Reasons Why Developers Love to Use the Angular JS Framework

Reasons Why Developers Love to Use the Angular JS Framework

The open-source framework, Angular JS has gained widespread support and popularity among website designers and developers in a short span of time. The user-friendliness, incredible flexibility, and several attractive features of Angular JS has urged millions of users from all over the world to incorporate the use of this framework when they are working on web design or development projects.

It might come as a huge surprise to several individuals when they realize the fact that the Angular JS framework was released by Google. This excellent framework that was launched in the year 2012 enables website developers to easily build dynamic single page applications. Another important thing to note is that Angular JS is actually a JavaScript-based framework.

Things to Know About Angular JS Framework

One of the most attractive aspect of the Angular JS framework is that it is a client-end framework. This means that this excellent framework is supported by several platforms and multiple numbers of essential features. This will surely come in handy when you are working on a complex web design or development project.

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The massive success of this open-source framework urged Google to introduce new updates for this framework. Today, more than five different versions of this framework are available to website designers and developers. Each one of these frameworks are packed with an abundant collection of tools and other features that makes the process of website designing a lot easier. Below are a few more reasons that will give you a clear idea on why you should start using the Angular JS framework or its newly released versions.

Simple and Quick

Website designers and developers who are using the Angular JS framework for their project will be able to easily and quickly kickstart their project. This is not the case with other frameworks.

So, if you are looking for a framework that helps you to build high-quality web applications at a rapid pace, then it is best to opt for the Angular JS framework.

Excellent Documentation

The documentation of Angular JS framework is relatively a lot easier to comprehend. The detailed documentation of this open-source framework contains all sorts of essential information about the process of web developments.

Due to this, developers even the ones who are using the Angular JS framework for the first time will be able to find answers to all their queries even without asking anyone. The ability to resolve technical issues without consulting with anyone is a luxury that most web developers desires for, but rarely gets.

Excellent Support from Google

The amount of support that the developers at Google offer for Angular JS framework is another reason why you should consider using this framework. Several experts in the field of web designing and development firmly believe that the support Angular JS framework receives from Google makes it the most reliable framework available in the market.

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Another important point you need to remember is that the significant increase in the popularity and usage of angular concepts and AngularJS architecture has urged developers to launch several innovative components and tools. They will surely come in handy when you are working on an application development process with the Angular framework.

Command Line Interface

If you are new to the world of website designing and development, then you might not really know what CLI or Command Line Interface really is. Command Line Interface is considered as one of the most important features of a framework by several website designers and developers.

The CLI in Angular JS will help website designers by automating the entire process of web development. This will in turn make it a lot easier for application development, platform configuration, app initialization, and several other processes to run.

Excellent Handling of Dependencies

Several website developers often complain that they are finding it really difficult to manage dynamic loading and dependencies. If you are experiencing such an issue, then you should consider choosing the Angular JS framework. This is because this excellent framework is capable of managing the dependencies.

All you need to do is to locate the dependencies that you need for your project. The Angular JS framework will take care of that and help you to get on with your web design or development project. So, if you are looking for a framework that takes care of all the dependencies, then you do not need to look further.

The AOT Compiler

It is crucial to note that the Angular JS framework comes with an Ahead of Time (AOT) compiler. This compiler is capable of converting HTML and typescript format into the JavaScript or JS form. What’s more surprising is that the conversion process happens during the web development stage.

As a result, the code will be automatically compiled even before the page is loaded on a web browser. This has in turn made the Ahead of Time (AOT) compiler a lot more secure option when compared to the Just in Time (JIT) compiler.

Better Performance

The robustness, easy to usability, and other attractive features of Angular JS framework has made it one of the most loved choice of website developers when they are choosing a framework. Some of the fascinating features of this framework are Form Validation, Routing, Directives, Scope Management, Data Binding, and Animations.

Most website designers look for a framework that is capable of helping them to build a new element when necessary. If you are in need of such a framework, then you should opt for the Angular JS framework. The fascinating features and tools that are included with this framework will enable you to do so with ease. This in turn improves your productivity and help you design a web application that guarantees high performance


If you are in search of a powerful JavaScript framework that enables you to build a wide variety of excellent web development applications, then you will instantly fall in love with the Angular JS framework.

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