10 Best Login Template Bootstrap 

10 Best Login Template Bootstrap 

Most of us often come across well-designed and beautiful websites and web apps with unattractive log in pages. Most designers often settle for a log-in page with poor design because they assume that customers will not pay much attention to these pages. This is not true, as well-designed log-in pages bring a warm and inviting feel to customers.

If you are designing a new log-in page for your website or web app, it is best to use log-in Bootstrap templates to make the designing process even simpler. So, let us take a quick look at inspiring login page templates that comes with excellent UX and urges customers to click the login button.

Login Template Bootstrap Suggestion

Star Admin

Star Admin offers two different landing page layouts to customers. The first one is a full-page form template with an attractive background while the second one has adopted a striking multi-screen design. The former one has a keep me signed in and forgot password options to improve customer experience. 

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Two unique and elegant login page designs are available with the Dashflat template. If you are looking for a simple and short login page with a neat background, opt for the first login page. However, the next login page layout follows the multi-screen pattern. Both the login pages have ‘Forgot password’ and ‘Keep me signed’ in options.

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Azia comes with a clean, simple, and professional-looking login page template. A forgot password option has been included along with another handy option to create a new account.  In short, the login page template of Azia is carefully drafted and ideal for professional business websites and web apps. 

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Login and Register Modal

Login and Register Modal is an easy to use Bootstrap login form template that has a simple but attractive design. The template can also be easily customized as per your requirements.

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Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular

The Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular is a beautiful login form template with a bright and bold background. The color tone of the Paper Kit 2 login form template is also quite impressive. 

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The creative Bootstrap template, Forny offers eight elegant login and register templates to customers. These templates can help you gather critical user information like user e-mail. In addition, users are given an option to log in with their Twitter, Google, or Facebook id.  

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Iofrm offers you the opportunity to select a login page from 15 creative and modern templates. Some of the landing page templates use the entire screen in their design, but most of the page space is reserved for the background image. The remaining templates follow the split-screen design pattern. 

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Cloudy 7

The Cloud 7 premium template has a simple but well-designed login page exclusively designed for existing customers. You can find options to save your password and recover it if you don’t remember the password. New customers will have to fill in the Register page to get access to the web app or website.

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Travel Material

Travel Material is an HTML template mainly used to build tour and travel business websites. The login page is placed right on top of the homepage. Customers are given options to log in through their personal social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

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Light Admin

The login page of Light Admin template has a simple design and it also has a beautiful color scheme. The login form template also provides an option save or remember password. This will allow customers to easily and quickly sign-in during the next browsing session. 

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Including login, page templates help you to enable your customers to easily access your website or web app. It is best to choose a template with Forgot Password and Remember Password options for better user experience. You must also allow customers to log in through Facebook, Google, and other Social media platforms. This will help customers to easily gain access to your website or web application.