30+ Best Login Templates Bootstrap [2021]

30+ Best Login Templates Bootstrap [2021]

Login pages have become an integral part of modern websites and web applications. We may use touch ID or facial recognition to interact with login pages in the near future. However, at present, most login pages have a simple design with multiple input fields to make things easier for users. So if you’re looking for the best Bootstrap login page templates, you have come to the right place!

Unique and well-designed log-in pages bring a warm and inviting feel to customers. If you are designing a new log-in page for your website or web app, it is best to use login Bootstrap templates to make the designing process even simpler. So, let us take a quick look at some inspiring Bootstrap login templates that come with excellent UX and that can urge customers to click the login button.

The Best Bootstrap Login Templates of 2021

Login Form

login page template from bootstrapdash

This unique and free login page template contains multiple layouts. One of them is a full-screen layout that is divided into separate portions with an image on one side and the login options on the other side. The second layout also has multiple sections but it doesn’t cover the entire screen. You can find Create Account and Forgot Password options with both the layouts. 

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Login Page

bootstrap 4 login page template bundle

Ten creative and unique landing page layouts are included in this Login page bundle. Full-screen, multi-screen, and several other inventive login page designs are available here to help customers identify the right one for their project requirements. Some login page layouts also offer options for users to login through social media platforms.

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Star Admin

Star Admin login page template bootstrap4

The free and fully responsive Star Admin template features a well-designed and beautiful login page. You can find options to keep the user signed in and allow them to log in through their Google account. Create a new account and forgot password options are also available with the Star Admin template. 

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purple login page template bootstrap 4

The carefully crafted and neatly designed Purple admin template has an effective login page and several other pages. The login page is simple, clean, and designed to look beautiful. Users are given the option to sign in through Facebook. In addition, you can find Forgot Password, keep the user signed in, and create a new account options too. 

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login page templates from bootstrapdash

Stellar admin template features an elegant, simple, and neatly designed login page. The login page has plenty of options that users will love. For instance, the choice to sign in through their personal Facebook account is something users will appreciate. If you happen to forget your old password, you can easily change it through the Forgot password option.

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MiriUI Free

MiriUI's Bootstrap login page template

MiriUI is a free Bootstrap UI kit available under MIT license which features a free login page, landing page, and tons of other bootstrap elements essential when creating an online project.

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UnplugUI UI Kit

This is a preview of Unplug UI's login page. This is part of of Bootstrapdash's templates built on Bootstrap 4

UnplugUI, a bootstrap UI kit designed by us, has two different Login pages. The UI kit also contains all major UI elements and components you need when creating a website.

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Login and Register Modal

Login and register modal from creative tim

Login and Register Modal is an easy to use Bootstrap login form template that has a simple but attractive design. The template can also be easily customized as per your requirements.

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Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular

paperkit 2 pro login page template

The Paper Kit 2 PRO Angular is a beautiful login form template with a bright and bold background. The color tone of the Paper Kit 2 login form template is also quite impressive. 

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Boothelp bootstrap login templates

The easy to use and fully responsive Bootstrap admin template, BootHelp also comes with a well-designed login page. The login page has multiple text fields where users can enter their email addresses and password. You can also find Lost Password and Remember me options with the login form. 

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adomx bootstrap login templates

The login page available with the Adomx Bootstrap 4 admin template features a clean and simple design. There are two text fields, Remember password, and Forgot Password options. In addition to that, you will also be able to find a Create New button that will help new users to easily create a new account. 

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The multi-concept landing page template, Appiest also comes with a beautiful login form. There are text fields to enter user information, Remember Me, and Forgot Password options. Existing users can click the Login button to sign in while new users can create an account by clicking the Sign-Up button. 

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rnr login page template

The SASS software landing page template, RNR also features a simple and elegant login page. Forgot Password, Remember Me, Register Now, and multiple text fields are included with the login page which will allow users to easily login or sign up to a service. 

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Minimo Pro

Minimo Pro features a well-designed full-screen login page template with essential features like text fields, Forgot Password, Remember Me, and more. Users are also allowed to sign in through their Facebook or Google+ id. There is also a Sign up button that will help new users to easily create accounts. 

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The software landing page, WAY also has a beautiful and well-designed login page at its disposal. You can find multiple text field where users can enter their personal email id and password. New users will have to click on the Create an account to sign up for the service. There aren’t any Remember Me or Forgot password options in this login page.

