List of 13 Amazing Free and Premium Flat Minimalist Admin Templates

Admin panels for a website need to do critical tasks such as web analysis, monitoring website traffic and server status, sending and receiving emails, maintaining the users etc. These tasks may get complicated sometime and the admin panel becomes very complex. Making all of these tasks even harder to perform.

So when it comes to design, especially for the admin end, simplicity is a valued quality. Many seek for templates that are simple, thus easy to maintain and looks clean and professional. Flat design practices make the design even more simple by focusing more on the functionality of the application.

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So, here is a list of some beautiful and simple admin templates, both free and premium.




Stellar free admin dashboard is a free, responsive admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4 with flat design. The simplicity of the design helps to focus more on the features of the web applications. The template is full of features that you can ask for in a free admin template.

With this template, you can be sure that the code is well-commented and has high readability that helps in the easy customization. Also, the template is fully responsive to adapt to any screen size. The features in the free version of the template include a dashboard, widgets, a good collection of reusable UI components, form elements, and sample pages. You can get more features in the premium version of the template.

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Star Admin

Free Star Admin Template


Star Admin is free Bootstrap 4 admin template from BootstrapDash. Fully, responsive and highly customizable, this admin template is classy and distinct. It has very elegant and clean flat design. With the use of very soft colors, the design is colorful and a treat to the eyes.

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Not just the design, It has almost every component that is needed for a good project. Buttons, forms, tables, charts, icons, sample pages etc. It is an ideal template for start building admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems etc. right away. Star admin is an easily customizable template with clean and well-commented code.

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Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite - free Bootstrap 3 admin templates

Ample Admin Lite comes with a plain, minimalist, and simple design for your dashboard. They offer the free version only for personal web applications. The free version of the template comes with 7 pages, 10+ UI components a pretty good collection of icons.

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If you need much more than just the basic elements and components you will have to go for their premium template which provide much more functionalities than the free version. Support is provided through email and also you can have a live chat with them that can help you clear any questions before downloading the template.

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 Minimal Admin Panel

Minimal Admin Panel - free Bootstrap 3 admin templates

Minimal Admin Panel as the name suggests has a minimalistic approach to flat design. Very simple and clean look can be an attractive feature if you are creating an admin panel and you prefer simplicity. It comes with all the latest browser support. The admin panel has a huge collection of reusable UI components that help you create an admin panel as easy and fast as possible.

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Dashgum is a simple, elegant, and flat admin built with Bootstrap. It is a responsive, highly customizable template for you to get started with your admin panel as soon as possible. It comes with 15 pages that you can use, the extra pages include a blank page, a login page, and a lock screen. With the free template, you get a lot of features like tables, charts, calendars, notifications, forms etc. But if you need more features, you can get premium version that offers a lot more functionalities.

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 Material Pro Lite

material pro lite bootstrap 4 free admin template

Material Pro Lite is a uniquely designed fully responsive free admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The intuitive, user-friendly, and professional looking design of the template uses different shades of the color blue that gives a sense of superiority to the design. The template also follows the Google’s material design guidelines in the design.

The template’s features include a basic data table, material icons, more than 10 UI components, Google map, 7 page templates including a profile page, a 404 error page etc. All these features of the template can be customized to create the dashboard of your design. You can check out 10 Best Material Design Frameworks

Material Pro Lite is free only for personal use. For commercial purposes, you will need to purchase the license. The commercial version of the template comes with more features and functionalities. For the free version, there is no p oper documentation or support, But you can get lifetime updates of the template. The template is cross-browser compatible and works perfectly well with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge.

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 Modular Admin

Bootstrap Zero Admin Dashboard - free Bootstrap 4 admin template

Modular Admin is a neat, simple and elegant admin template built on top of Bootstrap 4. It is fully responsive and can be easily customized. It comes with 6 skin colors and you can choose the header, footer, and sidebar to fixed or static with respect to the dashboard. Browser support for the admin template includes Chrome, IE 10+, iOS Safari 7+, and last two versions of Firefox. Well written description of how to use the template has been given in the documentation to help you get started with your project without much delay.

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Victory Bootstrap 4 admin template

Victory Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is a responsive admin template with flat design. It is a light themed admin template with a use of very soft color palette. The template is very professional looking and the interface is not cluttered with components and widgets. Its simple and minimalist design is highly customizable.

