15 Free and Premium Dark-Themed Admin Templates You Should Definitely Use

When you want specific about the theme of the template and you a dark themed template, it’s not very easy to go search and find one. So I have created a list of dark-themed admin templates. This list contains admin templates that are either completely dark themed or have dark themed versions of them. The list has both free and premium admin templates.




DatabaseUI is another excellent choice available to web designers who are searching for a stunning dark themed admin template. Designers who are planning to select the DatabaseUI bootstrap admin template will be thrilled to hear that this template contains multiple numbers of useful elements and handy tools. The incredible flexibility and easy to customizability of this template is also worth mentioning.

Individuals who opt for the DatabaseUI dark themed admin template will gain access to more than 10 essential elements. In addition to that, designers will be able to make use of over 10 pre-built widgets, four form elements, eight charts, and several other components. The high responsiveness of this template is another handy feature because it will make your website look good on different types of devices.

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The multipurpose premium Bootstrap admin template, JustDo was built by using jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and the Bootstrap 4 framework. This fully responsive admin template offers an abundant number of handy plugins and excellent UI components to users. The easy to customizability and breathtaking design of the JustDo admin template will surely ensure a fine experience to developers, including the ones who are new to the world designing.

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Fily Admin

The user-friendly and highly responsive Fily Bootstrap admin template contains a fascinating collection of useful components and elements. The Fily Bootstrap admin template, which is built with ScSS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS is easy-to-customize and highly flexible. Users who choose this Bootstrap admin template will gain access to multiple numbers of layout and color theme options.

Another highlighting feature of the Fily Bootstrap admin template is its responsiveness. The fully responsiveness of this template will ensure that your website will look great on different devices. In addition to that, this excellent Bootstrap admin template comes with over 5 advanced UI elements and more than 10 UI elements.

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One of the best and latest admin templates to go for if you are looking for a dark themed template. CalmUI is not just a darkly themed template, it has multiple demos to choose from to best suit the application’s requirement. All the components in the template are particularly crafted to match with the dark theme.

The template comes with a huge collection of UI components and integrated plugins which makes creating an application really quick and easy. Since the template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap, the template is sure to be responsive and compatible with all the major web browsers.

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The dark theme of the template is one among the several demo variations of BasecampUI. The dark theme demo of the template has a very professional looking interface to help you create an application that will impress its users. The UI elements in its interface have very keenly selected colors and typography. This really helps in driving the users’ attention to where it should be.

BasecampUI is undoubtedly one of the best templates with a dark theme. The template is really the best pick for complex applications. Powered by the latest version of Bootstrap, the template works perfectly on any screen devices when viewed on any major modern browsers.

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Corona is the undoubtedly one of the best dark themed admin templates available. The template uses all the latest web development tools and is built upon the latest version of Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4 to make the development of your project easy.

Corona is a responsive admin template to start your project as soon as possible. The template has a neat and simple and the design is high-tech, professional looking, and very user-friendly. And not just that, Corona will definitely make your web application look cool with its dark theme.

Corona is so carefully designed that it is not cluttered or confusing with too many components or widgets that you won’t even need in your project, making it light-weight and fast. At the same time, it has got all the UI elements, components, and widgets that are essential for a web application. You can visualize your data with the charts using ChartJS, Flot, and a total of 7 more c. You can get the job done easily with the form elements and the extra pages in this template.

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Cloud UI

CloudUI Admin is a full-featured, multipurpose, premium bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery.

It is a fully responsive bootstrap admin template/bootstrap admin dashboard template that comes with a huge collection of reusable UI components & plugins.

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Serein Admin is a full-featured, multipurpose, premium bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery.

It is a fully responsive bootstrap admin template/bootstrap admin dashboard template that comes with a huge collection of reusable UI components & plugins.

Serein is one of the best admin panel templates available on ThemeForest. With this bootstrap admin template, you can kick-start your project. Why waste time starting from scratch; try out our admin dashboard template. Serein is crafted based on google material design so that you can be assured that your application follows the best practices in usability and performance.

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Color is a completely dark-themed admin template based on Bootstrap. The template has a flat design to go with the dark theme. The sidebar of the template is dark and the navbar is light colored. The content area has a light background and the widgets are a combination of dark and white themes. There are a lot of page layouts that you can choose from for the template.

The template is a fully featured template with a lot of components and unique pages. Along with all the amazing collection of components, the admin template contains templates for the front end and also two email templates – a system template and a newsletter template. The one-page front-end templates are a one-page parallax, a blog, a forum, and an e-commerce page.

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Right is a completely dark themed template with multi-colored charts, graphs, and other components. The template has a flat design with all the components having a dark theme. All the widgets are dark themed and have a slightly darker shade that distinguishes them from the background of the template.

The sidebar of the template is tabbed, with each tab for template pages, email, chat, activity log, and settings. The template has all the important features like charts, forms, tables, a collection of UI elements, and many more pages.

Right is a fully responsive template that works perfectly with all types of devices with different screen sizes.

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Spin admin template is the one to go if you want your user interface to be dark themed.

The template has a minimalist flat design and is suitable for large-scale applications. The template has 5 main colors for the header and sidebar together. You can change the skin for header and sidebar separately. The elements are separated using borders and decent spacing. The text is white and gray.

The template provides every functionality that is required in an admin template. Charts, forms, widgets, tables, UI components and more. It has got 40 color combinations, more than 120 pages, more than 30 applications, 20 layouts, 10 various sidebars and 11 dashboards.

The template costs $15 for a single application and is well documented. You can find the document in the template preview.

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Super is a dark-themed admin template based on Bootstrap 3. it is a powerful and responsive admin template that conforms to any screen size to give the best user experience. The template comes with 15 more dark skins that you can select from.

The template contains all the components of Bootstrap modified to match the theme of the template. The template has a very modern design, with opaque widgets. The use of colors is minimal with mostly dark and light shades defining the components. The template is fully featured and a has a huge collection of components and widgets. The sidebar menu of the template is visible upon hovering over the sidebar icons.

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Luna is a responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3. The template has a flat design and has a flat design. The entire template has a dark background and the components match as well. The navbar of the template has a light background. The components of the template use different shades of the same color and have a minimalist approach.

The elements of the template are divided into different categories. The main category of the template has the dashboard and three monitoring pages. In the UI elements category, you can see the general UI elements, tables, form elements, charts, and graphs. In the app pages, you can see the basic pages and the common pages.

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KAdmin comes with two different versions – a dark themed version and a light themed version.

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KAdmin is a very clean and neatly designed admin template with many components and widgets that can help you create an amazing admin template. It has many different UI components, charts, forms, and different layouts. There are many different animations provided within the admin template that you can apply to your admin template. Although there are plenty of components for you to work with even still if you want more functionalities there is a premium version that you can get.

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Blur Admin

Blur admin has two different versions – The mint version and the blur version. The mint version is light themed version and the blur version has a dark theme.

Blur admin is based on Angular and Bootstrap 3. Blur admin is a completely free admin template. The template has got a neat and unique design. There are two versions of the template with different themes and design. The template is powered by Sass and Gulp.

The template has a good collection of UI components. Many different charting libraries have been used to help you visualize the data in the charts and graphs. The libraries include Amcharts, Chartist, Chart.js and Morris charts. The data can be viewed in tables using the template’s basic tables and smart tables. The maps use Google maps, leaflet, and amMap.

The template is well-documented to help you get started with the template easily without any issues.

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