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Sofash landing page template has a clean and simple full-screen login page that comes with a beautiful color scheme. It has all necessary features like Forgot Password, Remember Me, Create an Account, and more. On the top of the login page, you can find a Back to Home button which will take you back to the homepage. 

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Concrete is a feature-rich and responsive interior architecture template featuring a simple and unique login page that appears as a pop-up. It comes with two text fields where you can enter your user name and password. A Sign Up button is placed at the bottom of the login page exclusively for new users. 

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Xmee is a well-designed and carefully crafted login and register form HTML that comes with more than 15 login page demo layouts. The demo layouts has different designs, but contain all essential features and components. Some layouts also has options that will allow users to sign in through their personal social media accounts.  

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YogaZone is a yoga and fitness Bootstrap HTML template that comes with two separate Login pages. The well-designed login pages has everything you will need to help users to easily sign in or subscribe to a service. It also offers users the option to login through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. 

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Authfy is an easy to use and super flexible login and sign-up page template that offers multiple login pages to users. In fact, you can find eight unique and well-designed login pages with the template along with plenty of buttons and essential features. 

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Wedding Vendor 

The wedding vendor HTML template has a unique login page design that features a separate Couple and Vendor login form. Users will be able to login to the service by using their personal Google+, Facebook, or Twitter ids. 

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As the name indicates, Forum19 HTML template is an excellent option if you are looking to build a forum website. It comes with a full-screen login page with Remember Me and Forgot Password options. There is also a Signup here button at the bottom section of the page. 

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SportsMagazine is an HTML5 template that is designed specifically to build sport related websites. It comes with a neat and simple login page where users can sign in through Google+, Twitter, or Facebook ids. 

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Bayya is a ready to use crypto currency template with a beautiful and simple login page. It has multiple text fields, Register Now, and Login button. Remember Me and Forgot password options are not available in this login page. 

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career Up

CareerUp has a well-designed login form with multiple number of text fields for both new and existing users. The options to sign in through social media platforms is made available to users by the creators of this template. 

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Unisco features a simple and easy to use login form with just two text fields to enter username and password. The Remember me option available with the login form will eliminate the need to re enter password during your next browsing session. 

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The learning and courses HTML template, Megacourse has a clean login form with Forgot Password, Remember Me, and Join Us options.

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Here is another simple and clean login form with two text fields for users to enter their credentials. The login form also has both Remember Me and Forgot Password options. 

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career Up

JobHunt contains a simple login form with multiple text fields and a keep me logged in feature. You can also find Create Account and Forgot Password options within the login form. 

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Edu Course

The login page available with Edu Course is pretty basic, but very efficient. Users will enjoy the options to sign in through Twitter and Facebook which is available with the form. 

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amira login page

The full-screen login page of Amira has a beautiful background with all essential features. If you are a new user, click on the Register Now button to create a new account. 

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forny bootstrap 4 login template

The creative Bootstrap template, Forny offers eight elegant login and register templates to customers. These templates can help you gather critical user information like user e-mail. In addition, users are given an option to log in with their Twitter, Google, or Facebook id.  

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This is the login page of iofrm bootsrap 4 template

Iofrm offers you the opportunity to select a login page from 15 creative and modern templates. Some of the landing page templates use the entire screen in their design, but most of the page space is reserved for the background image. The remaining templates follow the split-screen design pattern. 

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Cloudy 7

This is the login page of Cloudy 7 Bootstrap 4 admin template

The Cloud 7 premium template has a simple but well-designed login page exclusively designed for existing customers. You can find options to save your password and recover it if you don’t remember the password. New customers will have to fill in the Register page to get access to the web app or website.

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Travel Material

TravelMaterial's login page template

Travel Material is an HTML template mainly used to build tour and travel business websites. The login page is placed right on top of the homepage. Customers are given options to log in through their personal social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

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Light Admin

The login page of Light Admin Bootstrap 4 template

The login page of Light Admin template has a simple design and it also has a beautiful color scheme. The login form template also provides an option to save or remember the password. This will allow customers to easily and quickly sign-in during the next browsing session. 

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Including login page templates on your website helps customers to easily access your sign up or subscribe to a service. It is best to choose a template with Forgot Password and Remember Password options for a better user experience. You must also allow customers to log in through Facebook, Google, and other Social media platforms.

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