BootstrapDash Now Partners With AppSeed 

BootstrapDash Now Partners With AppSeed 

We have recently partnered with AppSeed with the primary aim of serving our admin dashboard templates in new and upcoming frameworks. Our Partnership agreement was signed on April 01, 2020 and we will be releasing our popular templates in full-stack web frameworks like Flask and Django in collaboration with Appseed.

AppSeed makes use of automation tools to build UI-ready web applications, and they achieve this just by using Flat HTML as the input. As a result, Developers will be able to code their products a lot faster and better. 

AppSeed has also partnered with several other popular marketplaces like Creative Tim and ThemeKita. AppSeed is arguably the best website where you can find a fine selection of high-quality Flask and Django templates. Here are a few new products that have been launched as the result of our new partnership.


corona dashboard boxed

Corona Admin, one of our most popular templates, is now available in Django and Flask framework,  offers unlimited options to users when building and customizing web applications. The dark-themed admin template also has a clean and well-commented code. The template has everything from icons, tables, charts, to well-designed pages that will simplify the process of web app development. 

Flask Django


azia boxed

Azia Pro another one of our most popular Admin Dashboards is now available in Django and Flask framework. The template features a clean and neat design along with a user-friendly interface that will make things simpler for users. Azia Pro admin template features a fine selection of UI elements, utilities, and other essential components. 

Flask Django

Star Admin Pro

star admin boxed

Star Admin, which is already available in jquery, react, angular, vue.js and Laravel, is now available in Django web framework! 

The fully-featured and carefully crafted Django StarBoxed Pro admin dashboard template is extremely powerful, packed with features, and very easy to use. It is equipped with a well-designed dashboard with plenty of useful and neatly arranged components. Django StarBoxed Pro admin template can be used to build admin panels, application backends, CRM, CMS, and other web applications. 


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