Things to know before selecting AngularJS

Things to know before selecting AngularJS

In simple words, AngularJS can be defined as a popular structural framework that is mainly used for dynamic web applications. This excellent framework enables designers and developers to use HTML as their template language. In addition to that, the dependency injection and data binding capabilities of this framework will ensure that you do not have to write lots of additional codes. These are just a few reasons why an abundant number of websites from all over the world incorporate the use of this framework.

There is no denying the fact that AngularJS framework should be on top your list when you are looking for a JS framework to power your website. However, just like any other framework, AngularJS also has its fair share of pros and cons. If you are new to the world of AngularJS framework or if you have no clear idea about Angular admin templates, then it is best to uncover the pros of cons of Angular JS, as it will enable you to make an informed buying decision.


Two-way Data Binding

One of the best things about the AngularJS framework is that it makes the process of data binding a lot easier and faster. In fact, users will not even have to intervene with the process because it runs smoothly without any hassles. The process of two-way data binding will help you to ensure that the adjustments or changes made to the model are instantly displayed in the view and vice-versa.

DOM Manipulation

Users will have to actively manipulate the Document Object Model or DOM when they are using other types of frameworks. The good news is that you will face any such an irritating issue when you are using the AngularJS framework thanks to its innovative two-way data binding approach. This implies that developers will be able to save plenty of their time and effort when they are updating, translating, and coding the DOM elements.

Better Server Performance

Another interesting thing you should know about the AngularJS framework is that it supports caching and several other processes. This in turn considerably reduces the burden of server CPUs. Server CPUs will start to perform incredibly well, as it responds only to the API calls and serves just the static files.

Faster Application Prototyping

The launch of frameworks like AngularJS made rapid prototyping possible. AngularJS and several other frameworks enable users to easily develop app prototypes with excellent functionality and other superior features without wasting too much time and writing lots of code. In fact, developers will even be able to make changes with ease.

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Responsive Websites

Most website designers and developers try to offer an outstanding end-user experience when they are working on projects. This is why AngularJS framework can be of great help to these users because it allows them to create fast-loading, responsive, and seamlessly-navigating apps and websites.

Testable Products

Another noticeable feature of this framework is that it builds testable applications and sites. Since Angular JS allows both end-to-end testing and unit testing, users will be able to debug and test projects easily. Karma, Jasmine, and Protractor are some of the testing tools available with this framework.

The Stunning MVVM Architecture

Model-View-View model and Model-View-Controller architectural patterns are included in the AngularJS framework. These patterns help users to separate data from the visual representation and design that will in turn make it easier for you to manage complex web applications.


AngularJS framework incorporates the use of a few directives, which will let you organize the HTML pages and scripts in a clean way. Developers will also be able to cram certain functions together and repeatedly use them, which gradually assist them to create independent codes. Moreover, developers who use this framework will even be able to develop custom directives.

Plain HTML Templates

The AngularJS framework also uses plain HTMP templates. These excellent templates are usually passed to the compiler in the form of simple DOM elements. Since they are passed as DOM elements instead of strings, users will be able to ensure a better workflow for their projects. In addition, this will make it easier for users to reuse and manipulate templates.

Fast Development

Users even the ones who are new to the world of website designing and frameworks will be able to learn how to use the AngularJS framework with ease. This will help beginners to design highly-functional and good-looking websites and applications at a rapid pace.


JavaScript Support Is Mandatory

If the JavaScript support available for laptops and computers that access your server is disabled, then users will not be able to gain access to your apps or website. If there are multiple numbers of such users, then AngularJS framework will not be that useful for you. However, such issues are not present when it comes to plain HTML-based web.

Can Be Time Consuming

Developers who follow traditional designing practices and the ones who are not familiar with Model-View-Controller architectural patterns might struggle when they are using this framework. So, if you are such a developer who has to meet tight deadlines, then it is best to choose another framework.

Handling Scopes can be Hard

The hierarchically arranged and layered scopes can be a little bit hard to handle. This is particularly true for users who are using AngularJS for the first time in their lives. Debugging the scopes will surely be a complicated task too.


Users who are not familiar with the AngularJS framework might struggle during their projects because some of the features and directives in this framework can be hard to use. However, the good news is that you will be easily able to master how to use these features in just a few weeks.

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