11 Most Useful JavaScript Frameworks To Use in 2020

11 Most Useful JavaScript Frameworks To Use in 2020


Do you know that JavaScript is the favorite programing language of approximately 70 percent of website developers? W3Techs recently stated that JavaScript has been used in the development phase of more than 95 percent of active websites. As a result, there has been a considerable increase in the demand and popularity of JavaScript Frameworks. 

These powerful app frameworks written in JavaScript can be easily modified to suit different project requirements. JavaScript framework uses the best practises, speeds up the process, and is equipped with a maintainable codebase. There are plenty of JavaScript libraries and frameworks available out there. So, you may often get confused when selecting a new JavaScript framework. To help you out, we have listed some of the best and trending JavaScript frameworks you can try in 2019.


The TypeScript-based JS framework, Angular was developed by the search engine giant, Google. Developers who are using Angular will not have to rely on any third-party applications. Angular gives you access to a wide range of tools that can help you build stunning dynamic web applications. Angular also supports interpolation, event binding, and one-way property binding.

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Vue is a lightweight and versatile JS framework ideal for developing killer single-page apps and UI components. Since Vue is a progressive framework, users will be able to use it as a library. This will allow you to easily add additional features to an existing framework or UI that is running your app. More than 64k websites are currently powered by the Vue framework.

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Launched in 2005, Ember is a full-featured and powerful framework suitable for building stunning mobile and single-page web apps. Ember saved developers the trouble of writing tedious code, which gives them more time to focus on the design. Ember JavaScript framework also works based on the MVVM (Model View Viewmodel) pattern principles.


Even though the fame and popularity of Meteor JS framework has started to slowly fade away, it is quite resourceful. Meteor is incredibly flexible and very easy to learn. If you are looking for a JavaScript framework that can help you develop real-time apps, you could go with Meteor.


The JavaScript framework, Polymer developed by Google current powers nearly 4k websites. Google Play Music, YouTube, Google Earth, and many other popular apps still use Polymer. This framework makes the process of building elements for a website a lot simpler and quicker.


Created and maintained by Facebook, React is the most popular JavaScript framework. The number of websites that are powered by React is estimated to be around 475k. The super flexibility and high efficiency of React allow users to easily integrate it with other frameworks. React is mainly used to build dynamic and interactive UI for single-page apps. 

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Next JavaScript framework makes the process of server-side rendering possible when it comes to React-based applications. The framework also has plenty of attractive features that include automatic routing, code splitting, and hot code reloading. Next also comes with several in-house tutorials that will give you a clear idea of how to use it.


Aurelia is a powerful and unique JavaScript framework that uses TypeScript or vanilla JavaScript to build components. The architecture of Aurelia helps you to ensure that the framework can be simultaneously used at server and client sides. It is also one of the fastest rendering JavaScript frameworks out there.


Backbone is one of the most simple and easy to learn JavaScript framework that has become quite popular among developers in recent years. The template is an ideal candidate when working on complex single-page app development projects. Backbone is designed based on the MVP or Model View Presenter pattern


The extremely lightweight and easy to use Mithril JS framework is pretty similar to Vue and React in many aspects. Mithril is the best possible option available if you are looking for a small JS framework capable of builder killer single-page applications. The size of the framework is just around 8 KB.


Are you aware that more than 100k websites uses the Express JavaScript framework. Express is an ideal option to develop APIs and server-side applications. The template is loved for its flexibility, scalability, simplicity, and other attributes.


It is evident that JavaScript will continue to be an integral part of mobile and web app development for many more years. Each and every framework we have listed above has its fair share of pros and cons. So, it is best to focus more on the specific requirements of your project when choosing a JavaScript framework.

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