The template has everything that an admin panel needs. Charts using Flot charts and ChartJS, forms including basic and advanced form elements, form validation etc. Tables include simple tables and data tables, and you have 10 extra pages that include login, sign up, pricing table, Help and FAQs, timeline, error pages etc.

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Support for Inspire is provided by UrbanUI, via email. The template costs $25 for the regular license in Themeforest. The template is well documented for you to get started with the template as soon as possible with few issues.

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Basic Bootstrap 4 admin template


Basic is a sophisticated, fully responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The template is a highly customizable template with many UI components, charts, graphs and other advanced UI elements to boast about. The template has more than 2000 icons, more than 100 pages, more than 200 UI components that would be required when creating a full-fledged admin panel. With Basic, you don’t have to go looking anywhere else to build your admin panel.

Basic has a clean design with light dashboard and sidebar and dark navbar. The template comes with many different layouts and multiple dashboards as well. The template is a very well-documented template, with a great support always ready to fix any issue.

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Elite Admin

Elite - Premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Elite Admin has 20 different demos, fully responsive with flat design, for you to select from. The user interface is neatly designed with a set of a few colors used in a minimalist way so as to give the template its simplicity. They come in dark and light versions, with 9 color schemes, 7 different layouts for headers and navigation, 4 different dashboards etc.

Elite admin comes power packed with features. Some of them are – a huge number of widgets to cater to your need, a lot of charts options, a sidebar with 3 level drop-down menu, more than 90 plugins, 2000+ pages, 3000+ font icons, 500+ UI components including nestable, range slider, ribbon, horizontal timeline just to name a few. Also, it has 3 step registration, a landing page, Apps including Chat-message, Inbox, Contacts that are ready to be deployed into your project. You can find these and much more in Elite Admin Template.

The template provides good documentation and support is provided by Maruti via email contact form.

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Modern - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Modern Responsive admin dashboard template is responsive admin template with a clean, flat design. The use of colors is minimalist with all the content in white all placed on a light background. It has 3 template themes including a dark themes template and 6 theme colors. Modern also comes with a landing page and a showcase template.

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You may find everything you need for your web application in this template. It has included 1100+ icons that will make your content interesting, 65+ template pages and 20+ extra pages. You can visualize your data using the charts that make use of various plugins, 5 to be exact. Forms include image crop, image zoom and an editor among other form elements. The user pages have two login pages, two register pages, a forgot password and a lock screen. you have to-do page, online shopping page, gallery and more sample pages in the extras. Now if you need to include maps and mailbox in your web application you can add them using Modern.

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Espire admin template has two versions of it. An Angular version and a static HTML version. It is built with Bootstrap 4. The template is a very light themed template with white colored sidebar and navbar and a light color background on the content area of the dashboard. The template has a minimalistic design with a flat design. The sidebar of the template is collapsed and expanded when hovered upon. The template also supports RTL layout also.

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Espire is fully featured with a lot of widgets and UI components. The template includes a chat feature, applications include email, calendar, and social media. It includes all the main components that are required by an admin template and more. multiple charts, tables, and maps make the data representation easy.

The template is well-documented provides quality support and is fully responsive. the template is highly customizable with clean code and is cross-browser compatible.

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Spin - premium Bootstrap 3 admin template

Spin admin template is the one o go if you want your user interface to be dark themed. The template has a minimalist flat design and is suitable for large-scale applications. The template has 5 main colors for the header and sidebar together. You can change the skin for header and sidebar separately. The elements are separated using borders and decent spacing. The text is white and gray. You can check out 10 Beautiful Free Flat Minimalist Admin Templates

The template provides every functionality that is required in an admin template. Charts, forms, widgets, tables, UI components and more. It has got 40 color combinations, more than 120 pages, more than 30 applications, 20 layouts, 10 various sidebars and 11 dashboards.

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Centric is a premium template based on Angular and Bootstrap. The template is fully responsive with a neat and clean design that looks beautiful on any device. The template has a white background and the components are bright colored making the interface of the template eye-catchy. You can check the Dark Admin theme Templates

The template has a huge collection of charts, form elements, maps, tables and other essential UI elements. The template supports multiple responsive UI elements as well. The dashboard is arranged with many widgets and the template has many pre-built pages as well. The template is a premium template with good documentation and is very well supported.

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BootstrapDash believes in providing the best, efficient and quality bootstrap admin template to get your web application up and running easily and quickly. Visit our website to get to know more about our products. 

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