14 Free Back-end Admin Panel Templates

Free Back-end Admin Panel Templates

Software front-end design has become a whole lot easier and faster due to the availability of admin templates created using Bootstrap framework. Whether it’s reusable UI elements to create user interfaces or charting libraries to create dashboards; admin templates are preferred over custom front-end development, especially in small-to-medium budget projects.

Free admin panel templates are extremely useful if you want to test a new business idea and want to create and test a Minimum Viable Prototype overnight. Bootstrap templates will ensure you will have a responsive user interface in no time. We have listed a few of the best free admin templates we came across. All listed templates are available for download via Github, and you also get ample documentation and support, so pick one and start customizing!

Star Admin

Star Admin is a free Bootstrap 4 admin template from BootstrapDash. Fully responsive and highly customizable, this admin template is classy and distinct. It has a very elegant and clean flat design. With the use of very soft colors, the design is colorful and a treat to the eyes.

It has almost every component that is needed for a good project: buttons, forms, tables, charts, icons, sample pages, and a lot more! It is an ideal template to start building admin panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems right away. Star Admin is an easily customizable template with a clean and well-commented code.

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If minimalistic UI design were to marry good usability, MajesticUI would be the progeny. You can build stunning admin templates without any hassles using MajesticUI.

One of the best things about the Majestic Admin template is that it is highly responsive. This means that your website will look good when viewing on devices with different screen sizes. Majestic admin template is built with SASS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap and is available in Github under MIT license.

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royalui admin template
Not only is RoyalUI admin template is available for free, but it is also packed with several tools and features that make WebApp creation and customization a lot easy. The clean code and excellent documentation of the Royal admin template make customization a walk in the park.

Another important thing to note is that this excellent Bootstrap admin template is compatible with different types of internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and more. The incredible flexibility, easy to customizability, and high responsiveness of Royal admin template will surely come in handy.

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Purple Admin

Purple is an amazing admin template with a very well designed interface implemented through a very well written code. Purple has a very modern design with neatly designed components. The design uses a mix of colors with gradients that make it one of a kind.

The template comes with all the basic components needed in an admin template. It has got a powerful admin dashboard, basic UI elements including various types of buttons and template typography, icons, using Font Awesome, form elements to create beautiful elements. The charts using Chart.js and responsive Bootstrap tables can be used for data representation and organization. There are 5 sample HTML templates including a blank page, login page, register, 404 and 500 error pages.

The template gives a consistently good user experience in all the viewports. All the components work really well in all the devices when accessed through different browsers as well.

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The free Bootstrap 4 admin template, Kapella is built with the Bootstrap framework, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and SASS. It is an easy to use template that can also be customized as per the requirements of your project.

The template boasts an excellent collection of handy tools and essential components. In addition, plenty of different types of page layouts are included with Kapella along with several icons, tables, and charts.

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Material Admin

The first one in the list is an admin template that is completely on the Material Design. Unlike other admin templates in the list, Material admin template is not built using Bootstrap framework but is so well designed, that it is worth mentioning the template in this list. The template is built using the Material Design framework from Google, Material Components for the Web.

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Material admin template is a completely responsive admin template that gives the best user experience on all the devices. The components are beautifully designed and very elegant with light backgrounds and contrasting and eye-catching colors for the components. The interface looks neat with all the components neatly organized. The features of the template include a dashboard, form elements, UI elements, tables, charts, and different sample pages.

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Stellar admin dashboard is a free dashboard based on Bootstrap 4. Stellar is a multipurpose admin dashboard that can be used for any type of web application. It can be used to create a very professional admin panel for the backend of any website or web application. Stellar is an amazing dashboard with neatly designed components that are realized by well-structured, systematically organized and well-commented code. This makes it very easy to work with the template and customize to make it look the way you want.

Stellar admin dashboard includes everything that you can ask for in a free admin dashboard. It has got a general purpose admin dashboard, widgets, basic UI elements, tables, icons, form elements, charts, and sample pages.

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Material Pro Lite

Material Pro Lite is a uniquely designed fully responsive free admin template based on Bootstrap 4. The intuitive, user-friendly, and professional look is achieved by following Google’s material design guidelines in the design.

The template’s features include a basic data table, material icons, more than 10 UI components, Google map, seven-page templates including a profile page, a 404 error page, etc. All these features of the template can be customized to create the dashboard of your design.

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Material Pro Lite is free only for personal use. For commercial purposes, you will need to purchase the license. The commercial version of the template comes with more features and functionalities. The template is cross-browser compatible and works perfectly well with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

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Gentelella is a free, responsive admin template with flat design. it has more features than that you can ask for in a free template. It has got 35+ pages which include Additional pages for e-commerce, projects, contact, profile etc. It uses several libraries for charts calendar, forms validation, form autocomplete, upload area, range sliders, notifications, etc.

You can select from three different dashboards that Gentelella has in store for you. It includes a huge collection of plugins and UI elements that you can use for your admin template.The additional pages for gentelella include e-commerce page, project page, project detail page, contacts pages, and profile page. There are additional user pages as well. The sidebar menu also includes a multilevel menu up to two levels.

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Core UI

CoreUI is a free admin template built on top of Bootstrap 4 and it is fully responsive. It is built to support the most popular frameworks and libraries like Angular2, AngularJS, React.js, and Vue.js. An extensive documentation is provided on the website which has anything and everything about the components, technologies, code etc. that you need to know while setting up your admin panel. If there’s an issue in the template you can raise the issue through GitHub.

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The template is sufficient to make a functional admin panel. In case you need any additional functionalities that are not there in the template, the template is fully compatible with the external plugins.

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Startmin has all the basic Bootstrap components that you would need for building an admin template. It has a simple, clean flat design. The responsive navbar and sidebar with multi-level dropdowns and various other UI components like charts – Morris charts and Flot charts, forms, tables, and other UI elements make it a good starting point for your admin panel.

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Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin Lite comes with a plain, minimalist, and simple design for your dashboard. They offer the free version only for personal web applications. The free version of the template comes with 7 pages, 10+ UI components a pretty good collection of icons. But if you need much more than just the basic elements and components you will have to go for their premium template which provides much more functionalities than the free version. Support is provided through email and live chat.

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Joli admin template is a free admin template based on Angular. It is built with Bootstrap 3 and the interface is retina-ready. The template contains many different responsive layouts to choose from for your admin panel.

Joli is very easy to customize. The template has a flat design and uses flat colors in its interface. This admin template with its features can easily compete with all the premium templates of its kind. There are a number of responsive layouts that you can use for your admin template. There is a good collection of charts, graphs, map, sample pages, widgets, tables, form elements etc. Anything that you might need in a template is there in Joli.

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 SB Admin

SB Admin is a free Bootstrap 3 admin template from Start Bootstrap. The template comes with 3 custom panel colors – red, yellow and green. It is responsive and comes with good features including the basic Bootstrap components, charts, widgets etc. Start Bootstrap provides support for issues through their help page. Also, there is a helpful discussion in the comment section on the website.

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