error, and Authentication pages
  • Cross-browser compatible 

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lorax angular 10

The Angular 10 admin dashboard template, Lorax makes it possible for users to develop different types of websites and web applications. It is also rich in features and components. 

  • 5+ Color skins
  • Dark and light themes
  • 3 Dashboards
  • Form Wizards, Google Fonts, and more
  • Multiple charts

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StartNG is a powerful and easy to use Angular 10 admin dashboard template that serves as an excellent starting point when building and customizing web applications. 

  • Can be easily customized
  • Rich in features and components
  • More than 5 layouts
  • Multiple color choices
  • ngx-datatable and ngx-charts

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azimuth angular10

Designed based on the Bootstrap framework, Azimuth makes it possible for users to easily and quickly build websites and powerful web applications. 

  • Forms, Maps, Editors, and more
  • 5 Color choices
  • Plenty of UI components
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Packed with features and components 

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atrio angular

Atro is a feature-packed and easy to use admin template that can be used for a wide range of web app development projects. The template is also designed to look unique and simple. 

  • Light and dark themed versions
  • 5+ color skins
  • 7 Charts for data representation
  • Form Wizards, Google Fonts, and more
  • Clean and well-commented code 

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smart angular

Smart is an easy to use premium Angular 10 admin dashboard template that comes with two well-designed and separate dashboards. 

  • Based on Bootstrap framework
  • 5+ Charts
  • 7 Attractive color skins
  • Light and dark themes
  • Easy to use and customize 

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endless angular 10

The premium Angular 10 admin dashboard template, Endless is fully responsive that will make your website look great on multiple devices and browsers. 

  • Over 6 Dashboards
  • More than 40 customizer options
  • Light and dark-colored templates
  • Multiple charts for data visualization
  • Google Fonts, Form Wizards, and more

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annular angular templates

Annular is a fully responsive and easy to use Angular 10 admin dashboard that can simplify the process of web design and web app development. 

  • Maps, Forms, and several other components
  • Lazy Loading Routes and Nested Routing
  • Angular Drag & Drop and Angular Perfect Scrollbar
  • Responsive Design
  • Can be customized easily and quickly 

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Angular 9

Star Admin Pro

angular admin templates

Star Admin a dashboard template of our own design, is now available in Angular 9. The template is also available in bootstrap, react, vue, laravel and flask. Two layouts are included with the Star Admin Bootstrap templates. It also comes with plenty of basic and advanced UI elements.

  • Multiple charts for data representation
  • Sample pages like To-do-list and E-mail
  • Basic elements like Tables, Alerts, and Form Elements
  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Separate Error, User, and E-commerce pages

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azia angular dashboard

Azia is a powerful Angular 10 admin dashboard template that serves as an excellent starting point when working on developing powerful web applications. 

  • Clean and easy to comprehend code
  • Well-designed pages
  • Multiple charts
  • Responsive design
  • Rich in features and components 

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purple angular

Purple is a carefully crafted and well-designed Angular admin template that is designed to look unique and beautiful. It also comes with plenty of UI elements and useful components. 

  • Multiple pages
  • Charts for organizing and visualizing data
  • Plenty of elements and components
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Compatible with most of the modern web browsers

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material pro

If you are looking for a premium angular admin template that provides faster page load time, native compatibility support and cross-platform responsiveness that help you to outreach millions of mobile users then MaterialPro Angular 9 Admin is just for you. Being a multipurpose template this creative template is based on the Angular 9 CLI Framework. Apart from that, it provides customization options, re usability, accessibility features along with its intuitive design inspired by Google’s material design principles.

Simultaneously, you also get different variety of demos, 200+ page templates, 40+ angular components and many other essential elements with this angular admin dashboard with a material design that provides dedicated support.

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xtream angular templates
WrapPixel has one of the most accomplished premium dashboard angular admin templates that together combine functionality, promising features and minimalistic design that strengthens the foundation for the admin dashboards as well as admin control panels.

Xtreme Angular 9 Admin is carefully handcrafted based on modular and modern design. You can expect the beautiful fusion of creativity, consistency, and reliability making it the most versatile template along with it helping to reduce the dependency on expensive designers.

Easy customization features and many other components, elements, widgets together make this angular template admin panel the most reliable for all developers.

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admin pro angular
For those developers having flexibility, complex requirements and creative design as their topmost priority,  dminPro Angular Admin one of the most useful premium admin angular dashboard templates is a perfect combination of all. Furthermore, it is known for its fully responsive Angular 9/ I build and apability to  evelop complex projects while Angular being a Typescript framework.

Feature-wise, this angular 9 dashboard template provides 250+ page templates, 30+ ready-to-use Angular components, 3 unique dashboards with 5 unique demos making it easier to create a stunning user interface for your backend plications. Few other features user-friendliness, multiple color schemes, variants in font icons and modular design is where it stands tall.

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fuse angular templates
The Angular 9 Material Design admin template, Fuse comes with a neatly designed and carefully crafted template. The template also features a clean and elegant design that is sure to leave a lasting impression on both users and designers.

  • Multiple Pre-built applications
  • Well-designed Login, Register, and Forgot Password pages
  • Maintenance, Profile, Search, Pricing, FAQ, and Knowledge Base pages
  • Over 20 Page layouts
  • Light and Dark color themes

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egret angular templates

The Angular 9 admin dashboard template, Egret has everything you will need to build a powerful web application. The template comes with more than five charting libraries that make data representation and visualization a lot simpler. 

  • Dark and Light themed versions
  • Chat, Calendar, Invoice, and more features
  • Tables, Forms, Utilities, Sessions, and more
  • Login and Signup Pages
  • Google Maps, Notification System, Search Bar, and more 

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apex angular

Apex is an Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template that offers unlimited options to users when building a web application. More than 500 essential and useful components are included with the modern Apex admin template. 

  • Over 25 ready to use components
  • Multiple Chart libraries
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • Over 10 page layouts
  • Clean and well-commented code 

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gradus angular

Gradus is an Angular 9 Material Design admin template that ensures a fine and engaging user experience to users on different devices and browsers. The template also gives customers access to a huge selection of components and elements. 

  • More than 35 pages
  • 6 Color styles
  • 8 Page layouts
  • A well-designed Dashboard
  • Charts, Maps, Tables, and Form Controls

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optima angular dashboard

Optima is an Angular 9 Material Design admin template that is suitable for building different types of web applications. The template is available in both dark and light-colored versions. 

  • Color and Date picker
  • Lazy Loading and Nested Routing
  • Forms and Mpas
  • Charts to visualize data
  • Huge selection of UI components 

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Flat Able

flatable angular dashboard

The Angular 9 admin dashboard template, Flat Able boasts a simple, unique, and elegant design that is sure to leave a lasting impression on users. The template is also packed with plenty of useful and essential components. 

  • 5 Dashboards
  • Dark and light themed versions
  • Over 100 Theme UI options
  • 10+ Page layouts
  • More than 1000 UI elements and over 70 Charts 

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